Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Special Guest Dddragon

Today's special guest, fresh from a birthday and the reinternment of her daughters is Dddragon! (Aka Alled Mickey Mouse Pez.)

Dragon defined for us:
Animation, n. 1. A profession for people who don't want to ever grow up.
2. The industry whose philosophy is "If one picture is worth a thousand words, 24 drawings per second are worth thousands of dollars each."
3. The Art that Walt Made Acceptable.

Above, an animation storyboard by Dddragon

About Dddragon: Dddragon is a rennaisance woman in an era that's gone back further. She is a graduate of Penn State University and CalArts in Santa Clarita, California, the land of kings. She excels as an artist and muralist and, as we see above animator. What's more, she's raising two extraordinary girls, Goa'uld (aka Tak Simba Pez) and Bookworm (aka Haras Pickachu Pez,) whose developmental needs Dddragon exploits to go camping with other grown women. All of that is impressive but the ace kicker is the woman can grill an egg in its shell. I've seen pictures. Dddragon is also a conscripted band booster, a Church volunteer and an education student. In addition and to our benefit, she writes and illustrates a great weblog filled with art and thought and the creativity that comes with both. Recent posts on her site reveal that she's consulting a team of experts to investigate her sleep deprivation.

About the Pezes, part II: The first family of my blogosphere, the Pezes are the rare family composed coherently of diverse characters. They're all so different and so close that when you read all of their sites, and I do daily, it's like reading The Adams Chronicles and watching The Addams Family at the same time. For the record, I'm still hoping to add Bookworm, Actonbell, and Tan Lucy to my list of future guest lexicographers. No pressure. The names are all linked here so you can conveniently leave comments on their sites. Just sayin'.

How to be a special guest: Just leave a comment below or send me an email at dpascover @ and I'll add you to the list. Just please make sure I have your email address. Immediately after posting the Wednesday guest post, I'll email the next person on the list with a word to define. I ask for the definition no later than the next Saturday. And please, no profanity. I'm very sensitive.


Minka said...

A projected world for people who are fed up with its three-dimentional equivalent.

dddragon, I love your second defination...some people surely do not get older, they just get wiser :)

Doug, I see you have this spam-control thing now. A wise choice after those fourty-something comments on one of your recent posts. It was like reading a novel!

Lila said...

Great job, dddragon! (And another nice tribute, Doug.)

Jamie Dawn said...

The kid in me is alive and well.
I love animated movies.
I didn't know that Tigger and ddd were buddies.
Very cool!

Unknown said...

Monika, Monday was my inspiration for the verifier although I have to say, nine out of ten spammers love this site.

You bet, Aral. You come from a talented family.

Jamie Dawn, that's dddragon on the right.

TLP said...

Animation, n.
originally animals gettin' active.

Mickey and Minnie on speed.
Pluto in a rehab program.
Walt in the fast lane at the bank.

Sreekesh Menon said...

a world where the artists get to play god.

a4g said...

Animation, n. A photographic trick relying on a weakness in the human eye, persistence of vision, that allows an elaborate series of pre-composed images to masquerade as motion. Cf. Politics.

- a4g "Viva vgirb !"

actonbell said...

Very nice, dddragon! Animation's a glam job, for sure. And another wonderful description by Doug:)

Unknown said...

Tan Lucy, that's pretty funny. Here I thought cynicism deepened from one generation to the next. Maybe that's just my family.

Sreekesh, artists do that everywhere. Even dddragon gave that poor kids bike to a bear.

a4g, Wikipedia got you on payroll? Great metaphor. Subtle.

Actonbell, did I mention I'm collecting Pez word dispensers?

Oh, great verifier: Bacola, Bacon-flavored soda pop. The State Beverage of Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Good defs. Although its Latin root would imply that animation means movement by the spirit, it now only denotes a mechanical liveliness that may or may not spring from the soul.


Now that the Meekmoks have entered into the public consciousness...I wonder if tin foil hats will follow?


Cooper said...

animation: Well hell they did a good job on the pres he almost looks real.

Love the letter verification, it's like airport security and border patrol only better.

Unknown said...

Weirsdo, I guess you haven't seen Madagascar. Me either, by the way.

Gabriel, I have mine on.

Alice, you mean because it's working?

Fred said...

Another Pez collectable. Very well done, dddragon!

Tom & Icy said...

Great artwork by a great artist. We are impressed.

Unknown said...

Fred, Tom & Icy- Dddragon dressed this site up nice, didn't she?

dddragon said...

I'd like to thank Doug for turning my drawings into a movie and for having me as his Wednesday Guest! It was fun, and I'm looking forward to other Guest Pezzes. And also thx to everyone for their contributions; it's always fun to see what you all come up with.

Unknown said...

Thanks to you, Dddragon.

Sar said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, time for one last dance?

Animation: 20th century babysitter (only in the morning when I'm in the shower though, really, I swear!).

Dddragon you are amazingly talented. Great job!

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit yourself!

Okay, here we go:

1) Herbie is a VW Beetle. VW New Beetles are made in Mexico.

2) Ambrose Bierce vanished in Mexico.

3) Doug has a blog dedicated to Ambrose Bierce.

4) Doug graduated from Emory U.

5) Jimmy Carter is University Distinguished Professor at Emory U.

6) Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Unknown said...

Aral, you just made my night! Shouldn't you be asleep young lady?

By the way, Doug did his work-study at The Carter Center.

Anonymous said...

Doug: I so have not seen Madagascar that your response has pansified me.
What is this rabbit, rabbit game from ap3? I'm double pansified, but it looks like fun.

Unknown said...

Madagascar was an animated feature. I heard it was terrible. Aral says rabbit, rabbit on the first day of the month for luck. It looks like you can't get into her archives, but the explanation was in the comments on 8/1. I tried to use the time difference to sneak one in. abbit, rabbit to you as well.

Lila said...

Okay, I did my rabbit rabbit post and now I'm off to sleep. Good night! :-)

Oh, I'll fix my archives first.

dddragon said...

Doug - Mom's cousin Jimmy used to work for Carter!

Rabbit, rabbit

Unknown said...

AP3 it's good. You young kids stay up later on the East coast than I do on the West. What a difference a year makes.

Really Dddragon? At The Carter Center?

Goa'uld said...

Nice tribute to 'me mom, Doug the Una! I was too busy with school and band to post on Wednesday.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Goa'uld. Your mom's a heck of a lady and her daughters are impressive, too. I'm happy to come after homework, band and Stargate.

jon said...
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Anonymous said...
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