Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Aesthete and the Chimpanzee, A Fable for Children

Once upon a time, an aesthete and a chimpanzee sat down for tea and a continental breakfast. In the course of the conversation, the topic of religion naturally arose. The aesthete argued passionately that the soul of religion itself is not faith but ritual. The chimpanzee listened intently until, perhaps bored with the lecture, she leapt onto the tea service and did a back-flip, demonstrating her intellectual elitism.

HAUTEUR, n. Speaker envy.


sauerkraut said...

Speakers and back-flips... yes, I sometimes wish I could double- and triple-speak like some of our national political leaders. That is until I remember that my soul has not yet reached the depths of those pits. For them and their arrogance, I have no pity.

(reminder to self: keep it light and whatever)

Jim said...

My speakers aren't so hauty now
that one of their members had to
be reglued. That's down to earth!
I read your fable to the
grandkids. They learned some
vocabulary today.

Anonymous said...

now was this an
aesthete chimpanzee
speaking with a peer
or a brit in the wilds
dr.livingstone i presume
engaging the jungle elite

for some ritual brings faith
(if you can call that faith)
tosses salt over shoulder
for others ,the faith, allows
for ritual to honor faith...
is one better then the other,
not is truly
how you live
your faith........

Bless Bless

Anonymous said...

so would not the
next question
to be asked
be simply
now is that
mafia style faith
each a separate entity ...
the trinity
allowing murder with a clean

did my best for Hauteur behavior

Peace always Doug

Anonymous said...

Go figure that the chimpanzee was of the female gender. :)

the amoeba said...

Now if that chimpanzee had then turned around and done a belly flop, she would likely have started a "Draft Bonzo For President 2012" campaign. Thereby imPalin some of the other candidates.

This post didn't have anything to do with inchworms, did it? ;)

quilly said...

HAUTEUR, n. the incredible talent of being able to look down one's nose even though it is tilted up.
SEE ALSO: domestic turkey

Cooper said...

Speaker envy, that is quite good Doug. A word more easily visualized than defined.

tsduff said...

Hauteur: I would venture a guess that it means nothing but basic "stuck-up-ness" which I know is not in the dictionary, but means tons.

Nessa said...

I would say commenting on this is beneath me but I must be heard.

Name That Christmas Song

Doug The Una said...

Sauerkraut, when I consider it, my intellectual agility is a spiritual blessing.

Jim, I'm happy to hear I could teach your grandkids something.

George, that was especially good free association today.

Thom, that's amore.

Amoeba, have you seen this?

Actonbell, there's always a risk. Left turn, Clyde.

Very good, Quilly!

Thanks, Coop. I'm glad you could see it.

Terry, it's a three-bit word for using three-bit words.

Sure, Nessa. If you just left the link I might mistake you for a spammer.

O. Wilde said...

I do hope there were cucumber sandwiches.