Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Reproved Wednesdays

Announcement: This week, we lay to rest the regular special guest Wednesdays. You people are lazy and make me sick. OK, actually I'm lazy and tired. I will be happy to have special special guest posts on upcoming Wednesdays when I hear from someone that they would like to do one, but no more standard special ones. I haven't really decided what features will go in this spot when there are no volunteers, but since, after almost two years, some of you haven't noticed that this site works poorly for tagging, today and future Wednesdays might offer the opportunies for me to scratch those itches you just can't reach on your own. Which is really why I was put here. Just to prove I haven't grown less warm and friendly, that's Al and I in Malibu, California on Sunday at the top, right.

OK, I'm much too fond of Mireille to not respond to her tag and, besides, she probably thought that stuff was perfume when she sniffed it. Here's the 4x4 meme resized to four by four.

Four Jobs I have had:
1. Cowboy.
2. Cook.
3. Construction Worker.
4. Floral Delivery (1984--1985.)
JACK OF ALL TRADES, n. Mistress of many.

Four places I have lived other than where I live now.

1. Northern Nevada.
2. South Chicago.
3. Lone Tree, Iowa.
4. Waleska, Georgia.
GADABOUT, n. A mobile mayor.

Four books I enjoy re-reading.
1. The Short Stories of Edgar Allen Poe.
2. Greek mythology.
3. The Bible.
4. Outer Dark, by Cormac McCarthy.
MYTH, n. Prior knowledge.

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. The Big Sleep.
2. Spartacus.
3. Unforgiven.
4. Shadowlands.
CINEPHILE, n. Viviphobe.


Minka said...

Reproved indeed, you even made the meme shorter. Lazy bugger!

I enjoyed this though, after all of us have been layed out and disected infront of everybody on the typical Wednesday, it is time we start learning a bit more about you.

Get it all out, let the healing begin! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, the post was even worth posting twice ... :)

Floral delivery? That wasn't in Australia, was it? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, and well done-bravo! I like your picture selection, too.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this meme all over the blogosphere, but not once was it done with this kind of style. Good show, Doug, as usual.

TLP said...

Doug did a Meme! Amazing. And fun. The Bible, huh? AP3 has read the whole darn thing. It's not PG13 for sure. I don't read dirty books. (Unless there's pictures of course.)

Anonymous said...

the only thing i find shocking is that Jerimiah Johnson isn't on that list of "favorite films". what's wrong with you?

okay... so this was totally charming and fun, and now i know way more about you than i ever thought possible (or wanted to know), but that's beside the point. the point, for i have one, is this: thank you for explaining what it is that Mirelle's been sniffing/enjoying/halucinating on all these years. (kidding. i lovelovelove Mirelle, too! *more* so now that she got you to do this meme)

oh yeah -- and i see Al sprang for a pair of new shoes since G and i met him a few weeks ago. swe-e-e-et.

Mistress Anna said...

Doug are you especially crotchety today?;)
I have to say I tried to watch the movie Unforgiven - Couldn't do it. I may have been too young to appreciate it. I believed it was filmed here in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Very very good. How do you get to yell at people for not responding?

Anonymous said...

Well! Wednesdays without a special guest will have to be adjusted to. But knowing more about you, now that's fascinating! Now we can send you silly stuff to meme about and see what happens on Wednesdays! LOL D =^..^=

Anonymous said...

I read this several times. Why? Looking for my name on the four books!!! Cha...what-ever.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, the meme was called 4 by 4. I took it at its word. You left it to me to point out that you're first today.

Nope, OC. In Australia I was more likely to be the deliveree.

Thanks, Quilly. I aims to please.

Thanks, Actonbell, I was especially delighted with what came up when I googled "Dog watching movie." That's niknik, by the way.

TLP, That Mordecai! Pimpin' ain't easy.

Puppy, the truth will out. I mean, it won't out me, but you know what I mean.

Mistress Anna, too young? Where's my cane? Wherever it was filmed was beautiful.

Pia, next time we're in town, I'll train you in frivolous arrogance.

Thanks, Diane, this, of course, makes your guest post the coda.

Jenna, my mom reads this blog.

Anonymous said...

Now if only you could get paid for writing this blog...

Anonymous said...

By Order of the Pink Queen, indeed. Mockery. Indeed. Now, let me get this straight: you've had many mistresses? Heh. Who knew? ♥ xoxo

Anonymous said...

mistress of many, hm?
OK, I'm leaving that alone, but just know that it wasn't an easy choice.

Frivolous arrogance, I bet that is what you appreciated in Ariella's blogging style. She eminates frivolous arrogance in a casual and comfortable manner.
So glad Mireille taggged you and you responded, that was fun.

Doug The Una said...

Icy, I'm overcompensated as it is.

Mireille, I lost count because my hand shakes just thinking about it.

