Thursday, March 20, 2008


CONCERT, n.  An entertainment for the humiliation of Baby by superior howling.

2008 Update:  A congress with Sousaphone.

OK, y'all.  I'm headed for Chicago.  See you all there, right?


Anonymous said...

con-cert - A breath mint for an inmate.

That was bad, wasn't it?

TLP said...

I loved it Poobah!

Doug will be in concert with other bloggers. They are lucky. But then, so is he.

Unknown said...

off to chicago? the dawg is conning us certtainly

now this is whats called bad, poo

inwtr: drowning

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Chicago...say Hi!!!for me.

Jamie Dawn said...

Poobah's "con-cert" is FUNNY!!

Concert: Comfort or pain for the ears. Sometimes a mixture of both.

Have a SUPER terrific time meeting up with blog buddies!! I wish you all great weather while you're there, and lots of laughs.

Anonymous said...

The symphony outside my window each morning put on by myna birds, Brazilian cardinals, doves, and bublbuls -- with the occasional peacock solo. (The evening show also includes the bleating of wild goats.)

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! That wasn't a poem! Wahh!

Wait! It's not too late!

As the sun rises the birds start to sing,
Greeting the morning sun.
Slowly I waken to greet the new day,
Wishing for a gun ....

Anonymous said...

CONCERT, n. The self-assuredness that the players need to pull off the sting. He's a music man ...

Have fun in Chicago. Speaking of con men. Beware the Mayor.

Ariel the Thief said...

The Devil in The White City?

Greetings to all!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Chicago. Sorry I couldn't make it.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in concert with each other

mireille said...

Have a wonderful time and think of me in Seattle writing checks for my back's copays. darnit. HAVE FUN EVERYBODY! xoxo

Jim said...

Bon Voyage, Gute reise!

Guess I didn't make it, huh? Somebody else can have my bed, just tell people it isn't me in it.

Doug The Una said...

Poobah, like many of your comments here, it was bad in a good way.

TLP, Doug will be in concert with Terry and her bear. That feels fortunate but I'll let you knpw.

Karma, Chicago is a Potowatamie word meaning "onion field." Slightly different odor entirely.

Thanks, Mo'a. Will do, gladly. Too bad you couldn't make it, I'll have to commission Terry to make art.

JD, its supposed to snow which is my idea of fine weather. The outward expression of inner peace and by "peace" I mean frostiness. I agree with your definition of concert.

Quilly, I think you just replaced The Second Coming as my favorite poem.

Amoeba, I've hidden my wallet and put on a hammer-proof kneepad. Any other suggestions? He might try to green me.

Ariel, yes!

Actonbell, would you believe I forgot my camera? Nonetheless, that''s a great idea.

Me too, Jenn, you could have translated. Chicago is Canada on 40 acres.

Thanks, Pia. Wish you were here.

Thanks, Mireille. That's just the image to start a party. I bet we can have that much fun or more.

Merci and Danke Schön, Jim. Maybe the next one will be in Waterloo, Iowa. It won't be in Texas.

tsduff said...

Concert: Coyotes in the moonlight

*taps foot in Chicago: "Where's that Beagle? It's our bedtime"...hums some Chicago blues to herself...

Ariel the Thief said...

*hands Terry her accordion and starts dancing to the music* We can make some money while waiting!

Doug The Una said...

Terry, glad I finally showed up.

Ariel, I won't ask.