Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A lighter dark

Troubles in a troubled mind
Silently might lead to crime,
In days of yore, forlorn and noir,
Or evanesce in a brawl-strewn bar.

The modern world's a softer place
Imperiled only with disgrace
Where violence, misery and grog
Can now be lumped up on a blog.

TROLL, n. Once a monster made of stone, now of sand.


Anonymous said...

troll-a bar game
troll-cute little dolls of the 70's

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny because it was the other day I was thinking about how this softer place made us even worse than before.


Unknown said...

Good one

pansi!!!!!! said...

Mr P-Doggy
I am stuk in the fore lorn darknesses of the NEVER WORLD! I see that you still have Mrs. Weirdso on your blog role even tho she is the one hoo sent me hear. Coud you see it in you're hart to put MY blog on you're blog role, just in case their is a rich and hansome prince out their waiting to rescue me from this horrable place? And I do not meen a FROG like Emrald marryed!!!!
Kiss kiss,

Minka said...

I believe it was Plato who maintained that we only needed an outlet to cleanse ourselves of human naturality. He suggested theater, you blogging... I am convinced that Chinese birth control policies would help!

Troll,n. a furry thing with a club designed to show man's true nature

Minka said...

I realize that naturality is not really a word...however, I lack a thesaurus....'cause the dinosaurs died out like way before i was born!

Jim said...

Well, I was planning on, after I figured out the dark light, to tell about the bright darkness that I don't understand either.
Then I saw it was all about softness. Don't you go getting too soft on us.

Troll, mine lives under a bridge in an old book I have with some billy goats. Mom could read that book to me really good.
If you are going to adjust your blog roll I would like to be there. I don't always read the weekend stories but I do show up regularly for your word lessons.
Jim's Little Blog
Thanks, (I've had you on mine for ages!)

quilly said...

TROLL n. a fisherman of a different sort.

Yesterday on Diamond Head Road was a fella standing beside the road waving his hand and showing off an array of money. He was trolling for a ride -- but not necessarily in a car.

Doug The Una said...

Peace, Bear.

Oh, I think it has, Ariel. I miss barroom brawls partly because those end, unlike online feuds.

Pansi, for you I will consider looking at my blogroll again. I think it hasn't changed in a couple years. Any day now.

Minka, language is meant to evolve. It's a naturality.

Jim, see the comment to Pansi. I actually thought I had added you before I stopped updating.

Boatride, Quilly?

Nessa said...

This poem reminds me of the man who was killed the other day because he spilled a beer at the sports bar in Philadelphia.

Hobbes said...

Pansi is waiting for her troll prince.

Ariel the Thief said...

Geez Nessa, is that true?

I think, Pansi is the only one can get away with calling you Mr P-Doggy, well, considering she is not quite alive, it is understandable...

weirsdo said...

Minka--Sure you don't mean Aristotle?

TLP said...

Troll: an ugly little thing looking for dates in bars.

Word verifier: trystess. I tried being stressed, but Tess is more fun.

Minka said...

weirsdo...I'd rather drink poison than than to admit defeat! LOL

it's all greek anyhow :)

well spotted, weirsdo!

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to comment at all. This blog is a mess.

Anonymous said...

one person's treasure,
could be
anothers' mess---
continue to hesitate,
continue to ponder
continue to wonder
may the dark light
lead you
to bright light

Karen said...

The only feud I've noticed is the one between weirsdo, Hobbes and Pansi.

cooper said...

troll(s): The bunch of dolls my mother bestowed upon me, from her collection of childhood memorabilia - since disposed of.Figures I don't come from a long line of Barbie collectors - sorry Pansi.

Loved the poem.

Yea, Bravenet is not exactly the cream of the crop in stat counters either......

Tom & Icy said...

what kind of book do i find another word for thesaurus

TLP said...

Out trolling late mister? The sun is up even on the wrong coast.

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, I hate to pass judgement on a stranger, but what did he think would happen?

She should look no further, Hobbes.

Try it, Ariel. I bet you get away fine.

Just can't stop home schooling, can you, Weirsdo?

TLP, you might like trystess the best.

It's all Greek to me, too, Minka. Like Iuvenal, for instance.

Anonymous, thank you for persevering.

Hurts my eyes, Bear.

And yet they eat from the same plate, Karen.

Cooper, the bottom of the barrel in stat counters serves my needs, I think. I'm in it for the funny search terms.

Try the yellow pages, Ice.

Thanks, A-bell.

TLP, I was out late at a community meeting about disability funding and practice. Payment for past sins.

Ariel the Thief said...

"even on the wrong coast" LOL TLP!!!!