Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Acht-und-Zwanzig
To hear this week's episode promenade past the Beech trees.

Or, to read this week's episode, scurry under oak.

The story so far is here.

Have a good week, y'all. Waking Ambrose will return, Insha'llah, on July 24.


TLP said...

Hoo boy! The plot thickens! I'm lovin' it.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, TLP. Glad you're enjoying it.

Jamie Dawn said...

If smiles could really lead to pregnancy, I'd be in real trouble. Good Lord! I'd have tons of kids by now, and I might be as disagreeable as that old crone, Frau Braun!!
Another excellent episode.


Enjoy your time away.

Jim said...

Hasta la vista, bon voyage!

If you are near Texas, give me a call or drop in.

Maybe I can catch up on this series while you are resting up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

my guess is that fra braun keeps breaking fence,just to keep the carpenter bend over---small village pleasures for the religious/married woman...some things do not change over the centuries..........Peace

Doug The Una said...

Male models still distract us all, Actonbell. Men of every orientation hope they're gay.

JD, that's absolutely true. But they'd be pretty children.

Gracias y merci, Jim. Texas isn't on my itinerary this time, but I'll sure look for you when it is. You'll be the one looks like Willie Nelson, right?

Bear, I expect you're right. Skal.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Doug---traveling about,off to a StJoseph Hospital in
hafnarfjordur today---damn late start.PEACE

Anonymous said...

ten drops of coffee(siminn-8497487)

Anonymous said...

i am sure that with fra braun stare,there is a bible in her hand
just in case,there is a human in her body....Peace

Mo'a said...

Have a great time Doug...hmmmm!!! I wonder where you will be vacationing this year.
Goda ferd. Eg vildi ad eg vaeri ad drekka 10 dropa af kaffi med ther og littlu saetu stulkuni.

Doug The Una said...

Howdy, Bear. See ya tomorrow, God willing and the fjord don't rise.

Thanks, A-bell.

Takk, Mo'a!

quilly said...

Oh! Oh-oh! Now i am ever so tempted to ask Dietrich, "Whose you're daddy?"

Cooper said...

It's coming along nicely.

How lovely not to have to write until...the 24th...yikes.

Minka said...

he lifted up his trouser legs to avoid the dust from the horse's hooves?
Might I much further the knight got, or did he take a leave of absence for a bit, to to the
alurement in the forests???

Everybody seems to be in the wrong place in this episode...Herr Braun should NOT be the one to bend over the fence!!! My EYES!

TLP said...

Mmmmm.....Minka, what have you seen that we didn't????

Minka said...

;) at TLP!!!

today is teh 20Th.
4 more days until you come back here, right?!

my word for today:

cactus, n. 'cause a sombrero needs a hat rack!

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, you'll get your chance soon.

Yikes indeed, Cooper. Yow, even.


TLP, not much lace, I wouldn't think.

Minka, how did you know I haven't shaved since Friday or so?

Unknown said...

*tap tap tap*

vayoned: sinking feeling when the dawg is away

Anonymous said...

heck,have not shaved
since ten drops

Doug The Una said...

Karma, you should talk, Missy.

Bear, I shaved this morning. In another 10 drops, I might again.

Minka said...

word for today:

outside: foreign parts

TLP said...

In less than 2 hours it will be July 24 on the east coast. Just sayin'.

BTW, please take note that we did not mess up the place in your absence like we did during some of your vacations. So....Souvenirs all around, right?

Ariel the Thief said...

TLP, this is 24 here since 7 hours and 14 minutes, I spent the morning looking for the souvenirs, I've already checked upstairs and behind the fridge, go outside and dig up the yard, we must find them!

Doug The Una said...

Rain in Reykjavik, Minka?

TLP, what's with all the empty bottles under the couch cushions? Where's my change?

Ariel the lop-eared bunnies and parrots must have got them. I should have known better than to leave them on a plate.