Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chel'nuk* Guest Wednesday

For this week's guest I'm honored to have an entry from the brilliant Goa'uld!

Goa'uld's definition is:
Trombone, n. Being the favorite instrument of torture used by the Goa’uld*, this long, tubular weapon usually made out of Naquada* or brass, operated by the moving of a U-shaped slide. It is used to create beautiful sounds while causing excruciating pain to the unfortunate victim who is standing before it.

*For those of you not cool enough to watch Stargate SG-1, *Additional Lexicon:
Goa'uld, n. A race of serpent symbiotes that more or less possess other species including humans.
Naquada, n. Powerful mineral that serves as the building block for all Goa'uld technology.
Chel'nuk, int. Jaffa term for "Very Cool." syn: Chel'nat.
Source: The Gateworld Omnipedia.

About this particular Goa'uld: Goa'uld aka Tak Simba Pez and her twin sister, Bookworm aka Haras Pickachu Pez aka Tok'ra are my favorite teenagers on this blue world and still would be if the competition were better. In a lot of ways, they're very different but have brilliance, blogging (Goa'uld avidly and Bookworm reluctantly,) brass (or Naquada) instruments, Stargate, a mother and a birthdate in common. Before I followed the links from Dddragon's site, I thought nice, well-mannered teenagers were extinct and had been since at least 1980.

A member of the first family of the Blogosphere, Goa'uld, like her mother and sister, is, um, well-scheduled. She plays trombone in her High School Marching Band; never misses an episode of Stargate so far as I can tell; writes, illustrates and animates a completely charming weblog, and considers a 90 on a test a catastophe. In my case it was always a clerical error. Goa'uld inherited the animation gene from her mother and did the flash animation above. On her profile, she lists her occupation as "Evil Twin" and I've never known her mother, grandmother, sister or aunts to disagree. Evil as she may be and clearly is, when she started leaving definitions here I decided she was my Charlie Bucket and I'm sticking to it. Goa'uld gets Waking Ambrose when I retire. And some chocolate.

About the Pezes, Part III: Goa'uld is the third and, for now (cough*Actonbell*cough*TLP*cough*Haras*cough,) final volunteer from the Pez family to do a guest entry here. It may seem like I'm sucking up to them in the hopes of being invited to picnic or something, but I assure all of you I'm guileless. Besides, Aral eats foliage.

How to be a guest on this site: Just leave a comment here or email me at dpascover at mac dot com and let me know you're willing. You'll be added to a list. Every Wednesday after posting the guest entry, I will email the next person on my list with a word to define and a request for a picture or graphic (your profile picture is fine.) I ask the guest to get back to me by the end of the following Saturday. No profanity, please, minors read this site.


Anonymous said...

Good def, Gou'auld, but are you sure the "music" isn't ever part of the torture?

Lila said...

Awesome animation, Gou'auld! Great definition, too!

Remember: It's not a catastrophe until it's an 89.

Doug, what do you have against vegetarians?

Doug said...

Violinist, I'll let Goa'uld answer but thanks for commenting.

ap3, choose one of :
A) They don't get teased enough,
B) They're the right-to-life movement of Southern California, or
C) :p

Lila said...

Okay, Doug, I'll choose "D", all of the above. Although, I DO eat eggs, which I believe is consistent with my pro-choice stance.

Sar said...

Gou'auld - Great definition and impressive animation. I'll remember to stay on your good side and out of your way, especially if there are 76 of you. :)

Sar said...

Doug - What is up with your icon?! Where's Willie The Wonderdog?! I mean, jeez, first you stop telling us stories about him, now you disown him as an icon. Well, that's it. He's mine. And I'll take Lady Walela too, lest she suffer the same fate. Hand them over peacefully and no one will get hurt! ;)

dddragon said...

Yup, that's my kid!

And I'm working on getting the Tok'ra to blog more and be a Guest, too

TLP said...

