Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Sechs-und-Dreizig
To hear OC and Quilly read, click on the town of Wolfshausen*.
To read this week's episode, click on Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar.

The story so far is here.

*Photo courtesy of Horst Bierau, a photographer (also, scientist and new father) who grew up in Wolfshausen. I found Horst through the combined magic of Google and Flickr, and have enjoyed making his acquaintance this week. More good news, Wolfshausen is set just as I remembered it so the geography of the story so far makes sense (Full-size panorama of Wolfshausen here. The camera is placed in the widow Greulich's front yard, today's story begins in the draw at upper right.)

Horst was also kind enough to show me his excellent photo of this church (at right,) which was built in Wolfshausen in the 12th century and which makes it a little silly of Vater Karl to have decamped to Wolfshausen in 1519 and to have held his masses outdoors ever since. The old fool.

In any event, my appreciation to Herr Bierau for letting me use his photographs and my recommendation to you all to enjoy more of his photography at Thanks, Horst.


TLP said...

Jeez. The story's getting scary! Wonderful writing.

I must listen to it now.

BTW, you can see cars looking out of widow Greulich's window.
Beautiful photo. Talk about a panorama!

TLP said...

LOL. That OC.

Those guys know how to read a story!

Quilly said...

I highly approve of Jeremiah rocking the fiend to sleep with a real rock! That's a boy after my own heart!

k. riggs gardner said...

Horst Bierau's photography is stunning!

I highly approve of your narration, Quilly. Otherwise, I would have
been asleep since the fourth sentence. Sprich.

tsduff said...

WOW! That was fabulous! Great reading - and OC, I especially enjoyed the pig noise you did so expertly. Quilly, your reading was spot on.

Doug- I'm sure this is my favorite chapt so far. LOVED the photos - and Herr Bierau is an inspirational photographer.

quilly said...

TLP -- I would be interested to know how the cars got in widow Greulich's house so the could look out her window -- and how big is her living room anyway?! ;)

But thanks for the sweet words!

KAREN -- thanks, I practiced for 10 years on 5th graders before trying this here.

ARIEL -- you're gonna get your clothes dirty down there!

TERRY -- thanks. My head and my heart just grew ten sizes. I'm not going to tell you how many times OC practiced that pig sound, but there's a reason he sounds like an expert.

DOUG -- this was a fabulous chapter and we were privileged to read it.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I should have mentioned that Horst is younger than Vater Karl. And I agree, TLP. Quilly and OC are the Stiller and Meara of the blogosphere.

Quilly, he's a quick actor, isn't he?

Karen, I'm glad you have Quilly to keep you awake.

Ariel, I'm glad you have Karen for the same purpose.

Terry, he's good, isn't he? If you look through his photostream, he's had a photo published. The first of many, I reckon.

Quilly, thanks to you and your fella. I think the two of you could read parliamentary proceedings at a circus.

quilly said...

Doug -- thanks for the flattery, but I fear they'd set the lions on us.

Still, that might be funny because you know Amoeba would still insist on reading the lines "just right", even while running for his life.

Cooper said...

That ended way too soon.

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, don't you worry. I'm sure circus lions will recognize a couple of clowns.

Easy for you to say, Coop. You won't even read.

Jamie Dawn said...


Oh goodie! Dietrich is being called to be a hero!

My favorite line in this episode is "both on all fours." Great humor, as usual.

Why is it that after every episode, I always crave a BLT sandwich?


Minka said...

this story sure took a turn for the less clergical :)

David and Goliath....david had a stone too...stone is part of nature...God made nature...amen!

you can quote me on that, if you like.

Love Quilly and Oc and their readings. It occured to me that Oc could also make an excellent Professor Snape...and that is high honor in my opinion!