Monday, March 28, 2005


Hand, n. A singular instrument worn at the end of a human arm and commonly thrust into somebody's pocket.

2005 Update: The cards one has been dealt and will play. The wise look for the cards which would improve the hand, while the ambitious see them. The scoundrel recognizes the hand for what it is, plays what it should be (with a supplement from the sleeve if necessary) and fulfills the purpose of virtue by not suffering from it.


Manjusha said...

I think I like the scoundrel best!

Doug said...

We all do, Manjusha, until we're sitting at the same table.

revi said...

...and this is where we launch into the Kenny Rogers' song, The Gambler.

You gotta know when to hold them,
Know when to fold them,
Know when to walk away..

Hee, does it mean I'm a scoundrel if I'm hoping that this song stuck in someone's head?

revidescent said...

BTW, thanks for the link. You've been return linked. I thought I had already done that. Sheesh.

Doug said...

Revi, why must you torment me so? And thank you for the link.

Manjusha said...

Doug as long as I am the scoundrel on the table..I'm fine with that! :)