Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Neun
To hear this week's story, click on Elizabethkirche on your right.

To read this week's part, come the castle.

This week in The Prattler, Low Batteries.


Nessa said...

How do I make The Prattler feed accepted in my Google Reader?

Nessa said...

Very nice reading. Very Germanesque and deep.

Those old Gothic churches can inspire devotion in any heathen.

Doug: I love your turn of phrase (I could decide how to make it plural.)

Tom & Icy said...

I can just imagine a farmer working in a three piece suit.

Minka said...

Nice reading, very nice reading. One of my favourite episodes to date.
"Pious as a pew"...if that's a saying in your country I think it is great...if that is something you came up with: brilliant!

Love the Marburg pictures and it's majestic description!

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit! I have to come back later to read/listen.

javajazz said...

rarebit rarebit, Doggie...
hope all is well
in your world...xo

Minka said...

Hase, hase and Kanina, kanina!

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, I have no idea how to make the Prattler open in google reader. I tried myself and failed. iWeb has this cool automatic RSS feature which also seems not to work. Alas alas. And thank you.

Icy, they do more and more nowadays.

A silver lining indeed, Actonbell.

Thanks, Minka. As far as I know, "pious as a pew" is original but it doesn't seem original.

Rabbit rabbit, Sis. Listen as time allows. Time doesn't always allow.

Rabbit rabbit, JJ. Things feel like they're grand here, thanks, which is as good as it gets. Hope they feel well by you, too.

Hase hase, Pinguin Pinguin.

Rabbit rabbit, Actonbell. Home is where you're never late.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Lila said...

"Pious as a pew" -- I love it!

Great reading.

Anonymous said...


A true conspiracy against "The Prattler" from Google. Doug has not burned a Google feed or burned any feed that I can tell so you can't add it too the reader. I've tried. You have to add him to a google home page,and you will get the feed.
The only open esophagus had me.

tsduff said...

I didn't know a pew could be pious - rather only the rears and knees which frequent it.

Your pictures are fabulous - but hearing you read was the best part. You make it such fun.

Anonymous said...

i read today vs listened yesterday-enjoyed-Peace

Anonymous said...

I assumed, Doug, you meant "trachea" and thought no more about it. Unless the good people of Marburg in the 16th century were dipteriphagous. Which, come to think of it, might have represented a square meal for that boy in the stable.

Doug The Una said...

Rabbit rabbit, Ariel!

Thanks, Reverend Sis.

Cooper, this burning you speak does one accomplish it? Cooper, I got stuck between "open esophagus" and "bare larynx." I mean I was stuck for a week, which is why I did the recording.

Terry, a pew is made pious by the sanctified butts that rest on it.

I'm glad, Bear, thanks. Peace be unto you.

Oh, heck, Amoeba. See my response to Cooper above. Would that have been better? "Uncovered Uvulae?" "Target-ready tonsils?"

Jamie Dawn said...

That accessible esophagus line cracked me up!!

It's good to be back in Blogdom.