Monday, April 07, 2008


SATYR, n. One of the few characters of the Grecian mythology accorded recognition in the Hebrew. (Leviticus, xvii, 7.) The satyr was at first a member of the dissolute community acknowledging a loose allegiance with Dionysius, but underwent many transformations and improvements. Not infrequently he is confounded with the faun, a later and decenter creation of the Romans, who was less like a man and more like a goat.

2008 Update: A creature with a man's head propelled by a horse's rump, but mythical.

Happy 4/7 (birthday) to Sar, wherever she's steppin'. 

Icy found a video recording of Jamie Dawn and Courtney recording Saturday's post.


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm rushing over to Icy's to see this video!!

Have a good day!
I hope you see a Satyr or two.

Anonymous said...

Satyr lives at our house. Come visit. Try to carry on a conversation with us .... remember, the Dudes live here. (And if you've missed them lately, they're now playing at OC's.

Unknown said...

Douglas, i haven't been able to access ANY blogger site since the last several weeks, so dashing this off quickly just to let you know i'm alive. do you still love me?

hip-hop-happening birthday SIS

iqssw: awesome intelligence

Ariel the Thief said...

Satyr, nymph shepherd.

That video is hilarious. I'm still in tears.

Happy Birthday, Sar!

Kyahgirl said...

every creature has his day...this guy has satyrday. :-)

Happy birthday Sar...wherever you are!

TLP said...

Mythical? I think not.

SATYR: Just another guy.

Happy birthday to the stilleto, may she be happy whatever it is that she's doing.

Nessa said...

I agree with TLP, which comes as no surprise, I'm sure; D

Anonymous said...

I bet many centaurs think satyrs are a bunch of horses' patoots.

Sar said...

Happy 4~7 everyone!

And thanks for the kind birthday wishes, Doug & blogger buddies.

Satyrs: Moi minus those pesky extra letters tys.

(yeah that was terrible, but it's been awhile and a half and I'm outta practice here!) :)

Anonymous said...

"Hey, dude!"

"What?!? Haven't you caused enough trouble already today?"

"Same as you, dude. But this time I've got the question. I thought satyrs were Greek. What the, er, heck were they doing in the Middle East?"

"Nice save, dude. But hey, even the Hebrews didn't live on stone tablets alone. They had ta party sometime. If that's too hairy for you, just leave them out. You'll never myth them."




Anonymous said...

i am still with unicorns and funnel cake...guess things have not changed much,still quite a few "horse's-a*s" out there in many a form.Peace Always

Tom & Icy said...

What really happened to Sar? The picture is on

Cooper said...

I know many a Satyr, as described by you, so yea.

Glad to see Sar still has her shoe going on.

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn, no satyrs but a siren and an anime chipmunk.

Quilly, I suppose living in a home with a creature having the head of a botanist head with a dude on either side where the ears should be and a horn for a nose must prepare you for all manner of mythology.

Karma, of course. It seems a lot of people have been having that problem or claiming to.

Ariel, Nymph Shepherd is what I wish I'd come up with.

Kyah, I bet you've been painting.

TLP, I beg your pardon. I just kicked my stall.

Nope, Nessa. No surprise.

Weirsdo, that probably is what Chiron taught Jason.

Happy birthday, Sar.

Amoeba, I agree with Dude.

Bear, you can tell them by the trail they leave where you graze.

Icy, that takes me back to the early days of blogging. '05?

Cooper, I'm sure my description is an accurate self-portrait.

tsduff said...

So, does that make you mythical? I thought you had the head of a beagle.

Doug The Una said...

Terry, I'm as real as any dog-faced boy ever.