Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Fourth Canto

To hear TLP read the fourth Canto, click on the mine crew. Thanks, Blogmama!

To read it your own self, click on the Smelter.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes,may the QUIET STICK !!! For years I thought media that portrayed the forest and trees as filled with evil(man eating trees,,,mad witches,,,chainsaw hacking trolls)was a disservice to natures' wonders,,,But now I find comfort in the fact, so many , "bought the myth",,,may the QUIET STICK.......May the wonders of life,fill the quiet. Peace Always

mireille said...

Survival interrupts paradise ... coyote is one smart dude. And I loved that element "Free from fried tofu and sauteed taters" ... you can have the fried tofu, but my heaven features hash browns. xoxo

TLP said...

Hey, I almost forgot I was "on" today!

You write so very well. (But there was a lotta bunny eatin'. Just sayin'.)

tsduff said...

I think Coyote is wiser than the fox at times. Doug I truly admire your works of late - and think this new set of Cantos is much suited to you. The desert is filled with life - and is so much more preferred by lovers of stillness than those who frequent the man made cities of concrete.

TLP - You have the voice of a Storyteller. A pleasure to hear.

mireille said...

And I finally got to hear TLP ... who is a wonderful reader ... despite the bunny destruction. ♥ TLP ♥


Lila said...

OOOOoooo! So SAD about the bunnies! But nice to hear my very own mommy, who sounds like a sex kitten, I might add.

Doug The Una said...

And also to you, Reverend Bear.

Mine too, Mireille. The smell of hash browns will taint my death rattle, I bet.

TLP, you read so very well. Thank you.

Terry, some people are born for the desert, others for dessert.

Mireille, you'd heard TLP before I think, Incidentally, I bet a lot of us would like to hear you read.

Sis, an excellent review.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well done, TLP!!


I'm sad about the bunny's head being gnawed upon.
Poor wittle bunny wabbit.
Crow ate junk. I like junk food too. I guess Crow and I would get along well.

The fellers are in Patterson now, munching almonds with Granny & Grandad. They enjoyed the barbecued snake you fed them, but next time they'd like it a little less salty.

G said...

Now why do you seem right at home in this setting? Unionville that is. Wonderfully written and I thoroughly enjoyed TLP's mellifluous reading - like butter.

You two make a fine pair!

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, I'm glad mom can still surprise you after all these years. Dddragon knew. She totally knew.

JD, I also grilled the onions. I didn't know they liked fresh onions on their double-double snakes.

G, once upon a time, I was at home in Unionville. We both make a fine pair? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

greetings...for what ever reason ,the photos brought back memories of a place called darwin (mining town)and an oasis called darwin falls---may the quiet stick !!!!

TLP said...

Thanks guys.

You really are a talented guy Dougie.

Cooper said...

I shall kiss you for this one.

Doug The Una said...

Bear, the one East of Coso Junction?

Of course, TLP. It's a gift to get talented readers working for free.

OK, Cooper, but my feet are ticklish.