Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reminiscence of a one-time goblin

When the world was young, and I a child
Both of us were pretty wild
We scared the nervous and the old
Behaving carelessly and bold
With menace, malice and mad valor
We gave the frail and wan new pallor.
We never feared the mossy trees,
Reptiles, spiders or disease
We didn't mind the call to war,
Blood or bile or wile or gore.
We didn't jump at sudden sounds
Or angry barks from sloppy hounds,
We horrified for help and health
With naught to love but fear itself.

Now ancient evil's smoothly worn
As dolorous new wrongs are born
As sorry fools grow rich and famous
When we charge, there's none can blame us.
When parents join in trick-or-treating
The wilderness must be retreating
And once the worst have been defrauded,
Our misbehavior is applauded.
So, middle-aged and tamed, you see,
We've come to fear longevity.

HALLOWED, p.p. Justified by fate.


Minka said...

You sure wear a scary costume!


hallowed: it is easy being saintly, once the body's gone. That's why you get canonized after you have been pushing up the daisies for a while.

Anonymous said...

hallowed - The state describing the inside of a jack-o-lantern.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hallowed: Holy, sanctified, such as the holy ground upon which Moses stood while encountering the burnng bush.

Goblins send the elderly to the nervous hospital.

Have a SWEET Halloween!!! :-)

G said...

Hallowed Ground: Bloomingdales of course.

Happy Halloween. I can remember leaving lit up little jack-o-lanterns (battery kind) on different front porches, ringing the doorbell, and hiding in the bushes laughing watching their reaction. What little scamps.

G said...

I'm just laughing at Jamie Dawn's comment :

"Goblins send the elderly to the nervous hospital." I hope we had nothing to do with that. I know we made the elderly nervous.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Trick or treet!

Their beter be some candy around here or I have to play a trick!

TLP said...

I think maybe you were just a tad worse than a goblin. Just sayin'.

When I was a kid I thought, "Hallowed Be Thy Name..." was just too silly. Why would God want a name change? Now that I see what a mess the world is in, I guess an alias isn't such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

HALLOWED n. Holy. Holy. Holy. And any more pretty much holey, too. Hence the phrase, Is nothing sacred anymore?

Ariel the Thief said...

What is more disappointing than to realize that all that blood and bile cannot answer one question? Sharyar took a wife, some people take Jesus and you do fine, too.

Great Halloween!

Jamie Dawn said...

I've only eaten two chocolate truffles so far today.
I have the will power of a goblin.

Nessa said...

"Boo!" I hallowed down the hall.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, that's pretty deep thinking for an advice columnist and jack o' lantern model.

Alas, Alas the pumpkin seed, Poobah.

That was funny, JD. Have a terrible truffleous All Hallow's Eve.

G, you started life as a scamp and now can't even eat scampi. How does it feel?

Boy, there's monster peeps and jujubees, chocolate bars and sweetened fleas.

Haha, TLP. You're right on both counts. I flatter myself and sometimes I wonder if God gave us DNA in the 30s so he could fool the paternity test.

Merciful and monstrous, Quilldancer.

Thanks, Ariel. Happy vampiring!

Jamie Dawn, I think you should put that aside until tomorrow or Lent.

And in your hollow halo fall, Nessa?

Lila said...

nicely done! i agree with the sentiment, too. i think it's so sad that kids trick or treat with their parents. lame.

i hallowed out my pumpkin when i carved it into a jack o' lantern.

Minka said...

Doug, I have depth...and sometimes I get to display all four of them, in the same year. It makes for a nice family news-letter around Christmas :)

tsduff said...

Hallowed: the coffee pot

mireille said...

Yeah, that fearing longevity thing. Nothing a membership in the Hemlock Society won't cure. xoxo Happy Halloween, D!!

Cooper said...

Hallowed be our daughter Olivia - which is why we always went trick or treating with her.

I actually rarely did the trick or treat thing with or without parents.

Anonymous said...

HALLOWED, p. p. Called out. "You in there, Joe? Hallo ...?"

TLP said...

Right you are Actonbell! Rabbit rabbit. Another hallowed tradition is getting up while it's still morning.

Doug The Una said...

AP3, by intinction or submersion?

So does editing, Minka.

Terry, amen.

Mireille, I thought of that but the membership cards had no expiration date.

Well, Cooper, you're no wicked witch, I've heard it said.

Amen, ceremonially annoyed?

Rabbit, rabbit, Actonbell!

TLP, and giving blogsons grief is praiseworthy, too, Rabbit rabbit.