Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thinking Aloud

How do we measure an idea?
By whether it makes you wiser or freer?
By echoes rung from mumbling lips?
By boats afloat on questing trips?
By whether it can start a war?
By poetry and metaphor?
By destruction of our walls and fences,
Or inflation of pretenses?
By orators who take up the cause
And promulgation of new laws?
By if it gives your spirit wings
Or your pocket cash to spend on things?
Whatever thought quickens your blood,
If it gets through Congress, it's a dud.

FIRST PRINCIPLE, n.  An Afterthought.


Unknown said...

*thinking aloud*


Jamie Dawn said...

Nothing gets through Congress these days.
I'd be willing to throw the whole lot out and start fresh. Even the few good ones should be tossed since they've been contaminated.

About how to measure a good idea... if it still sounds good after one is sober or has had a good night's rest, then maybe the idea has merit.

First Principle: basic nonsense

Minka said...

First principle: A decent firecracker

Every idea starts with a big bang, followed by a whole lot of crap...usually on two legs!

Anonymous said...

to paraphrase Groucho Marx:

"That's my first principle... if you don't like it, I've got more."

*thinking aloud* hmmm... did i miss yesterday's post? damn, i swear, i'd probably lose my damn head if it wasn't attached to my own neck. d'oh! ; )

veri = "nnuff" ~ a'yup, 'nuff said.

Mother Theresa said...

First Principle: The guy who's above the second principle. Kind of like first and second clarinet.

Just feeling silly today. :)

TLP said...

Good poem. Good question.

First principle should be "do as little harm as possible."

Most often an idea is judged by who it was who had the idea. For example, if say, G.W. Bush ever had an idea, I would just assume that it was a bad one. But I really should have given an example that was possible.

Anonymous said...

FIRST PRINCIPLE n. 1.)words used to signal that the holder of said principle has standards and conducts his- or herself in an orderly manner. The first principle of this form of misdirection is to keep a straight face and speak with conviction.

tsduff said...

Excellent muse Doug. I read it approvingly until the very last line - I recoil from politics.

Doug The Una said...

Si, si SeƱorita!

Jamie Dawn, I want them et by wild beasts.

Minka, that's an artful metaphor and an ugly image. Well done.

Neva, you've got stuff on your mind and if you miss a post or two we're just gladder to see you when you show up.

Theresa, I like you silly.

TLP, he had smart ideas on immigration and the Dubai port purchase for two. I'm afraid the sad truth about our President is he can be smart and he can be staunch but not at the same time. I guess it's like chewing gum and walking.

Quilly, that definition should be in Webster-Merriam.

I know, crow. Sorry about the ending but that's where I start.

G said...

When I visited earlier, I thought it was too early for logic so I left, now I realize it's too late.

Hahaha to Neva's as that's one of my faves.

bfwadl: befwaddled? If it walks like a duck? Hey I'm on to something here.

Anonymous said...

FIRST PRINCIPLE, phr. Latest conclusion, based on the most recent opinion polls.

JD, you're right. So how come We the People keep electing incumbents?

WtP could always force a constitutional amendment compelling all elected members of Congress and the Executive if they don't pass an annual budget on time (which they haven't for, like, the last decade). Why haven't we?

It all comes back to the mirror, I'm afraid.

jvfaifu - so you don't like the Jehovah's Witnesses; behave yourself anyway.

Anonymous said...

that's "all members of Congress and the Executive to resign ..."

I need a proofreader.

The OE said...

How do we have an idea worth measuring?

Doug The Una said...

G, befwaddled is how I go through life.

Amoeba, a question: Why is it every time someone says "look in the mirror," it sounds like they're scolding?

Actonbell, a not idea is one that can pass both houses.

Beats me, OE, but I bet it won't rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Because they are, Dawg? Especially when we don't wanna look? 'Cause we might see?

"The Lord have mercy on me, a sinner ..."

Doug The Una said...

Ah, Amoeba. I guess that makes sense, then.