Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Third Canto

To hear Nessa read the third Canto, click on the fraternity. Thank you, Nessa!

To read the third Canto, click on Coyote.


The Old Mule said...

Is Milton in our mix?

Good reading Nessa...!

TLP said...

Nice work Nessa! Good clear voice.

And, Doug, if you keep up this good writing we're going to have to insist that you publish something.

G said...

Nessa, you do have a nice clear voice. That was beautifully read.

Doug, I'm late to the chronicles but that's not to say I can't go back and have a listen as this third canto implores that I do.

mireille said...

Thank you, Nessa. So wolf will make it work to his advantage, fox figures innate superiority will shield him and coyote already says, "who's zooming whom?" Crow is who I've got my money on: the one who sees deep. Great writing, Doug. xoxo

tsduff said...

Nessa - I'm so sorry but my speakers have "bitten the dust" so to speak - I'll listen on Monday from work. Doug, are you looking for speakers? (readers) ?? I feel left out. Caw caw.

Doug - My favorite inhabitants are of course, Wolf, Fox, Coyote, and Crow. Aren't they the coolest? Better than the average Bear. I don't dig the humans as much.

Doug The Una said...

Maybe, Mule, but he hasn't blogged in months.

TLP, I publish something right here every week. And without 'ary a meeting.

G, I can't think of anything I'd like less than for you to feel obligated here.

Thanks, Mireille. Zockso.

Terry, I'm an admirer of bears, but there are none in this story. Sounds like you like everyone so far. I'd love to have you read one. You get the next one in which Crow is prominent.

Minka said...

Love the last stanza. It's a pity you turned out to be human, you have been a much better crow. Different perspective from high up, I guess!

Nice writing, Doug!
have I signed up for a read yet?

Nessa said...

Reading was fun and I learned a new skill with the old computer.

You know I loved the rhymes, Doug, and your story is so subtle and clever.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well done, Nessa!!


My favorite line: On the other paw

Happy Sunday, Doug!!
Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Subtle and cleaver -- man, crow -- and Dawg! Great episode. I'll be back to listen to Nessa's lovely voice this evening. We are having a very busy weekend. IT seems anymore that I am having a very busy life!

Doug The Una said...

You just did, Minka. Thank you.

Thank you Nessa. I very much appreciate your reading.

You too, J.D. Have a great one.

Actonbell, they're pretty cute in person unless they have your pet in their mouth.

Thanks, Quilly. I think no one can call you a fool for not realizing that living with a botanist would involve massive social obligations.

G said...

Don't I have enough obligations in the real world?! Of all sites to toss off a word casually! Implore may have been a poor word choice, but I don't like to overthink as I enjoy such fine prose and recordings :) Perhaps entice then?

The point, simply said, was that I liked it and now want to go hear the others. How's that?

Doug The Una said...

Oh, ok. G. The place is yours.