*Smiling* Even Poppa is reading this.

Great animation kiddo. Good definition. Too bad they can't see how pretty you are!

dddragon said...

Oh, Sar, doug probably changed his icon because Goa'uld is the Guest today. That's a picture of an Una, from Stargate.

And doug, if you saw "Enemy Mine" with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr, an Una kinda sounds like the Alien character in that. Kinda

Hobbes said...

I love you're icon, Pimpy!!!!!

Sar said...

Thanks dddragon, that makes sense. And, man, you pez's are a talented bunch!

Okay Doug, you're off the hook, but I'd still take those poochies without even the slightest hint of an arm twist! ;)

Goa'uld said...

Thanks everyone! I’m glad you like my definition and animation :D!

Hey! Any sound that comes out of the trombone is beautiful, no matter who is playing the note or how out of tune it is, Violinist! Okay, so that's not 100% true...but I don't think the music the trombone plays is torture, usually... Now, the trumpet on the other hand...(lol, just kidding, Tok’ra!)

Aw, Granny Nox! I’m not pretty...but thanks for saying that, anyway...

And thanks, Doug, for doing such a flattering post :D. I am truly honored to be your guest :D.

Doug The Una said...

Aral, thanks for letting me off the hook. E would be "I'm obnoxious"

Sar, I tried to make that joke on her blog and got the number of coronets wrong. I'm glad you didn't waste the same opportunity I did.

Thanks, Dddragon for having them, raising them so well and putting them to work on my nefarious endeavors.

Rightly so, TLP. I'm proud I almost know her.

Oh, Dddragon, I got it all wrong but like "MERRRRGH" better anyway. A little poetic license, license please.

Pansi, on Pimpy's behalf I thank you.

Thanks, Sar, will you accept my blood instead?

Thank you, Goa'uld. You're really a gem.

a4g said...

Goa'uld's encompassing definition leaves no further room for wit -- so I'll parry with tribute, to that most ignoble of brass.

Trombone, n. The Moll Flanders of music, who drifted from drawing room to destitution through Europe, only to find her voice on the shores of America, in the passionate arms of Ory and the reverent strains of Souza.

Fred said...

Wonderful animation, Goa'uld!

I wish I were your teacher; you'd make me look good.

Doug said...

a4g, nicely done! Now I have to pretend like I've read Moll Flanders

Fred, I have that thought about you every time you talk about your classes. "He should move to PA and try to take credit for Goa'uld and Bookworm."

TLP said...

Fashion?, Doug? Fashion? *trying to hold back a big guffaw*

Well, I'm sure you're into fashion, in your own fashion.

There's an idea. Did you ever do "fashion" on Ambrose? I can't recall.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I'm pansified. What did I say about fashion? And why do you assume I know nothing about it? OK, I know nothing about it. I have testified in front of California Senate and Assembly subcommittees in torn jeans. But how would you know that? I do own a suit, even if I don't know exactly where it is. Fashion hasn't happened yet but is in the dictionary.

Cooper said...

Excellent definition, although the only thing I know about trombones are that they are stout and very large.
I am sure you know something about fashion at least the varied definititons.

Jamie Dawn said...

That girl has a great blog!
I can tell she has her mom's artistic talents.
ddd is doubly blessed!

I love the cute movie too!

I was at the doc's and the hospital nearly ALL day and now I'm back at my hotel. My hubby gets here late tonight and I have surgery tomorrow morning.
I'll be back to posting at my site and visiting my internet "pen pals" by Sunday or Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!

Doug The Una said...

Not even those, Alice, but I'm going to give 'er a whirl.

Bless your heart, Jamie Dawn. Be well. I'm sure we'll be thinking of you.

S A J Shirazi said...

I am happy to be in the list of your friends. I link you back with pleasure.

Doug said...

"All the better to see you with, my dear"- The Big Bad Wolf

Indeterminacy said...

I think trombone is the coolest instrument.