Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Second Canto

To hear Jamie Dawn and Courtney read the second Canto, click on the Coyote. Thank you, Jamie Dawn and Courtney.

To read the second Canto, click on the second picture.


TLP said...

Great job JD and Courtney! Good writing Doug. But then we have come to expect that.

First? Maybe.

TLP said...

Wonderful Rabbit rabbit ad lib, BTW.

Anonymous said...

in times of old,the hare did do the job as created,and continues to this very in honor of the concept,we have consumed hot dogs,The Great American Equalizer, as we viewed giddy young lads attempt to knock the stuffing out of that white ball with red stitching-with elder hopes that all malice within was expelled properly. PEACE

tsduff said...

That is a coyote? Looks like a caterpillar. Superb story - and well told by the readers. I love the tale - and am made happiest by the portrayal of coyote. Best one yet I think.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray to Courtney and me, and also to Doug, the author, of course!!!!!


We came back to the hotel for some rest. It's just past four o'oclock, but it feels much later.

It was fun doing the reading, Doug!!!

Ariel the Thief said...

Girls, I enjoyed the reading so much! I had the feeling that I am Machbet who visited the witches, this time two pretty ones not three ugly ones, and they tell me this story about the beginning of the world and the first spirits learning their ways in it, then they laugh and disappear without answering any of my questions.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, as soon as I hear the rabbit rabbit, I knew you'd like that. They did a great job, didn't they?

Bear, baseball is peace.

Thanks, Terry. I agree, that doesn't look much like a coyote but I googled coyote petroglyphs and that came up as an Anasazi one.

Jamie Dawn, you guys did great. Hope you're having fun in my old home state. And thank you.

Macbeth, Ariel? Two pretty witches could have saved him from his wife.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ariel sure has a fascinating way with words, doesn't she? She's a great photographer too!

GA is a great state. I could live here permanently, and I actually hope to do so some day.

We are headed to the beach now. I'm just waiting on the slow ones to finish gathering their stuff which is seeming to take forever and a day...
This hotel has GREAT wireless internet service.
It has been fast as lightning since we've been here.
I love it when stuff actually works.
Hey, my word verification is kinda cool.
It is "huehew."

mireille said...

Jamie Dawn and daughter, thank you. Fox, Wolf, Coyote... how odd to love each for their survival technique. And hope the hare comes well equipped, too. S/he'll need it. Doug, you're a wizard of a writer. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

JD, Ariel certainly does. She must be frightening in Hungarian. Savannah is a great city, especially for the Spanish moss. I go there whenever I need a brain transplant. And thank you again for the reading. Please pass my thanks on to Courtney as well.

Mireille, I think the hare stays in the race by mathematics. Thank you, too.

Cooper said...

I enjoyed this but as this is the third time I'm writing this comment ( once late last night and one a few seconds ago) I can go no further.

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Doug The Una said...

Cooper, glad you could make it across the moat.