Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Final Canto

The final episode, read by a rogue horse of faith.  Click on John Henry to hear.

Or click on the Armies of The Beasties to read along.  I have no idea what, if anything, will appear in this space next week but I got five dollars says it won't rhyme.


TLP said...

It was great Doug! "And finally to bite, admonish and beat him." Like any good parents would.

I have a suggestion for next week: Start telling us all about your adventures in loveland.

Jamie Dawn said...

And everbody said... AMEN!!

All that talk of submission made me feel like I need to become a more liberated woman.

Well done, Douglas! This poetic series could be a college course and be studied. Very fine writing indeed.

Maybe you'll go back to telling us some stories about yourself. I enjoyed those tidbits when you used to tell us of your own life adventures. Stories such as found Bibles hidden under mattresses and stuff like that would be most welcomed and enjoyed.


tsduff said...

It is always a treat to be read to by the author. I can well picture John Henry.

Ha ha TLP - this should be interesting... loveland indeed.

Tom & Icy said...

That Onionville Chronicles always make me cry. I guess you are going to move up to the next level. I'll be in suspense all week waiting to see. Loveland? That must be like purgatory, almost an angel but not quite a devil.

Doug The Una said...

Huzzah, Ariel!

TLP, is that near Finland?

Gee whiz, Actonbell. Can a blank sheet shine?

Thanks, JD. That's my last story for when I meet bloggers in person.

Terry, you and I know perfectly well that won't happen.

Icy, it's better to read them under water.

TLP said...

"TLP, is that near Finland?" It is if you want it to be. Do tell.

Anonymous said...

I have much enjoyed the adventures of John Henry and his supporting cast. Whatever you share next, I am certain we will enjoy it. I await with anticipation.

G said...

I join the ranks knowing that whether it rhymes or not, it'll be a good listen &/or read. Well done series.

javajazz said...

"Side by side with her Priest,
in service ‘til interred"...
well, that's kind of sweet.
i just realized the saturday
cantos have taken us
right through the winter
summer and fall.
beautiful work, Doglas.
thank you.
John Henry is a lovely,
gentle soul.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, as far as the internet ever needs to know, I'm a eunuch ascetic (though a chubby one.)

Thanks, Quilly. Hopefully you won't be waiting too long.

Thanks, G.

And thank you, Lisa. John Henry was based on an actual horse who did not share his religion with me but was big and gentle.

javajazz said...

i do remember you mentioning
he was a real live horse, and so
when i was getting to understand
him better in order to read one
of the cantos, i actually found
him and his beautiful
companion/trainer tucked
away in the cybercosmos...
and they were both, indeed,
gentle sensitive beings...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work for free. ;)

I'll wait impatiently for the next round.

Doug The Una said...

One of whom still eats children, JJ.

Cooper, to paraphrase Kris Kristofferson, free is just another word for nobody to charge.

javajazz said...

i knew there was a reason
i loved you.