Logo, Ariella and I share much of our philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Cowboys, Iowa and Cormac McCarthy? You sound like something out of a Steve Earle song. I like your style, Doug.

Anonymous said...

You're a bit slow on the uptake but you managed to read my mind eventually. Last time you answered a meme I thought that would be a great thing to do regularly on Wednesdays. You know Doug, we all like to cavort in the pool of knowledge and all that. Glad you're taking this new approach cause its nice to know more about you.

Glad to hear you met Al. Your feet look really happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh sure...hide behind your mom.

Yep, Unforgiven was filmed here.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I didn't figure you for a Shadowlands fan. I suppose you've read a fair amount of C.S. Lewis as well?

Anonymous said...

And yet, there it is in your profile, along with the Narnia Chronicles.

Anonymous said...

Is this some secret handshake I've just walked in on between you and Diesel?

What a nice surprise. I mean I love your guest Wednesday and I am sure you will surprise us with some more of them, but this was wonderful. Great meme (which I have been tagged, but have been terrible about doing).

Old Mule, makes a great point. I love Steve Earle.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Al got himself some new steps to meet up with you. Nice. Hope you guys had a grand get together.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Mule. Actually, Steve Earle is a perfect association. He too has been many kinds of yokel.

Thanks, Kyah. If this becomes a meme a week I'll be out of the frying pan and into the fire, but at least a flexible day of the week sounds nice. The feet were sure well fed. Yeah, I'm not quick.

Jenna, girls like you make boys like I pretend to be want to hide behind someone's skirt.

Well, Diesel, you figured it out before I could answer, but when I was in college and thought I was pre-seminary I was a big fan of C.S. Lewis' theology, too which is right when that movie comes out. But your instinct is right. You won't find Terms of Endearment on any list of mine.

G, I'll let Al make his own report or avoid, but I thought it was a gas. He's good people.

Anonymous said...

Do you re-read the WHOLE Bible? Leviticus and Numbers can be tough to get through, but Song of Solomon is pretty good. Revelation is as creepy as the works of Poe!

Since you're at a loss of what to do on Wednesdays, here's a suggestion:

How about posting pics of baby Doug?

Alana said...

I'm gonna take your posting of a 4X4 meme as a testimony towards all of us squares out there! I don't beleive there is anything on that list that I come remotely close to having in comman with ya, although I do like the Bible.

Minka said one of my favorite movie lines from Good Will Hunting, "Let the healing begin!" (said with sarcasm of course).

Sar said...

Shoes! (fancy kicks, Al) & a Doug Meme!

Many mistresses, eh? Suuuuuuuure! I see a theme here alright, starting with the image you posted of the Village People, Doug. The your comments above indicating that you're "more likely to be the (floral) deliveree" and that you "won't be outed".

Mmmhmm, a theme indeed.

(insert "WG!" Sarism)

Anonymous said...

Now look at you, all spiffed up with awesome pictures and links... Beautifully done indeed. LOVE the pup watching the movie! And I'm always glad to know another Poe fan.

Nice legs - did you guys go to Gladstones? Sigh - I miss Malibu so.

Doug The Una said...

JD, I've posted all the baby pics of myself I have. And no, I'm not sure I've read Numbers, Leviticus or Deuteronomy even a first time all the way through. I like to skip the law and go straight to forgiveness.

Yes, exactly, Square. Consider this your guest post.

Sar, I knew what angle you'd take I just wasn't wasn't sure if you'd get here to take it. Or, frankly, which side you take it from these days.

Wow, Terry. That picture was taken in Gladstone's parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I figured

Indeterminacy said...

Now we know all about you! But would would Ambrose say if he found out your were reading Poe?

Anonymous said...

That was fun! I'm so glad you aren't hanging up your hat entirely...I like it over here. I predict you will have a wave of volunteers...

Anonymous said...

Doug! Terry made us?? Maybe, as two of the three-and-a-half people courageous enough to risk the Sunday breakfast at Gladstone's, we were too obvious?

Very nice meeting you, bro. Now, ahem, back to cranky and bitter.

Doug The Una said...

Terry, you know the beach, I guess.

Indie, I have no more secrets. He would probably ask "Can such things be?"

Thanks, Cindra. Are you volunteering?

Al, the pleasure was all mine. Um, sonofabitch!

Anonymous said...

Oh Doug I am with you on Poe and Greek Mythology....

I find this quite entertaining especially the part where you call everyone lazy.

I especially like finding out more about you because even though I hate to tell people about myself in any type of direct way I am incredibly nosy and like to know everything there is to know about others.

You remain mythic in my mind.

Doug The Una said...

Alice, I thought you'd hear me. We better meet someday soon, before you get to naming any constellations.

Mutha said...

I am so late to the party -- but I loved your answers and pictures Doug. You are da bomb.