Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday and the morning after 22 primaries.

Some days I'm weary
Most times I'm hungry
It's rare that I'm worried at all.
As long as I sit here,
Not up on that cross,
I don't have too far to fall.

For the last shall be first,
The first shall be last
And the cow shall break free from her stanchion.
When looking for martyrs,
Those who suffer by man,
In modernity, search in a mansion.

Be calm, modern magi,
O, wisest of men,
O, scholar! astronomer! preacher!
In the last days of reversal,
Prophesied long ago,
It's right Joe Scarborough's a teacher.

MODESTY, n.  The pride of a king, majesty of a pauper and the principle virtue of a critic.

A Lenten prayer: To the faithful, strength, to the hopeful, patience, and to the unsaved, may the LORD bless you with deafness.

LENT, n.  The Holy season observed by repentance of sin and the affliction of neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I am first.


That's pretty much all I got to say.

Anonymous said...

Lent is, next to Christmas, my favorite season...or rather the three days leading up to Lent, Bolludagur, Sperngjidagur and Oskudagur.

Tom & Icy said...

May the lord bless you with a nice long nap.

TLP said...


Anonymous said...

Very Biercean today. Good dog! Was it the excitement, or the post-election lack of sleep?

When looking for martyrs,
Those who suffer by man,
In modernity, search in a mansion.

Take that, Pat Robertson! Trouble is, he's been blessed with deafness for a powerful long time.


Anonymous said...

I of little faith has lost even the bit I had--though I always had faith in the goodness of people--that's been washed away

Minka said...

who's Joe Scarborough?

I have no idea what's going on, but I am excited...

Lent in Iceland...two people managed to hang ash-wednesday sacks on my jumper today and I walked around with it for hours.

mireille said...

I am in favor of the cow breaking free ... perhaps you have some Lenten ennui. Cheer up, cupcake. xoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

Modesty: Repealing bra burning.

Lent: Something borrowed by another that is never returned is LENT. It actually means stolen.

God bless thee and keep thee.

Jim said...

Maybe that is the cow that jumped over the moon?
I'm short of words today. No, tonight, I had some earlier.

Anonymous said...

"For the last shall be first." Good to know because I'm definitely last.
Lent: I did that with money once, not a good thing.

I'm good lip reader and the lord may have blessed me with deafness but he also gave me blog to read so there ya go.

Anonymous said...

LENT n. isn't that the fuzzy stuff in OC's navel?

Ariel the Thief said...

Quilly, "lent" means "down there" in Hungarian, so chances are.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Quilly. Not only are you casting aspersions on my personal cleanliness, you're ripping off poor Actonbell. I already have enough stuff to repent for Lent without having to worry about you, too.

Ariel, good morning and don't encourage her. Especially with remarks that can be construed as neither PC nor PG.


The OE said...

Lent: Warm fuzzy stuff given to another that leaves them feeling good all over

Doug The Una said...

Jenn, delightful is my only answer to you.

Mo'a which one is bun day?

Thank you, Icy. woof!

TLP, is that a Unitarian blessing or curse?

Definitely the latter, Amoeba but thanks.

Pia, would it help if I told you that general contractors are apes?

Minka, Joe Scarborough is a former congressman now a professional political analyst. Also, dumb as a box of rocks. On his show, the wise men at the network supplied with a blond parrot to nod vigorously and make him seem bright by comparison. Alas, without success.

Mireille, I actually enjoy Lent but I'll take a cupcake after sunset.

Actonbell, I was looking forward to that game but I'll just have to woolgather some more.

Jamie Dawn, may God make his face shine upon thee and be unhitonious unto thee.

Jim, did you leave them in your pocket?

Cooper, I think you'll be 5th from first.


Ariel, thank you for helping expand our vocabulary in Magyarul.

Amoeba, you have my full sympathy.

OE, where does it grow?