Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Poetic License

I saw a woman on the street
With a large basket on her head.
She held the basket straight and neat
And here is what I said:

"You tote your burden lightly.
Your neck must be strong, I say-
I'm curious, just slightly,
What's worth carrying all day?"

"I keep the basket perched there,
As I walk from north to south,
To keep the news that people share
From nesting in my mouth."

GOSSIP, n. Scandal camouflaged in the industry of a neighbor. The idle approach to sin.
Happy birthday to G
Programming note: Due to an impromptu and late-planned vacation, Waking Ambrose will be idle after the story posts Saturday until Monday, July 20th.


Jim said...

My Poetic License says

Gossip has it
our Doug slept in
scholar of five
nodding at ten


Jim said...

And please, Karma, don't curse at me. I am first you know.

Nessa said...

If we didn't gossip about our neighbors, how would they know we cared?

Did I give you permission for a vacation?

Ariel the Thief said...

Glad to hear you take a well deserved vacation. Will you please enjoy it?! :)

Wise woman!

pia said...

Love the poem. Does anybody know anymore what's gossip and what's legitimate news?

Have a great vacation! I will be in NY during those exact days. Not quite a vacation; not quite torture

TLP said...

Gossip is so much fun that just the mention of it makes me swoon.

I wonder where
the boy is going
and when he's there
what he'll be doing

Jamie Dawn said...


I heard that Doug won the lottery, bought a yacht, and is sailing to Mexico on vacation. He is taking along well endowed triplets who are the spitting image of the late Anna Nicole Smith, post weight loss. He also is the second cousin of Michael Jackson's ex wife, Debbie Rowe. Doug has a weakness for this place called Chandra, and I'm told he can't go without eating there once a week. He's been known to meet up with very strange people there and talk about really absurd stuff.

I hope you have a marvelous vacation!!
I'll be stopping in here until you leave on your mysterious trip.


karen said...

There's nothing much to gossip about. Doug is only sacrificing his sister to a volcano. I heard it directly from my neighbor's cousin, who heard it indirectly from the lady with the basket on her head.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

gossip: A term used to describe the bad behavior of someone else.

Unknown said...

Doug's dad says: You may not sacrifice your sister to a volcano. I have three sons and only one daughter. Karen has no reason to make this up, so stop it! Right now!

Doug The Una said...

Worse, Jim. I forgot to hit "publish." Thanks for the head's up.

Nessa, you make a great point. I'm sure they care about you, too.

Of course not, Ariel. I'll grump around the whole time.

Pia, if someone does, they don't work at CNN.

TLP, I'll wear clean socks, by golly.

JD, who told? The palm-reader you see and pay in heroin?

That's a doggone lie, Karen. It's to the volcano nymph.

In whispers, Poobah. You bet.

Pop, do I have to remind you you have a grand-daughter? And a daughter-in-law?

G said...

So now I know what to do with that basket! Thanks! And thanks for the B-day wishes. Vacation? If it brings you East, we'd love to know.


Ariel the Thief said...

LOL at everybody's comment! Good gossip is fun!

cooper said...

Poetic License: Something they are to charge for or at least tax.

Vacation, you lucky dog.

Couldn't help myself on that one.

Doug The Una said...

Not to NY this time, G, or you'd know already. Hope it was swell.

Ariel, my neighbor says that all the time when she's sober.

Cooper, with you people in charge I don't doubt there will be a poetic license fee before long. Actually, it's a good emission reduction scheme. Woof.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, sober you mean "not under the influence of alcohol" like people usually do? Common mistake...

weirsdo said...

Oh my gosh. A belated Happy Birthday to G.
As for gossip, my lips are sealed, of course.