Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday Story #3

Story #3, In which Doug goes to a gay picnic and gains insight into his own orientation.

Toss the salad toss_salad_wooden_bowl_sm_clr to hear the story.

Grab the hot dog hot_dog_running_sm_clr to read the story.

This story is cross-posted with the other stories from this site on Doug Drones On.


actonbell said...

HA! Good one:)

Sar said...

They keep getting funnier and funnier. When you're giving Steven Wright a run for his money on stage, I'll be in the audience drinking beer from a bottle.

Tom & Icy said...

DNA - The twisted fiber from which designer genes are made.

That story was great! Love the twist at the end. You're really getting the hang of this thing.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Actonbell. And thanks for the tip last night. That was hilarious and appropriate.

Sar, the thought of me and Steven Wright racing is funnier than anything I'll ever write or say on this site. I'm glad you like the direction these are going, but I don't do it alone. I have a funny fairy who helps.

Icy, glad you liked it and thanks for the pun. Tell Tom I say you deserve a biscuit.

Anonymous said...

Good story. I don't know if my currently closest friend-who-happens-to-be-gay-not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-that grills, but he sure takes care of his car. I told him this was manly once, and he was indignant. But some gender traits are just deeper than sexual orientation.

Lila said...


That's a good one!

Yeah, what is it with men and barbeque?

Unknown said...

Weirsdo, I obviously agree.

Aral, for obvious reasons I really hoped you'd like this story. Thanks. I can't explain it, but I can feel my ancestors applauding when I make burgers. It obviously runs deeper than reproduction. The first purpose of men.

Unknown said...

ultimately its the men who get grilled

dddragon said...

DNA: Do Not Ask. Just eat.

LeMas. said...

That was hilarious. But the link choices that lead to the story are priceless.

Unknown said...

Karma, sooner more than later.

Dddragon, that makes sense, especially if you're having chicken fries (!)

I'm glad you like them, Masil. Animation Factory is great.

Anonymous said...

You are one sick puppy, but a good one.

Almost all the straight men I know hate grilling. Does that mean that they've all been ignoring their bioligical imperatives,or are just lazy or just hate grilling?

Signed confused

Anonymous said...

Yes, Doug the choices to either listen or read was good!

Freedom of choice....the real meaning!

And the story was also priceless as far as I am concerned! A good one!

And thanks so much for the birthday wish!

Unknown said...

Pia, clearly these men have been through an exodus program.

Thanks, Morningdew, I'm glad you liked it.

Minka said...

Now that was great and funny and also kinda smart! Maybe your DNA holds more than just food-related genes!!!

Unknown said...

Monika, there are many appetites. By the way, as you and a few others suggested, this is the first one I didn't write before hand. It's funny, I used a script in the first one because I wanted to respect people's time. Now that I'm not reading it, I seem to tell the story faster.

Sar said...

I meant to mention those were neat little icons you used, though your request for us to "grab the hot dog" is highly suspect and very questionable. I can only imagine what Bar of Soap's reaction was. ;)

TLP said...

Great story! You are getting better and better.

Those men who learned to make fire, lived to pass on their DNA. Now, men just enjoy playing with fire.

Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVED this!
The barbecue is definitely man's territory.
It's the hunter-conqueror thing, I guess.
We women just swoon and scarf down the steaks.

Unknown said...

Sar, I don't think Little Bar of Soap even prays for me anymore.

Thanks, Tan Lucy. I always figured women discovered fire and men just came up with using on animals.

Jamie Dawn, I'm so glad. Me hamburger you Jane.