Thursday, March 06, 2008


EDUCATION, n.  That which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of of understanding.

2008 Update:  The daughter of the deities, Pomp and Pretense, and a popular consort at the dime-a-dance hall.  Coy muse to all who tout Kafka's Metamorphosis.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So tell me, Minnie, how is life on tenure?

EDUCATION, n. Ignorance wrapped in the pretty paper of campus life and peddled as Experience for upwards of $40,000 a year. See College of Hard Knocks.

Anonymous said...

Education is underrated in this country...everything seems to come from the bottom up.
Now if one is in academia that is a whole other story...see above.

Jamie Dawn said...

Education: a necessary evil

Most kids groan about doing their homework, but making lots of grooves in their brains is necessary for their betterment.
Education is groovy.
I crack myself up sometimes.

Learn something new today, Doug. Add another groove to your brain for your betterment. I shall do the same.
Education makes us less stupid.

G said...

Words stuffed in heads
Books to be read
Education that is earned
Teaches Wisdom can't be learned

or what Bierce said.

G said...

What would a definition of education be without Dr. Minnie Stator weighing in?

Jim said...

Education: I'll be with Dr. Minnie S part way today. I wouldn't say a sinecure for all in the profession, but yes, for many. That is sad.

Mrs. Jim and I have been in education for many years, she for over thirty years, me twenty-two on the state dole.
That is to say we both are retired from the schools, which in Texas means we lose a lot of our Social Security. Me a 25% loss, Mrs. James loses about 70% of what she has earned by contributions.

So neither of us was very adequately rewarded financially for our efforts to improve society on the state dole.

I have been in education practically all my life, one year of my five years in the Army, 17 years in Aerospace Engineering on the training side (before missions for NASA manned space, taught flight controllers and astronauts, then during missions operated either the 'Environmental Control' and 'Electrical Power' control center Flight Control console), then 22 years teaching business courses at San Jacinto College (Dr. Jim there).

None of this was a sinecure for me. Nor for Mrs. Jim.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let's not confuse education with the education system.

EDUCATION n. knowledge gained through application and experience.

EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM n. the agency responsible for creating artificial hoops, then teaching others when to jump through them, how high to jump, where to land. One also [theoretically] learns who to jump for and who it's safe to ignore.

The Old Mule said...

education: the harp of higher pay.

Ariel the Thief said...

Education, our world's trying to keep us away from the truth.

Glad to see you here tonight, Franz!

TLP said...

Love the Kafka-loving slam!

I ain't got no edgeycation, so I shouldn't oughta say nothing.

Doug The Una said...

Dr. Strator, go easy on the truth serum and please replace your wig.

Amoeba, that's actually a pretty low price for ignorance. Do they make it up on volume?

Mo'a, democracy is like that.

Jamie Dawn, do you recommend train wheels or ditchwitch for grooving?

G, it wouldn't exist I'm sure.

Jim, it isn't for everyone. Dr. Strator, above, is a fictional administrator and bane of professors.

Ms. Quilly, how high?

Mule, an earthly reward?

Ariel, that's only socialist countries, I'm pretty sure.

Actonbell, someone told me you have to not punt, but I wouldn't know.

TLP, that's actually kind of a tease at your youngest from me, so I'm especially grateful for your endorsement.

Alana said...

Something our country seems to have abandoned to ensure that No child is left behind.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Educashin??? Can I have the bubbil gum insted?

Anonymous said...

ha, ha
Leave the Kafka lovers alone.

tsduff said...

Anyone who used a jackdaw as his logo can't have been so bad.

I received a fine education on the cause and effect of electricity at the tender age of 5, when awaiting my mother in the department store dressing room I inserted a safety pin into the wall socket.

Doug The Una said...

Alana, becoming a parent is supposed to move you to the right, at least as far as Marx.

Boy, choose wisely. Only one will whiten your teeth.

Cooper, never! All that I love, loathe and am entirely indifferent to must be maltreated.

Terry, you suggest another definition. EDUCATION, n. The residue left by the evaporation of intelligence. For the logicians among us education:judgement::tablesalt:seawater.

Admin said...

Education is investment.

Anonymous said...

No doubt some disgruntled faculty member slipped me the truth serum! I do not wear a wig, but do assume, in all modesty, many hats.
I do not believe in tenure! But job security for administrators is, of course, a must. said...

There is an educational resource for Ambrose Bierce and free stream video of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge at:

Doug The Una said...

Mobashir, true. Not unlike real estate.

Dr. Strator, is hard to wear the incorrigible harpy hat one minute and the unrepentant gossip hat the next?

Thanks, Adamsmith, I do despise spam but kind of like your site.