Friday, April 11, 2008


SHAME, n.  That men whose talents are worth nothing in the open market should be paid eight dollars a day for confusing legislation in Sacramento.

2008 Update:  The rock remaining after the soul's assay which is offered to the famished instead of bread.


TLP said...

It's a shame to be first, with nothing to say.

TLP said...

Except that it's a d*mn shame that we can't pay those guys as little as $8 a day now! Heck I'd be willing to pay them that much to just go away.

Nessa said...

I hang my head in shame that I have nothing pithy to contribute.

Anonymous said...

The soul has an a$s? That explains it! You see, every time I feel ashamed and embarrassed I look over my shoulder and my physical a$s is there, duly covered.

Does any one have a pattern for britches for the soul?

Ariel the Thief said...

Shame, only what others come to know.

Jamie Dawn said...

Bierce's definition shows that politics haven't changed much.
What a SHAME.
What a SHAM.
Hard work they CLAIM.
Most don't give a DAMN.
Hungry for power and FAME.
They get us into JAM after JAM.
It's time to elect a LAMB.

LAMBCHOP for president!!!


Doug The Una said...

TLP. there is no shame in having nothing to say, only in silence.

There, there, Nessa. Necks are for hanging.

Quilly, your theology is over my head. I think I'll call it my halo.

Ariel, that was a pretty thiefly response.

JD, Where can I donate?

G said...

Quilly, if I dug deeply, I am sure I have such a pattern. Of course, my shame is that I don't sew!

tsduff said...

Such a shame to be sitting here inside on such a fabulous day. Truly.

G - we shall sit in the same corner together and ponder our unsewn seams.

Anonymous said...

SHAME, n. That and Quilly and you folks are about all I have left in the world.

Anonymous said...

shame: plenty of that going around in pennsyltucky this week, from the elected official (now formerly) who was discovered to own 100's of video's of his gay encounters with prostitutes to the NYC cop who was busted after robbing a bank in Berks County to the high school kids who were tossed from their h.s. track team for tossing their bananas (but thankfully not their lunches) out of bus windows onto passing cars to cheerleaders beating a girl senseless to gw still being in the oval office.

Plenty of shame to go arount.

I should have followed tlp's example and simply stated "it's a shame to be last, with nothing to say."

Shame I didn't think of that.

Anonymous said...

Shame--legacy of two Bush administrations......Shave--policy of government to take our (we the people) money,via taxes and fees,returning two cents to us,giving the other ninety-eight cents to corporate america,,,in france-let them eat cake......Scientific Method--the earth is Flat,END of Discussion!!! Self-Esteem--result of over-inflated ego,that gives us the worst leaders money can buy......Happy Friday Sir !!!,darn got a little behind,but up to date now...Peace/Blessings/Prosperity

Anonymous said...

Shame: Desecration of the human spirit! Thankfully obsolete.

Tom & Icy said...

Us dogs know no shame. Only disapproval.

Minka said...

shame,n. I just took the last piece of chocolate, fully aware it was the last piece.
If the incentive is too big, we can only claim humanity...if HE would have wanted it otherwise, he should never have made taste buds on day 7!
*goes off to clean face*

Doug The Una said...

g, and you call yourself a wife and mother?

Terry, Jesus wore a seamless garment.

Amoeba, then you are rich indeed, or at least in poetry.

Sauerkraut, why don't I hear about these things?

Happy Friday, Bear! I guess it's my honor to receive this week's rant. I'm ready to talk farm bill when next we meet.

Dr. Strator, that's what administrators are for.

Icy, that was just brilliant and true. Good girl!

Minka, someone has to get the last piece. The shame is on whoever took the first. That was you too, wasn't it?

G said...

Shhh! My MIL can't be far off :)

Doug The Una said...

g, she's under the bed.