Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Curmudgeonly Christmas

A little boy out in the cold,
Up on the great north plain,
Stood watch through a snowstorm
And stayed out in the rain
In hope of seeing Santa fly
And heaven's child reign.

The lad kept up his vigil,
Through changing Christmas breezes,
And made hopeful lists and prayer
In defiance of diseases.
He breathed soft words of thanks and praise
In between the sneezes.

By early dawn he heard some bells,
Like those rung through the ages
"I've been good the whole year long,"
The child coughed through fever's rages,
"Ho ho ho!," a flying elf replied,
"But now you are contagious!"

The little fellow was rewarded,
As the sleigh sped o'er night's vault,
With Santa's middle finger
And a fat elf's cursed assault:
"If Christmas spreads the pox this year,
It's little Dougie's fault!"

NOG, n. The blended deprivation of calf, chick and Australian.


TLP said...

Poor little Dougie! I'm ashamed to admit that I laughed out loud at his plight. That TLP. No heart.

Got nog?

Jim said...

Wow! That was true, huh? You poor little guy. I imagine you have had a guilt complex the rest of your life, especially at Christmas time.

Nog: hate the stuff. It's like turn it around and add an 'e' to make it be gone. :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor little Dougie...Merry Ho Ho Ho my behind LOL. Nog: Love it...Cheers Mate!!!

k. riggs gardner said...

In defiance of diseases,
Santa stuck out his middle finger
At the fat elf's cursed assault.

Merry Christmas, anyway. And to all a good night!

WORD VERIFICATION: aunducea (the first two letters of Australian).

PANSI said...

This explane's alot!!!!
Mary CHRISTmas Mr. DOG!!!!

quilly said...

Little Dougie got the same Christmas present that comes to every child sooner or later -- disillusionment. Unfortunately, poor Little Dougie got the grown up version rather than the kid version!

cooper said...

Pansi said all that needs to be said.

As usual.

Ariel the Thief said...

I agree with Cooper.

k. riggs gardner said...

Not every venue is appropriate for all things. On that, we can surely all agree.

Doug The Una said...

Fresh out, TLP, but I'm glad you laughed.

Kinda true, Jim. I can't take much of egg nog, either.

Bottoms up, Thom.

Merry Christmas, Karen.

Merry Christmas, Pansi. To you and the Weirsdos.

Quilly, that, I'm afraid, is the price of courage.

I'm getting over the cold, thanks, Actonbell. Merry Christmas to you, in case you don't come back by then.

Cooper, Pansi's good that way.

Vidám karácsony, Ariel.

I expect so, Karen.