Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Advice to my Nephew, Stevie, on his fifth birthday

Whenever you go dinosaurin',
At school, at home or someplace foreign.
The important thing is to select
The mighty lizard most correct
To roar and gnash in just the way you're feeling.

When locked behind your bedroom door,
Consider the great allosaur-
A giant mouth with giant tail,
Chomping leaves along the trail
And banging your head on the (forest) ceiling.

And when you're feeling wild and fleet,
The pterodactyl's pretty sweet
Hunting, tackling, and tearing clothes
Goes well with friends and knives for toes.
On the playground, none are more appealing.

But then there's days of youth or age
When nothing can contain our rage.
A mighty predator is due
And that T-Rex must now be you,
Tearing flesh at liberty
Scaring prey right up a tree-
A gnashing, thrashing, thick-skulled daemon
To pursue, subdue and chew on Eamon.

DINOSAUR, n. coll. A lumbering, unadaptable relic, such as an uncle.

Happy birthday, Stevie


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Stevie

Anonymous said...

Gran Pa Steve says

Happy Birthday Stevie

pia said...

Great advice Uncle Doug!

Happy birthday Stevie

tsduff said...

Awe - the self-named relic of ancient canine lineage... don't those little guys make us silly?

Well done on the prose Doug - and a very happy birthday to little Stevie.

Ariel the Thief said...

Happy Birthday to King Stevie I of Portland!

kingb - king you will be my son

Anonymous said...

Hau`oli La Hanau Stevie. I hope you have a wonderful day. Great advice Uncle :)

Logophile said...


Be careful chewing on the little bro though, must be sure his shots are up to date.

'na said...

Awesome poem uncle dougie. Eamon has been saying "where's uncle dougie?" since you left. Glad you are coming back so soon. Thanks for the post. We will print and put in the boys' room.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Karma.

Well spoken, Pops.

Thank you, Pia.

Kind of silly, Terry, yeah.

Ave, Ariel!

Thanks, Thom.

Excellent advice, Logo.

"Oh, thank you!" 'Na!

weirsdo said...

I think this is your most delightful post ever. We are proud to share your uncleship with Stevie. Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday Stevie.

Great lumbering dino uncles are great to climb on.

Silly Haiku

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to nephew Stevie.

cooper said...

Nice work Doug. Happy Birthday Stevie.

dinosaur,n. Uncle Doug

quilly said...

Happy Birthday, Stevie. I am certain by now that you have discovered your Uncle Dinosaur has a growl much worse than his bite. And careful chewing too much on Eamon -- he's a little dinosaur now, but he is going to grow.

k. riggs gardner said...

Have fun dinosaurin' on your Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Doug The Una said...

Wow, Weirsdo. Thanks from RBUD.

Nessa, Stevie's tends to toss.

Thanks, Jenn.

Correct, Cooper, and thank you.

Quilly, that's true but my growl is exceptional.

Thank you, Karen.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Actonbell. Uncle Shel was at his birthday party Saturday and it was a proud affair.