Tuesday, March 18, 2008


CUNNING, n. The faculty that distinguishes a weak animal or person from a strong one. It brings its possessor much mental satisfaction and great material adversity. An Italian proverb says: "The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses."

2008 update:  The insight inborn in an orphan leading to the breast of a wolf.


Jamie Dawn said...

Your definition cracks me up!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Cunning: Taylor uses this skill when he's able to get me to change my mind after I've said no. It is cunning on his part and wussiness on mine.

TLP said...

Cunning: It can get you both skins and asses, depending on what you want.

Anonymous said...

CUNNING, adj. Code language instructing parents not to skimp on a child's education, 'cause it sure as hell ain't gonna get by on looks.

Anonymous said...


Breathtaking beauty,
Sparkling wit,
Hands soft and reaching
For all they can get.

She says forever,
But means just tonight,
Be sure to hide your wallet,
Before turning out the light.

Doug The Una said...

JD, that's good all-American parenting.

TLP, how 'bout a plate of ribs?

Amoeba, that explained a lot. I think I'll sleep better.

Quilly, great advice late in coming.

Minka said...

cunning,n. foxyness with a layer of sugar, maybe a cherry on top!

Jim said...

Cunning: Similar to scheming or conniving, but most alway done by "small people." I.e. 'she's a cunning little devil' or 'he's a cunning little runt.'
(There is also a pretty well known vulgar pun we learned in high school that I won't print here.)

mireille said...

Quilly! (and was she wearing perfume?) Uh oh, should we be concerned she's a she? Are there cunning Lotharios? xoxo

Hobbes said...

A quality with only depths: there is no high cunning, only low.

Anonymous said...

For Mireille --


Suited, pressed, combed and shaved,
With a wink and a leer at the ready,
Seeking a widow with a tear in her eye,
In need of a handsome "steady".

He'll be faithful, honest and true,
As long as her cash flows free,
But should the green stuff come to an end,
His love will cease to be.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, whipped cream always hides something rusted and sharp.

Jim, I have no idea which pun you're referring to.

Really, Miz Actonbell, bless your heart.

No, Mireille. Lotharios are as honest as sunshine.

Interesting, Hobbes. There's high dudgeon.

Quilly, what kind of monster...(super verse today)

Jim said...

Ok Doug, I have made an award to you of the "You Make The World A Better Place" award. Merle, my blogging buddy of Australia, gave this to me, I couldn't see that you had received this one.
The details are on my JIM'S LITTLE BLOG. I hope you like it.

Anonymous said...


A Dawg who insulted my verse,
Found it followed him then like a curse,
So he thought he'd make sweet,
And claim it quite neat,
But the problem just kept growing worse!

Ariel the Thief said...
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Ariel the Thief said...

Quilly, I too love your Cunning poems, you should write music for them! But who could sing it now that Johnny Cash is dead?

tsduff said...

From the Bear:
Cunning: A Bushism for truth.

I like this quote I like from William Blake says “If the lion was advised by the fox, he would be cunning.”

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I'm honored I'm sure. I'll be right by.

Quilly, I weep for a limerick like that. I never insulted your verse, but the entire pestilence of Haiku generally.

Ariel, Waylon Jennings left us, too. Springsteen?

Terry, tell the bear that a holy man like Bush should know better than to call the truth a trap. I look forward to hearing from him. The only problem with Blake is most of his wisdom is plagiarized from angels.

Cooper said...

Such a snob...;0

Cunning, your definition was quite interesting. I once read a story by Ray Bradbury - long time ago and can't remember the name of it or anything but in it th infant - then to child - was exactly that - cunning.