Thursday, September 10, 2009


IMPOSITION, n. The act of blessing or consecrating by the laying on of hands — a ceremony common to many ecclesiastical systems, but performed with the frankest sincerity by the sect known as Thieves.
"Lo! by the laying on of hands,"
Say parson, priest and dervise,
"We consecrate your cash and lands
To ecclesiastical service.
No doubt you'll swear till all is blue
At such an imposition. Do."
—Pollo Doncas
2009 Update: The explanation accompanying a request.


Jim said...

Imposition -- Lay it on me brother as long as you don't impose any thing new. Ha! The ever upward spiraling costs of governing with welfare.
(Dang! I might be first this morning. And I'm retired. Got to go to bed later so I can sleep in now and then.)

the amoeba said...

IMPOSITION, n. One conducive to neither recreation nor procreation.

In French, the word for tax is [un] impôt. At least they're up front about it. Unlike in these Untied States, where children in the public schools are led to believe that a tax is something that arrives in a taxi. Until it's too late.

pia said...

I love your definition
So Doug will you......I need it done badly and I need it now because I can't live unless you do it now. What? I explained it :)

TLP said...

Oh bother!

sauerkraut said...

religious missionaries ringing my doorbell during a nap. ...

Anonymous said...

where do i give

cooper said...

Whatever it is I know it is far worse when the imposer calls it a "tiny imposition".

I actually rad it as "inpostion", that I could have handled. And yes, I found out last week that it's not a word. ;)

Karen said...


You should do something about your cat's eyeballs and frightening grimace.

Could a veterinarian help?

Doug The Una said...

Jim, its no imposition to me.

Amoeba, in France its mostly impot.

Sure, Pia, probably. Submit a work request.

Indeed, TLP!

Absolutely, Actonbell. Twister is a violation of my rights as a citizen and a klutz.

Sauerkraut, that could be another example.

At the dispensary, Bear.

Cooper, it might not be a word, but it sure takes up space.

Karen, that brings a special kind of missionary.