Tuesday, February 03, 2009


BODY-SNATCHER, n. A robber of grave-worms. One who supplies the young physicians with that with which the old physicians have supplied the undertaker. The hyena.
"One night," a doctor said, "last fall,
I and my comrades, four in all,
When visiting a graveyard stood
Within the shadow of a wall.

"While waiting for the moon to sink
We saw a wild hyena slink
About a new-made grave, and then
Begin to excavate its brink!

"Shocked by the horrid act, we made
A sally from our ambuscade,
And, falling on the unholy beast,
Dispatched him with a pick and spade."
—Bettel K. Jhones
2009 Update: The ghoul that adds disinterment to the sequence of disappointments. 


Hobbes said...

Communist metaphor in original movie; goofy eyeball rolling in remake.

Tom & Icy said...

"I ain't got nobody..." sang the invisible man.

Anonymous said...

Oh good....horror movie stuff.

-picks up her Jane Austen-

TLP said...

Answer to the song, Is That All There Is?

See final disappointment.

Anonymous said...

BODY-SNATCHER, n. Your fate when you check the organ donor box on your driver's license. Your fate when you don't.

St. Peter: What the hell happened to you?

New arrival: Well, my liver went to an alcoholic movie star; my heart to a captain of industry who was, er, somewhat bigger than average; my eyes ...

St. Peter: Never mind, I get the picture. Gabriel, we've got another one. Take down the parts list; we'll have to negotiate another exchance with Lucifer. Meanwhile, get Mince here to the clinic for temporaries.

Logophile said...

A frequent guest star on television detective shows, rarely seen in real life...just like all the other TV drama regulars.

Jim said...

Body-Snatcher: Body snatching is a felony in Texas. So is stealing from a body or stealing body parts.
[We still hang horse theives-NOT.]

Anonymous said...

BODY SNATCHER n. the internet. IT snatches my body away from cooking and cleaning and even getting ready for work ....

Jamie Dawn said...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers has been made into at least four movies... and I've seen all of them. When someone takes a nap, I always check in on them to see if they are being replicated.
So far, I think I'm still the original Jamie Dawn. The aliens do not have much emotion, and I am one who likes to laugh a lot, so I'm still human... or else an unusually jovial alien.


Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Tom! (I love that song.)

Doug, it is a great definition. Although, humans work hard for their daily disappointment, too. Nice to see. :-P

Anonymous said...

Nice definition.

I admit to never knowing the Stevenson's "The Body Snatcher" until after seeing "The Body Snatcher" with Boris Karloff and Lugosi late one night - some time in college. I on;y knew of Finney's series and all the films made after it.

The Old Mule said...

Body Snatcher: A well run funeral home.

G said...

What I'll feel the victim of if I don't get to bed. Ah, what are lattes for?

Anonymous said...

body-snatchers---hard to tell the difference between CIA and criminal kidnapper...Peace

TLP said...

Someone snatched Doug's. I hate it when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug The Una said...

Hobbes, eyeball rolling is at least as clever as communist metaphor.

"I see," answered the blind one.

Good choice, Jenn. Werewolf romance is probably better than ghoul.

Life after life in the belly of a thief, TLP. Ever so much richer.

Funny, Amoeba. Is Mince a reference I didn't get, though? Or a nickname like "Lefty?"

Hey, Logo. I wasn't sure you weren't grabbed yourself.

How about opening an umbrella indoors, Jim?

Quilly, it's a fine line between an internet connection and ADHD.

Jamie Dawn, I would not have mistaken you for a pod person. I've seen them all, too. My favorites are the Donald Sutherland one which was the first I saw and the one with Gabriella Anwar, which was idiotic but she's pretty.

Ariel, it's why we get up in the morning until we don't.

Cooper, that sound s interesting. I'll try to rent it.

Actonbell, they might have mistaken him for Kurt Vonnegut.

Hey, Mule! Or an efficient ambulance service.

I actually don't know, G.

Bear, I suppose you can tell by waiting around the jailhouse and see who doesn't show up.

They only got half, TLP.

Anonymous said...

Werewolf romances are HOT. I know you're waiting for that one. I know.

Anonymous said...

Mincemeat, Doug. Or hamburger, if you're English ...

Anonymous said...

spent some quality time at humboldt courthouse recently..only wish that it was CIA and not EPD who snatched the scumbag...Blessings

G said...

Heh, heh - look who I'm asking.