Thursday, May 01, 2008


LONGANIMITY, n.  The disposition to endure injury with meek forebearance while maturing a plan of revenge.

2008 Update:  A preference for mild suffering over furious impotence.

Rabbit, rabbit!


javajazz said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, Doggit...
ps did you make up that word?

javajazz said...

well, it's just that it reminds me
of an Ogden Nash word...
(he used to make them up
to suit his poetic needs)

Minka said...

longanimity,n. a downtrodden soul that stumbled upon Luke 6:29 when looking for something to throw with

Hase, hase curmudgeon!

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

G said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

So long as the suffering doesn't have to be silent, okay?

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

Am not going to touch the words "furious impotence." I shall behave.

Jim said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Longanimity: Be ye endowed with these Godly qualities such as “longanimity,” “mercy,” and “compassion.”

Longanimity: If you can't be endowed with them, then strive for “longanimity,” “mercy,” and “compassion” qualities in your life.
Best I could come up with the help of Google, please have some Longanimity on me today.

Unknown said...

Longanimity, n. A bitter mineral salt, chemically related to MgSO4. Once mined in great quantity, but increasingly rare and subject to supply shortages, esp. in developed nations.

TLP said...

Longanimity: I ain't got none.

Doug said...

No, JJ, but I looked it up. Rabbit rabbit.

Hase Hase, Minka. It's always disappointing when that verse falls out at the wrong time.

Rabbit rabbit, Sis.

G, I understand parents better than that.

Jenn, it must be killing you, meekly.

Thanks, Jim. I am endowed with other heaven-sent qualities and among these are mortality, indifference and strong teeth.

a4g, Magnesium sulfate? Epsom salt? You're well over my head.

TLP, you're young yet.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

tsduff said...

Man, I left a comment but I see that blogger swallowed it whole. It's getting hard to maintain this stiff upper lip.

Rabbit Rabbit

Unknown said...

Longinamity, n. The sad plight of the misunderstood neologist.

Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit. I get confused with long words that start with long.

actonbell said...

I'm with you, Tom. I can't seem to pronounce it properly.

Rabbit, rabbit again, on the proper day.

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit, Ariel!

Terry, the verifier isn't always "caw."

a4g, you take it well, though.

Icy, if they didn't start that way, how would you know they were long words?

Rabbit rabbit, A-bell.

Anonymous said...

Oay, this word is too hard and I don't believe in luck so there's no point in my saying the rabbit, rabbit thingy, so I just can't leave a comment here today. I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Doug,with his renown longanimity, will handle it well.

Anonymous said...

... love the way that word rolls off the tongue, almost like some greek surnames do.

makes me think of a dog I once knew. he had a cruel master and one day, after years of beatings, the poor soul took a righteous bite out of the man.

don't ask me how he ended up at my house, but he seems happy enough. even if he does mark his territory all over the place. in the house.

Anonymous said...

seemed, did, whatevah. he never planned any revenge on us.

Doug said...

Quill, take the day off.

Cooper, Waah.

Sauerkraut, sounds to me like he took his revenge already. Small crimes provoke damp punishment.