Thursday, November 04, 2010


DEFAULTER, n. An important officer in a bank, who commonly adds to his regular functions the duties of cashier.

2010 Update: A restitutionary revolutionary. The median American.


k. riggs gardner said...

"No comments yet."

Anonymous said...

Good Morning World
greetings Doug
bear & crow

redefined facts with fantasy

TLP said...

Here come da faulter, here come da faulter.

I find no fault here today. Yet.

Anonymous said...

belated Birthday Greeting
EAMON...Happy Three :-)

Nessa said...

Def Aulter is similar to Def Leppard only with a German accent.

tsduff said...

I was going to make an earthquake (fault) joke, but I was a defaulter.

Anonymous said...

once campaigning complete
many an elected official
embrace totalitarian

Peace starts with us

dance of the
political cocktail
social circuit

Ariel the Thief said...

The online dictionary doesn't have one word for "defaulter", it describes the person in a long list of miserable acts. May I add "someone who sits in one corner in panic in the Wolfeinstein game and refuses to take one step in fear of pigheaded soldiers".

k. riggs gardner said...

Where's Jim Nast?

k. riggs gardner said...

Tan Lucy Pez!

Will you please control your 47-year-old daughter? She's over commenting again!

Jim said...

I'm having trouble with Bierce today. I will have more trouble with 'defenceless' tomorrow.

Perhaps de faulter is defenceless.

Jim Nast, Esq. said...

Restitutionary or disgorgement damages

In certain areas of the law another head of damages has long been available, whereby the defendant is made to give up the profits made through the civil wrong in restitution.
Doyle and Wright define restitutionary damages as being a monetary remedy that is measured according to the defendant's gain rather than the plaintiff's loss.
The plaintiff thereby gains damages which are not measured by reference to any loss sustained. In some areas of the law this heading of damages is uncontroversial; most particularly intellectual property rights and breach of fiduciary relationship.

cooper said...

defaulter, n.

The person who goes around filling the gaps in the earth to help prevent earthquakes?

Jim said...

Cooper, I have a pry bar for you that I made in high school ag shop if that would be of help.

Doug The Una said...

Not yet.

Fair travels, bear and crow.

TLP, it'll be along.

Thanks, Anonymous. Nothing to make the heart warm like an unidentified stranger sending an smile to a three year old.

Nessa, I kind of think Def Leppard ought to be touring as Die Älter.

Fell flat, huh, Terry?

Howdy, A-bell!

That;s ok, Bear. I'm against gluttony until I'm at the table.

Hahaha, Ariel. I played the first version of the game and mostly tried to make words out of whatever the guards were saying.

Don't know who you mean, Karen.

Actonbell, just the sort we need playing video games.

OK, in case anyone's fooled, I'm pretty sure the second "Jim" is Karen. K, if you want to trick us, you need to include the picture and better to link to his Blogger profile than his page.

Oh, ok, Karen. Now I sorta know who Jim Nast isish.

Cooper, that's a freemason.

Jim, my dad keeps my brother's grill he made in shop class.

Nessa said...

I love it when you get my corny vague jokes.

Anonymous said...



ESTOPPEL, n. In law, the kind of stopple with which a man is corked up with his plea inside him.

2010 Update: A legal assumption that what a man has said he can be presumed to have meant, providing unamendable evidence that justice is blind.