Thursday, March 03, 2005


Ghoul, n. A demon addicted to the reprehensible habit of devouring the dead. The existence of ghouls has been disputed by that class of controversialists who are more concerned to deprive the world of comforting beliefs than to give it anything good in their place...As late as the beginning of the fourteenth century a ghoul was cornered in the crypt of the cathedral at Amiens and the whole population surrounded the place. Twenty armed men with a priest at their head, bearing a crucifix, entered and captured the ghoul, which, thinking to escape by the strategem, had transformed itself to the semblence of a well known citizen, but was nevertheless hanged, drawn and quartered in the midst of hideous popular orgies. The citizen whose shape the demon had assumed was so affected by the sinister occurence that he never showed himself again in Amiens and his fate remains a mystery.

2005 Update: See Texan.


Gary B said...

I sure this is supposed to be tongure-in-cheek. But, in general, what do you have against Texans?

A Texan

(also lived in California for 14 years)

Doug said...

I'm not anti-anybody. I'm pro-sarcasm.

Thanks for commenting.