Tuesday, February 17, 2009


QUIVER, n. A portable sheath in which the ancient statesman and the aboriginal lawyer carried their lighter arguments.
He extracted from his quiver,
Did the controversial Roman,
An argument well fitted
To the question as submitted,
Then addressed it to the liver,
Of the unpersuaded foeman.
—Oglum P. Boomp
2009 Update: v.i.  To self-reflect.


Mo'a said...

I am all a quiver...can it be that I am first again.
I am thinking about claiming this spot.

TLP said...

I'm pulsating with delight over this word.

Nessa said...

There should be quivers for quivers.

Tom & Icy said...

Icy's tail

the amoeba said...

I will keep my rants quivered today, mainly 'cause I'm shaking too much to draw them efficiently, or safely. You can thank me when (or if) you get your tax refunds from your state governments (see Kansas and California - Michigan has already sunk beneath the financial waves).

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny word, never heard before, quaker was the closest I got, my friend.

Jamie Dawn said...

Quiver: afraidy or scaredy to the point of body quaking.

G said...

It's a fine line between quiver and obsess.

puppybrose said...

Quiver: response to the first "jello", reaction to final "buh-bye".

*sigh* i know, i know. i don't show up for days and days and days -- and then, when i do, it's to pull out a shaky pun. ah well, there's always room for a little "hello" (right?) ; )

speaking of things related to "jello" (quivering and/or otherwise) my veri is BARPH. (okay, in my head, that was hilarious)

actonbell said...

That's a great word, even if it is one letter shy of a bingo.

Doug said...

Mo'a plant your Icelandic flag there. They're running a dozen a dollar.

TLP, you and WIlliam Tell.

The first gross, Nessa?

Willie's nose, Tom, and Lela's ears.

Amoeba, I'd probably better thank you before then.

Ariel, we'll get to Quaker.

Feline, JD?

G, the line, I think, begins at the Vet's office.

Neva, I only think I get it, but it's grand to see you.

Actonbell, you stumped me entirely.

weirsdo said...

One of my favorite lines in THE LION KING is Scar saying, very sarcastically, "I quiver with feeah."

cooper said...

I'm not in the mood for sexually suggestive words this evening.

ha, I loved that line too weirsdo.