Tuesday, March 11, 2008


NAMBY-PAMBY, adj.  Having the quality of magazine poetry.  (See FLUMMERY.)

2008 Update:  In the manner of a killer, caught without trousers.

And a happy birthday to Brer Mule.

Ah, and Ms. Jenn has another book out.  You can find it here.  Jenn's professional writing is highly recommended with the following exceptions: Children as well as the wholesome, godly, elect or elected, normal, patient, contagious, Governor of New York or anyone whose baby sister has the same first name as Ms. Howard and anyone whose computer is accessible to any of the preceding should exercise discretion.


Anonymous said...

First! She boldly proclaims, hoping it will still be true when she hits "post comment".

Anonymous said...

yeah, 'tis true, Q. Yer first. And not just in OC's book this morning.

namby-pamby: the language spoken by career politicians.

Anonymous said...

And you better believe it is a miracle that I am first since Blogger made me type the verifier THREE times!

NAMBY-PAMBY adj. a mealy-mouthed little whiner with delusions of grandeur and a persecution complex all rolled into one

see also: Tom Cruise

Hobbes said...

Caspar Milquetoast.

Anonymous said...

Namby pamby: the opposite of a certain Dawg of golden colors

Your comment cracked me up--had me choking and it wasn't even really funny :) The best type of humor

TLP said...

Namby-pamby is such a great word. Even if you didn't know the meaning, you would just know what it means.

For some reason Tammy Faye and Jimmy Baker came to mind when I read this word. Lordy, they could cry and repent in the most namby-pamby way.

Note to Quilly: this site has the most difficult word verifiers. I think Monika has it rigged. While we're trying to comment, she can slip in and be first. Guess she finally got bored. We're so easy to beat.

Doug The Una said...

Assertively done, Quilly.

Anonymous, even transient ones.

Quilly, examples can be found closer than that, I think. Further than your cohabitant, but closer than Cruise.

Hobbes, that's a great pseudonym.

Pia, we aims to please.

TLP, I suppose google attributes a level of literacy to the readers. Fools!

Anonymous said...

That is the best write up for me ever, Doug. Not a new book. It's the Scorpio book rereleased. Y'know, you're favourite bawdy tale.

Oosh and happy birthday to the Mule.

Namby-Pamby? What a namby-pamby word.

Anonymous said...

You'd best believe Q's first. And no namby-pamby. Even if her charges sometimes cause her to buzz her lips with her fingers ...

The Old Mule said...

jenn, you rock.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope Mule had a great b-day!!

Namby-Pamby: wussy, snivelin' yeller belly

Doug The Una said...

Jenn, I am to please. Maybe not the same way.

Amoeba, you could post a movie of that?

Happy birthday, Mule.

Actonbell, Namby Pamby people totally go to oz in tornadoes.

Excellent start to the list of synonyms, JD.

Cooper said...

Love the word, and though I used to describe my brother that way I never knew the history of the word.

"All ye poets of the age,
All ye witlings of the stage …
Namby-Pamby is your guide,
Albion's joy, Hibernia's pride.
Namby-Pamby, pilly-piss,
Rhimy-pim'd on Missy Miss
Tartaretta Tartaree
From the navel to the knee;
That her father's gracy grace
Might give him a placy place."

Anonymous said...


syn. Panty-Waist

Ariel the Thief said...

Happy Birthday, Old Mule! Boy, you'll be a man soon...

I have never met that word namby-pamby but I can tell the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty, if that matters.

Doug The Una said...

Cooper, where did you find that? It sounds like Blake on Helium.

Quilly, yes, yes a fine addition.

Ariel, that's everything!

Minka said...

1. Happy birthday old Mule
2. Congratulations, Jenn
3. Namby Pamby? I'd rather not elaborate on that!

Hobbes said...

You did know Milquetoast was a comic strip character, right Doug?

Doug The Una said...

Minka, well summarized.

Hobbes, no but I knew it sounded vaguely familiar.