Saturday, June 23, 2007

Outside The Walls

Episode 25 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, listen to two old babylonians.

This week in The Prattler, "The Reincarnation of Jerry Tarkanian."

You can read the story along the wall.


Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say... i'm first. (pretty sure it's my turn)

Minka said...

no you are not!

let´s look at this objectively:

you get to have lunch with a bunch of really cool people in NYC, while Mom just mentioned taht I could mow the lawn again. It´s a big lawn!´s a tough one to call!

I am first!

Minka said...

now that reading was cool, surprising and very hard to place, But utterly brilliant. Whoever that was out there: just marvelous!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. you can't fool me missy. that was a fine... no, fantastic reading today, Miss Penguin! is there no end to your cleverness? methinks not!

and trust me, tho' not with the rest of us today, you'll be first in our thoughts and topmost in our conversations as we stroll around lower Manhattan. (we'll eat an extra quesadilla in your honor) ; )

*claps and claps and claps, stops long enough to wipe brow in relief for not having to mow own lawn*


(guess i'll be embarrassed if this reader turns out to be someone else. if that's the case, you'll find me near the waterside. i'll be the one trying to bury my head in the sand)

Minka said...

Neva: grab a couple of shells for me while down with your head in the sand, ´cause this is not me.

(Karma hasn't read yet, I have never heard her voice...)

Anonymous said...

oopsies! ah well, if it's Karma, then well done to HER!

seriously, not you?? d'oh!

matters not, WHOEVER it is, that reading is just brilliant. not to mention funfunfun! sits well in the ear, don't ya think? i'm smiling, even as i get ready to listen again! ; )

*grabs bag for shells/looks around for shovel, "just in case"*

Anonymous said...

what, like i can't do both at the same time? (make up? for you? don't kid yourself, bub, you'll be lucky if i don't show up in sweats)

i started to panic at the thoughts of misidentifying this week's reader. but i've spent many a grand hour on the phone with our beautiful BoheMian, and she does have a lovely voice, but we're not hearing it, today. : P

mireille said...

"One Persia and Xerxes is her Shah" One God and Mohammed is His Prophet? wish I knew what it all meant. Have fun today, cutie. xoxo

TLP said...

Well I liked it. The story and the reading. Really, really enjoyable.

Sufficient: It's never.

Minka said...

Doug, that was almost kinda sweet. Get out of that State right NOW, it has an altering effect on you!

Anonymous said...

Minka, word. not sure the state of New York that had that "sweet" effect on Doug, as much as the lack of sleep. nothin' like sittin' next to a pesky 2-year old on a red-eye to wear down a curmudgeon -- even one who started out young. ; )

that said, we all survived, and when Joel and I left, the rest of the "gang" were setting out on an "Al Tour" (lucky kids, his tours of Lower Manhattan are awesome!)

as for the reader? *blushes deeply* i have it on excellent authority that it was, indeed, Miz B. aieeeeee! i will be spending the better part of the next few days trying to make up for my ignorance. d'oh!!

BRAVO Miz B -- ¡Su lectura de esta historia era fant├ística! *claps*

Minka said...

Wow...Doug kinda gave it away before when he was speaking to her invisible ink up in comment between comment four and five :)

It utterly threw me of the course, I have to was just that brilliantly disguised, I mean we all have seen her videos and wow...what an amazing talent! I spent the better half of the morning trying to place her non-rhotic, glottalization and
different stressed accent... to no avail...I had fun and I am glad the kids do too, and you got home alive :) Beans?

Miz B: what an amazing job, you had me! *claps*

G said...

Okay now I'm confused...Minka you mentioned invisible ink and yet I see no comment or hint from Doug. Am I just that tired? Do you really read invisible ink? Am I that dense? Don't answer that last one.

If this is indeed MizB, she should consider acting because this was indeed theatrics of the highest and most entertaining order! Loved it! Funny, wonderful and just great. I am sorry that I could not get here sooner but we just got home ourselves after a looooong yet very fun day in the city.

You were all there with us in spirit. Bravo MizB - if that is in fact MizB. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Miz B I never would have guessed. Amazing performance...bravo!

Anonymous said...

I am beyond stunned. That was amazing

Your story was great too Doug, but I just couldn't believe that was MizzyB of the wonderful videos from Spain soon to be made in San Francisco

Doug The Una said...

Neva, Joel, Pia, Al, Sar, Gina, and Tali: That was a grand evemt. And not to fear, Minka, when I get back to where the weather is too hot and the agendas too long I'll grouch back back. And nt to fear, Pia. I understand that this week, the reading is kind of the thing.

Mireille, wish I did, too. We did. At least I did, thanks.

Actonbell, I kind of did imply that because in a very short time online I mistook an email for a comment and I though Miz B gave herself away. I blame the kid on the airplane Joel mentioned.

