Tuesday, January 06, 2009


MOUSQUETAIRE, n. A long glove covering a part of the arm. Worn in New Jersey. But "mousquetaire" is a might poor way to spell musketeer.

2009 Update: A renaissance French soldier with his sword on his hip and a firearm across his back, threatening the enemy.


G said...

Wasn't Annette Funicello one? Good to be first so early in the year.

Anonymous said...

All for one and one for all.

Hey - I should've used that for my submission! Dangnabbit.

the amoeba said...

You raise a fascinating point, Dawg. How come you never see any of the four 3 Musketeers with a musket?

For that matter, where the [deleted] was D'Artagnan's agent when they were designing the candy bar?

Ariel the Thief said...

You almost spelled right! Your mousquetaire was in your way, I guess?

TLP said...

Mickey Mouse's friends and family.

Through the years we'll all
be friends
wherever we may be.

Logophile said...

tee hee
check out the word veri

tee hee
How can I improve on THAT?

Minka said...

mousquetaire,n. evolution backwards (as in "must quit air")

actonbell said...

That's a good point about the musket-someone already said that. Huh, I never noticed that, possibly because my childhood self didn't know exactly what a musket was. Maybe they should have been the bayoneteers?

tsduff said...

I think my Grandma wore some of those on Easter, along with her white earrings and matching purse. She wasn't from New Jersey though. Maybe she carried her firearm in that purse.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm in Mickey Mouse Territory, and I'm so close I can feel Disney running through my veins.
That word is all about the mouse.

quilly said...

I didn't know muskets had ears!

cooper said...

Les Trois Mousquetaires - humm I seem to remember them loading a lot of muskets somewhere in that book.

the amoeba said...

Two words for you, TLP and JD:

Donald Duck!


Doug said...

Well done, G. You've got your punctuality and long memory back.

Jenn, that's an inside joke and a funny one.

Amoeba, another question is where were Athos, Porthos and Aramis' agents.

Thanks, Ariel. Edits made. You have my email, right?

TLP, It's not time to say goodbye to all our family.

Logo, that there is some flash fiction, I think.

Minka, that was Quilldancer-worthy.

Actonbell, they should have been The Three Swordsman, but that might have been a little gallic even for Dumas.

Terry, a purse is a good place for a firearm where it can help the pickpocket graduate to assassin.

JD, beware of Burbank.

And noses, Quill.

I actually don't remember that, Coop, maybe the scene was lost in translation.

Mickey Mouse!

weirsdo said...

Worn over the lower arm to make up for decolletage.

buzzin said...

Like G, I too thought it was one of those kids wearing mouse ear hats. But being a large fly from a long-destroyed planet, I suppose I can be forgiven. Especially since I give a fearfully good massage.
Next you'll be telling me that padencui isn't a tasty pasta. It is, at any rate, the word verification.