Thursday, September 21, 2006


POSTSCRIPT, n. The only portion of a lady's letter which you need read, if you are in a hurry.

2006 Update: The part of a personal letter following the flattery.

P.S. The editor of this site is not responsible for the misogyny of M. Bierce. Women are.


puppybrose said...

and yet you seem to perpetuate it. (thank goodness for that!)

p.s. is it possible i beat the Penguin today? whoa.

puppybrose said...

p.s.s. since it seems this week's WA is being brought to us by the letter "P", perhaps "Penguin" should be tomorrow's word?

Solace Cai said...

Now I know what those stupid letters stand for! And all this time I thought it stood for something else.

ps I'm kidding really!

Sar said...


The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Postscript: Hey what hapened to my gest post? Why isint it on top anymore?

Anonymous said...

Post script - that's usually where I add the stuff I forgot in the first place.

ps - I'm getting closer to the first position!

Minka said...

7TH? I can live with that :)
My favourite number. I owuld have been first, would Pascover have had published at the usual time!

ps...I like teh number two as well, and 25 for that matter. Do you think I should play teh lottery?

Doug said...

Puppybrose, I checked and it isn't in Bierce's dictionary. Are you feeling guilty?

Solace "Please Skip?"

Persistently, Sar.

Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A., time marches on. Your knees hurt.

Jenna, Postscript, n. Foreplay.

ariel said...

I have written many letters and I think Ambrose is right.

p.s. I don't feel hated.

Indeterminacy said...

Postscript: The little kid of 11 years old wrapped in all the layers of adulthood.

QuillDancer said...

Jenna just crashed my brain. My eyes skimmed over her line. My brain literally skidded to a halt. After a couple seconds of paralysis, my eyes began blinking and slowly refocused on the line. I read it again. Unfortunately, all previous thoughts were lost in the crash and did not reload upon reboot.

dddragon said...

Pretty Stupid PRicky Santorum

QuillDancer said...

P.S. please send money

Postscript n. the most important line in a college student's letter home

QuillDancer said...

Dang it! It was DOUG who crashed my brain with his comment to Jenna. See, I toldf you it went down -- and it took far too long to reboot!

mireille said...

WHAM. WHAM. WHAM. beats Doug over the head with umbrella WHAM. WHAM. WHAM.

p.s. xoxo

mireille said...

p.p.s. please note that 3D used a bad word. As an adjective, but nonetheless.



karma said...

afterthought written post haste.

But if the letter begins with 'Dear John', there would be no need to read further

PS: You will never get a Dear John letter from me, because your name is Douglas. Happy?

jtnkp: John turns naked when on Keep Peeling duty

brian said...

Doug use big word today
me still in cave hiding
from angry mob of women.

P.S. Plenty scared.

Tom & Icy said...


p.s. grrrrr

The Village Idiot said...

Peanuts Soared

Past Plaid Skirts

Pretty Pungent Palatable Sardines

puppybrose said...

Quilly: i think the term *you* defined is spelled Post $cript.

ps... guilty, Doug? me? probably so.

puppybrose said...

Quilly: i meant "post$cript"

Joel said...

Postscript: A once essential writing tool in the days preceeding word processing and a designation used solely for effect; on par with the electronic smiley face.

Doug said...

Ariel, I'm glad you don't feel hated. P.S. I bet Bierce would have liked a letter from you. You could speak cleverly of corruption together.

Indie, or the layers he's wrapped in.

Sorry, Quill. I'm not sure the Little Blue Pill and I properly considered the schoolhouse audience. I think Jenna was nice today, though.

Dddragon, Bob Casey and I wish you could vote twice.

Quilldancer, maybe, but you did fine with your definition.

Mireille, I'm sure I can speak for Dddragon when I say we appreciate the correction.

Karma, happy I'm not a John.

Brian, what you need to learn is horticulture. Marigolds keep away aphids, thorns protect roses, roses protect you and if that fails, there's daisies.

Hahaha, Icy. *prrrrrr*

Please Provide Prepared Paroxysms Soon, V.I.

Puppybrose, practice glory without guilt.

Sure Joel, and the missing transitional sentence.

Sar said...


The Village Idiot said...

Parasol Produced Paroxysms Precisely Produced Skillfully

The Village Idiot said...

Strike that second Produced, it should read....Provided

G said...

Dear Doug: Your place is always a fun bash of wits. I don't know how I didn't drop a comment earlier, but apparently I came and went. Err, somehow, never mind. I'll leave now.

P.S. Puppy - that's a good one! $.S. (however you do the little eseey dollarey thingey).

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Postscript: The true reason for writing the letter

Anonymous said...

Must behave...must not respond with naughty sarcastic comeback. Behaving today.

