Monday, September 01, 2008


HOVEL, n. The fruit of a flower called the Palace.
Twaddle had a hovel,
Twiddle had a palace;
Twaddle said: "I'll grovel
Or he'll think I bear him malice" —
A sentiment as novel
As a castor on a chalice.

Down upon the middle
Of his legs fell Twaddle
And astonished Mr. Twiddle,
Who began to lift his noddle.
Feed upon the fiddle-
Faddle flummery, unswaddle
A new-born self-sufficiency and think himself a [mockery.]
2008 Update: The childhood home of a captain of industry, the current home of his or her spouse and the future home of his or her children.

Rabbit, rabbit


Lila said...

Rabbit, Rabbit! FIRST!

Jim said...

“rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit”

Hovel: Have you seen pictures of my birthplace? It is now home to vagrants and racoons.
and on these blog postings:

Hovel: We came home to our present hovel from 'shore leave' (liberty) early because of Gustav.

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit!

Hovel: a place in which you live if you make less than 5 million a year.

TLP said...

Back from checking out Jim's links. Definitely worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

HOVEL, n. The beautiful, bountiful home of tomorrow, accessible only by hovelcraft.

Say what?

Oh well. Rabbit, rabbit, y'all. (I had to bring that post back. I just had to!

Anonymous said...

Beach houses on Oahu -- most made of cardboard, twine and plastic sheeting -- little grass shacks being too expensive for the average hourly wage earner. Rabbit, rabbit lest that be me.

Tom & Icy said...

well, fiddle faddle rabbit rabbit.

javajazz said...

rabbit rabbit, doggit.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rbbit rabbit!

Jamie Dawn said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!!!!
Good luck in September is now assured.

Hovel: the humble abode of crones
Palace: the non-humble abode of spruced-up crones


Anonymous said...

Something the Eskimos build with the help of a shovel.

rabbit ....hell, it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Bulldozable blot waiting for replacement by mcmansion. Harbinger of progress.

Indeterminacy said...

I looked up the etymology of hovel and it seems to come from 15th century Middle English.

If you're going to live in a hovel, you might at least have a nobel etymology.

Doug said...

Rabbit, rabbit sisters. Actonbell, this blog is as close to random as the human mind will allow these days.

Jim, those were terrific photos of a nice old farmhouse. Makes me wish I were a raccoon.

TLP, those poor people!

I like "hovelcraft," Amoeba. No one does global warming humor like you do.


Rabbit, rabbit, Quilly. Here in Santa Clarita we piggies can still afford houses made of sticks.

Rabbitses, Ice.

Rbbít Räbbit, Ariel.

Excellent definitions, Jamie Dawn. Good luck, Madame.

Ha, Cooper. A shovel hovel.

A beaver mansion, Weirsdo?

Indy, that, if anything, is what this blog is about.

javajazz said...

T, D.

tsduff said...


A hovel - I've seen some - I lack the wit to make jokes about it but a whole lot of folks have to live in one. Some are cardboard, or even metal or wood; after coming back home from visiting Albania I was appalled at my own opulent housing as compared to theirs.

tsduff said...

oh - and tibbar tibbar. I'm late.