Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Serpent and the Senator

Once upon a time, a serpent and a senator were sunning themselves beside a patch of hyacinths in a walled garden. The serpent was telling stories of his patriarch in the Garden of Eden when the Senator was outraged.
"He just gave them the apple?" the Senator bellowed, puffing on a pipe filled with dried populist.
"Yes," explained the serpent, curling cozily around the senator's elbow, "Of course. It was a trick so that his victims would rebel against God."
"And what," the senator asked, expelling two draughts of smoke that curved like horns, "did the couple do for your great-granddaddy after that?"
"Well," answered the serpent while repositioning his head atop the senator's soft thigh, "not much, to be honest. Mostly they went into exile and chased us with sticks."
The senator sat up slowly and petted the serpent in his lap, "that's my point!" The senator jabbed a finger aimlessly toward heaven. "You must have a purpose in mind to be sly. A quid pro quo! A cui bono! Nota bene-" Here, the senator lit a cigar filled with leaves of optimist from the heat of his pipe and blended the smokes in his mouth before gasping, "I would have hid the apple and denounced the tree of knowledge as barren and assured myself the votes of Adam and Eve as well as the worship of their descendants.

FAUSTIAN, adj. Filibuster-proof.


quilly said...

First? But the day is half gone! Ah, ha! The snake has beguiled everyone else into leaving.

No problem. I'll take what I can get!

TLP said...

Not a false note in your tale.

(Quilly, I don't think people blog from work so much anymore....)

Anonymous said...

So true so true.

FAUSTIAN: Health Care? Now What?

Tom & Icy said...

Hiss, I mean, woof!

Ariel the Thief said...

It could have been a nice tale if you'd used only words with "s" in them. :-P

Doug The Una said...

Quiet day. Were people scared off by the senator?

And what you got is the first comment.

TLP, then what do they do there?

Thom, I think we're finding the market for congressional souls undersupplied.

Oink, Icy.

Haha, Ariel. I got close, didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Indeed :)

k. riggs gardner said...

A patch of hyacinths in a walled garden. What a lovely picture. Hyacinths are known for their long lasting blooms.

Cooper said...



Officious/official: carrying a clipboard, or not.

Doug The Una said...

Ayup, Thom.

Karen, I did not know that.

Precisely, Coop.

Welcome BOSKREATION, and you're right, it isn't what they hold in their hand but how they hold their nose.

weirsdo said...

If only Adam or Eve had been more politic.