Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

First Canto

To hear Weirsdo read the first Canto, click on the photo of Star Peak.

Read the first Canto at daybreak, click on the second picture.

If you would like the full text of Shahrazade's Wedding, click on the tapestry. Photo used without permission, rustled from Ariel/Ice Grapefruit who, apparently stole the photo from someone else. There is honor among thieves.


mireille said...

On a serious note: lovely. "Darkness' daughter" is such an appropriate image for tonight's Earth Hour ...

On a teasing note:
the women in Ariel's photo are eating goulash, I know it. Wish I had a recipe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug. Thanks for the link, but it doesn't work because you spelled it "pansilfiles," with an extra "l."
Pansi is, of course, offended.

tsduff said...

Rising up
Before the dawn
The dark one flew
Without a song

A little baseball
Game to see
With small boy batting
One two three

Your brand new offering
So well written
Has me chaffing
As I've bitten

Sunk my beak
Down hard and low
Into the story
Of the Crow

Jamie Dawn said...

Well read, Weirdso!! You & Doug started us off with a bang!

And God said, "Let there be light!"
I am a daughter of light, because I am afraid of the dark. I have night lights all over the house.

There used to be a thingy at the San Francisco Exploratorium that you crawled through in total darkness. It was totally cool and freaky and fun all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this new story is going to be something to crow about.

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, I hope your hour of darkness found you aglow. I bet Ariel can get you a recipe for goulash. Do you read Hungarian very well?

Thanks again for the reading, Weirsdo, hopefully the link is fixed. Be sure Pansi knows it was a mis-spelling. I'm trying to get back in her good graces that way.

Thanks, Actonbell. It just takes most excellent googlery.

Terry, with a wolf in my home
And a crow in the box seats
I think of this poem,
As training with treats.

Jamie Dawn, I think you'll like next week's reading, too.

No credit to me, Quill. Crow feathers are perfect writing tools.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,enjoyed the reading :-)

Kyahgirl said...

I enjoyed that Doug and the reading by weirsdo.

but I have to say...those crabby ladies should stay put in Hungary. They give me the willies.

Cooper said...

Delightful deah Dawg, delightful.

Do you not have a book cover for - never mind.

I'm slow this evening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone.

You're welcome, Doug. I will try to intercede with Pansi.

Minka said...

One day I think, even you will run out of ideas and words and rhymes...that day is far from today.
Nice play with light and darkness...and man's folly!

You had me at line three :)

Nice reading as well...talented bunch on this site.

Anonymous said...

Evening has arrived and the bear has found the hops, :-) ,pondered the day on biofuel and how it could fund the day.Peace

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jenn and Bear.

Kyah, I wonder if Ariel will share the Magyarul equivalent of the name "Willie." My beagle would like to know how his life would have been different if he'd been born in a tree.

Ha, Cooper. Thank you. A book cover! I need a book cover!

Thank you again, Weirsdo, and I appreciate your intercession.

Minka, I agree. The folks who come here bring more gifts than Magi.

Bear, I intend to spend today running on biofuel. Enjoy.

Ariel the Thief said...

Mireille, I feel so ashamed, I completely forgot about it! You must know that this is only normal with me, but I won't forget about it once again, thank you for the reminder!

Willie's name is FĂ©lsz here. A good name to mislead the enemy, and keep the innocent in fear.

Doug The Una said...

Then it's a perfect name for a beagle, Ariel. He of the liquid brown eyes, floppy ears and frantic howl.

TLP said...

Wonderful reading Weirsdo! Very, very nice.

Of course, dawg, you done good too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Minka and TLP.