Thanks, TLP.

G, I left a comment earlier in which I was feverish and irrational and gave stuff away, then deleted it when I came to my senses which means every appears to have caught my insanity.

Anonymous said...

"...kid on the plane Joel mentioned?" either you ARE tired, or i need to let my hair grow out a bit longer.

not that it matters in the end. and thank you again for checking your "curmudgeonliness" at the door (i never thought you'd be such a charmer). just wish that table we were at had been more round and less long... and, um, maybe outside. (tho' might have been too noisy, what with that music and/or those dancers, and all!)

oh, and Pia (the lovely Pia, i hasten to add) was right -- in all the excitement over Miz B's amazing recording, i totally forgot to applaud YOU for a story well-written. clearly you didn't compose that one on the plane ride out here. ; )

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh *blushetty blush* and gracias indeed to all the sweet people who were FOOLED BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Oy... not being too gracious now am I? ;-P

And amiga G... even in his comment, and most definitely in his actions (that being the deleting of his earlier comment where it was mentioned that I was this week's reader) my dearest hermano has proven himself a sweet gentleman who was merely humoring my selfproclaimed childish whim to not let the cat outta the bag so I could see if I sounded like myself and if anyone could guess that it was me and for that, hermano mio, I thank you FO SHO! Which is no surprise to me that you are a charmer... see? Never believed the "curmudgeon" title I tell ya!

Gracias hermanito for allowing me to read this week and for much fun had doing it (and for humoring me, yet again, with my nerves and declarations of nausea at being a guest reader behind the scenes) and for gracing me with the honor of adding my voice to a chapter of your many marvelously written writings...

Thank you all for the sweet words and for liking my silliness... hope everyone is having a good weekend!

And my dearest Neva... SUCCESS! My goal was to fool YOU seeing that you know my voice the best out of all concerned! WOOOOHOOOO! So no need to apologize for that SO made my day and I am sooo glad you liked it! :-)

Besos to all and with that,

BoheMia OUT!

Anonymous said...

My overly long comment didn't take so.

I had a dream that I was visiting Doug in LA and convinced him to fly to San Francisco for the afternoon where MizB was home with the Boho family.

We were a bit surprised to see Neva, Joel, Sar, Gina and family, Al and Mrs Al who looked a lot like Al's friend--and were wearing matching salmon shirts

But we weren't too surprised, and day went into evening

When I woke up I thought this really happened for a second.

Indeterminacy said...

Excellent - as always. I was thinking of Jorge Luis Borge's stories about labyrinthes while reading this.

Unknown said...

oh damn. Fantastic. I wish I'd heard it before knowing who it was... I don't know if I'd have figured it out.

mireille said...

I am continually AMAZED by the energy level of The Miz. What a woman. XOXO

Jamie Dawn said...

Miz B's reading was MORE than sufficient!

What a delightful voice!
I am thrilled to have the sound on my laptop working again. Hooray!!!!!

Ariel the Thief said...

Miz B, a new face of yours again! I am so impressed!

oh, and I've never known how much despondency the word "available" had in it until heard it from your mouth...

G said...

Pia, that was no dream :)

Anonymous said...

Great job, Mz. B (you, too, Doug). Your story and fabulous reading made a great break in all my packing.

Anonymous said...

Wowsa Mizzy B.

I would not have figured it out had I not cheated.

Mizzy has found her calling.

Jacob said...

This was one of the best ping-pong matches I'd wagged a head for in a long, long time. I enjoyed just reading the comments. ALL OF YOU ARE TOIGHT---TOIGHT LIKE A TIGUH!

Your readership are toight, Doug.

I think I have some old humanities books I should start cracking again. That could help to make me toight again.

Doug The Una said...

Neva, you and Joel are so in harmony as one that even your most avid fans sometimes have trouble seeing where one begins and the other ends. Although the eight sentences in a row might have been a clue.

Hermana, estas muy graciosa. Por favor, desculpiste mi boca grandassa.

Pia, you fell asleep watching Survivor, didn't you? (By the way, I won't let Al miss your line about him- that's hilarious!)

Thanks, Indie. Note to self: Get Master's Degree in Literature.

Wombat, I had the same advantage you did and didn't quite believe it.

Mireille, truly, tofu, oat bran and hate for one's city make a powerful concoction in the right hands. She is a wonder.

Hooray for Jamie Dawn's laptop! Hooray for Miz B! Hooray for Jamie Dawn.

I think she was speaking through your face, this time, Eliza/Ariel.

G, is this Frisco? I can't remember.

Quilly, you ready for the torch yet?

Cooper, that was a pretty complete ruse, right? Different voice altogether and accent from the only United Nations member I don't know her to have lived in.

Thanks, Gawpo. Corsetted in stripes they are.