Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Once upon a time
In a strange land not far
A threat was foreseen
On TV o'er the bar.

There a man in bow tie,
With a voice like a chicken's
Made his oracle rise
Though the plot never thickened.

But there will come a day
Perhaps soon, perhaps not
When people will say
"He was right, whatsisname? I forgot."

LAMENTATION, n.  The despondent suspicion that you have been intemperate unluckily.


tsduff said...

Trying to figure out
How to respond
Oh heck and dangnation
Ex-queen of aplomb

Anonymous said...

lamentation - A medical procedure that replaces a human brain with a lamb's brain. Once performed, the patient has an overwhelming compulsion to bleat loudly and turn itself into a high quality cable knit.

javajazz said...

i think i once had
my birth certificate
now it's illegal.

Anonymous said...


Mary had a little lamb.
She also had some mint sauce.

Yeah, that's lame. We're sprinting to the airport. If we don't make it, that'll be really lame. We'll be lamenting our lameness.

Anonymous said...

Lamentation (adj) unfulfilled state/ desire for funnel cake......My flannel feathered friend...with honor,pride,respect...oh so redundant...where as a simple but pleasant,Greetings..would do...though it is true the above surely is your due...what a Pleasure to have met You......the excursions justifyingly satisfying..the crunch of snow delighting...the Company sincere with grins ear to ear..cuisine served with explosive sear..rekindling fires' revere..that we all hold dear...wondering city streets with abandon direction..miniscule in comparison to numerous erection...stately city we enjoyed and became giddy engulfed in glass..103 floors reading memoirs viewing closing now I give You a bow for I am as happy as a california cow..with sweet wow wow

Anonymous said...

lamentation - the quick manner of commenting upon the lameness of a man named Tate.

Or, in the alternative as goes the diddy, a farewell to Bill Buckley. Or was the Henri Todd? Ah shucks, I done forgetted already.


Doug The Una said...

Terry, your crown's untarnished.

Poobah, do you have to have a lambentation to be on TV?

JJ, it's usually the other certificate people lamentate.

God's speed, O Ceallaigh!

Crow, make some good cheese. The free association was magnificent.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, wait, is that the Bear?

Doug The Una said...

Meow, Sauerkraut!

Jamie Dawn said...

Lamentation: obsessing over life's doldrums

javajazz said...

which one, gift?
ps, yes it was the Bear
you can tell by his
unusual sense of punctuation.

Anonymous said...

This morning 'ere the sun could shine,
I was woken by that man of mine,
He yelled, "You cannot stay in bed,
"We have to catch a plane instead!"

At the airport,bags in tow,
We climbed aboard a plane named, "Go!"
And go we did across the sky,
To an island that they call Hawaii.


And your lamentation is that my poem doesn't scan! Who cares? I'm going to the beach!

Hobbes said...

I heard it this way, Amoeba:

Mary had a little lamb,
Some lobster, and some pie . . .
And when they carried Mary out,
Her face was white as snow.

Anonymous said...

Lamentation: Histrionic group grief.

mireille said...

hmmm, Drinker's remorse? Relationship remorse? Real estate remorse? There's remorse in here somewhere. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn, you look cheery, though.

JJ, I should have known. You could almost hear the commas being elided.

Actonbell, anyone can kick a field goal but to excel at lamentation should make someone feel good about themselves.

Quilly, it scans well as far as I'm concerned. Only Haiku irritates.

Hobbes, overeating affects me differently.

Wailing without walls, Weirsdo?

Mireille, remorse is a horse, of course.

Minka said...

lamentation, n. high pitched noises of anticipated sorrow

Cooper said...

A vacation to the city of Lament. Not sure exactly where that is.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, it's just a little shot.

Cooper, I think it's near Baltimore.