Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slow news day

When I want for aught to satirize,
There's always there my ears and eyes
To focus a spell on CNN
Disarm the mute and take it all in
As they present the petty and, worse-
This morning the anchor cracked wise in verse.

INCURSION, n. A tongue lapping at the mind.


Jim said...

Your anchor did good today until it cracked. I hope it holds or that you have another.

Just like the sea laps the beach! I do suppose it depends a lot on whose tongue it is as to how the mind will take that.

All the lawyer bashing yesterday, my, my. I do smile at lawyer jokes but I don't ROLMAO with any of them.

If I wrote too much I am not the first today to keep Doug happy.

Anonymous said...

i was able to stop the
incursion of fear
into the living room.
f-?news?,and friends
banned by the simple
act of
i get up and manually
push power off button

instant drop in blood pressure


Nicole said...

CNN can always be counted on
to give one either the creeps
or a good laugh in the morning.

They do have a few good programs
and I even miss them sometimes (we don't have Satellite here, but could get them in Hungary)

Nessa said...

Incursion: Sort of like a puppy kiss.

k. riggs gardner said...

Hola, Doug, Jim, Anon. y Nessa. ¿Cómo están todos esta tarde?

k. riggs gardner said...

Nicole, lo siento. Hola! Es agradable ver a ustedes hoy.

cooper said...

incursion: The first time commenting on Doug's blog.

Hobbes said...

The only thing worse would be a Faux News day.

sauerkraut said...

incursion: the teabagger knocking at my door, asking for a donation for something smaller.

quilly said...

I went job hunting today.

k. riggs gardner said...

I was going to be vulgar by mentioning commenter-masochism. But it seems I've already been trumped at the gaming table.

I'll just have to save that card for another day.

k. riggs gardner said...

Or did I mean sadistic-masochistic- commenters? No matter, either/or ... both are still vulgar.

Ariel the Thief said...

Incursion, how we founded the USA. You are welcome!

Anonymous said...

INCURSION: I bet Coakley is doing that

Tom & Icy said...

Tongue wagging the dog.

Doug The Una said...

RIght, Jim. It was a wordy Wednesday for me, too.

Bear, if we didn't have mute buttons we'd need a lot more explosives.

Nicole, that's exactly the right description. My first relief yesterday was to see that Rick Sanchez is gone from the morning show. He weighted things heavily in favor of creepy. By the way, if you get Al Jazeera English there, I think that's my favorite.

Nessa, blech.

Karen, aprendes castellano?

Not at all, Cooper. That was answering an invitation. Besides, it was long ago in your case.

Hobbes, those are pretty preventable.

Funny, Sauerkraut. A cause lesser than themselves?

Good luck with that, Quilly.

Karen, vagueness on the other hand, is very refined.

Haha, Ariel. I wondered why there were hot-dogok everywhere.

Thom, I'm glad not to know how she spent yesterday.


TLP said...

I. Am. So. Sick. of. CNN. And all other news.

Nicole said...

The TV is off at all times when I'm alone at home and thank goodness hubby leaves it off now too, unless he really watches it.
We should get Al Jazeera, but all news right now is some chanel from Dubai.
Not willing to get Satellite.
I get my news via the Internet.
Good enough and I can check what I want to look at and do NOT have to look at the creepy and sensational b***s*** :/

Doug The Una said...

You're wise not to bother with tv news, Nicole. I wasn't kidding that I pretty much only turn it on when I'm not ticked off and need to be.