I should've titled my blog Postscript instead of Afterthoughts because that would've been cool.

ps: foreplay is a postscript for you? Oh Doug *shakes head*

ps x2: I tried. I tried so hard.

brian said...

Keeping with the comment from Doug and with a cue from Jenna.

Postscript: Flowers sent in sympathy, or in expectation of foreplay.

puppybrose said...

Postscript: salt 'n pepper.

Jamie Dawn said...

Bierce knows that women in love leave postscripts like this:

P.S. XX OO Hugs! Kisses!

And women scorned leave postscripts like this:

P.S. When you read this, I'll be gone... along with all your money.

Poor, poor Bierce.

puppybrose said...

postscript: punchline.

actonbell said...

I suspect that Ambrose Bierce was responsible for his own misogyny.

p.s. I also suspect he didn't read the letters that ladies sent him.

ariel said...

love backwards? then it will end with a "How do you do? Nice to meet you!" and start again?

p.s. lovely idea.

Indeterminacy said...

I may not have understood something because some of my postscripts turned out longer than the letter.

puppybrose said...

postscript: blog font?

puppybrose said...

postscript: the last word and/or final gasp

p.s. this will be mine.

p.p.s. at least for today.

p.p.p.s. i think.

QuillDancer said...

Doug, my brain didn't short circuit over the subject matter. It froze because of cognitive dissonance. I was trying to decide how "post" could occur before "fore."

I now find myself wondering if your confusion over what "preceeds" and what "proceeds" had any direct effect on your current crumdugeony status.

tsduff said...

Postscript: Always my favorite part of a letter, whether received or sending.

P.S. :-)

Sar said...


mireille said...

P.S. You know, I have to wonder how Mr. Bierce came to his misogyny in reality. Was it an unfortunate maternal influence during childhood? An early love gone bad? Or are some men just born womenhaters? You know, the genetic/biological model. I wonder. xoxo

AP3 said...

When I was a little kid, I didn't think a letter was complete without a P.S. And it was ALWAYS the first thing I read.

P.S., n. Doorknob therapy via letter-writing.

Kyahgirl said...

like Indie, my post scripts are usually longer than the message. Not today though. I'm outta words.

p.s. that doesn't mean I can't have a good laugh while reading all the comments here.

Andrew Donaldson said...

It's a matter of historical debate just why Ambrose Bierce was so angry at women. Some say it's because they didn't treat him very well. Some say it's because they did.

Doug said...

Particularly plaintive paean, Sar.

Palindromes Passed Properly Preface Purple Prose, Simian!

G, better late than never.

Anomie, I always thought the request at the end was just to justify the sucking up.

Came up with nothin', huh, LBP?

Brian, I like the obituary angle.

Puppybrose, a Salt n Pepa concert this year.

Jamie Dawn, you can tell alot by the hearts dotting the eyes. If they aren't filled in, you're dead.

Puppybrose, it must be close by now.

Actonbell, we should all own our own detestations.

Ariel, love backwards is wisdom. P.S. I have no idea what I'm talking about but it sounds so right.

Indie, POSTSCRIPT, n. Comments on a blog?

Puppy Please Somemore!

Product of, Quilldancer. Putting Post before fore is how I age younger than most.

Terry, it's kind of the maraschino part, isn't it?

Please Prohibit Pitiable Suckupery.

Mireille, it's probably the result of an unhappy marriage. Maybe his wife was misandrist.

Aral, what's doorknob therapy? I'm curious.

Kyah, nonverbal enjoyment is often every bit as good as nonverbal condescension.

Andrew, that was a great job of putting it into Bierce's words.

puppybrose said...

postscript: second thoughts.

p.s. i don't know what's wrong with me, i really don't. i'm gong to bed now, and i'll try not to be such a verbal bother tomorrow.

p.p.s. i agree with you, by the way, Andrew's comment was positively Biercean. (assuming i even know what that means.)

SquareGirl said...

P.S., I am not talking to blogger today...I left a comment here earlier and it is no where to be found (and that being the case, it was a very BRILLIANT comment I tell you).

AP3 said...

Doorknob therapy, n. The phenomenon of saying the difficult thing that you really meant to bring up earlier just as you are reaching for the doorknob and leaving. e.g., "Well, I'd better call it a night. (Reaches for doorknob.) By the way, I think I'm gay."

Doug said...

Puppybrose, you seem to know what that means pretty well.

Gosh, Square. A tragic loss to american letters. Maybe you could remember under hypnotism?

Hahaha, Aral. Thanks. I think you are, too. Whoops, look at the time.

The Mushroom said...

Postscript: The thing you intended to say when you first put quill to paper, but didn't remember again until you'd already signed the page and grabbed the sealing wax.

weirsdo said...

More room for excuses.

P. S. Sorry to be late with this comment.