Saturday, February 18, 2006

Autumn Leaves

Story #32, in which a little girl sees family.

To hear the story follow the trail.

To read the story, come to the cottage.


ariel said...

what a sweet story! I've always known there's more to Walela than what can be seen... Mireille, please accept my condolences for your grandmother. but hey, what's a grandmother for a new friend! :-P

Minka said...

Very nice and well done! What a tribute. My favourite sentence?

"All the better to see you with...Love the pink!" that made me laugh out loud!

scent,n. an odour in the air that can bring back cherished memories when least expected. It marks off emotional territory. Woof!

Sar said...

I ♥ Mireille! xoxo

Funny story, Doug, perfect for our Mireille. Am I the only one who pictured the path as a fashion runway for pink couture?

(Monika - Great definition too! Such a clever German Icelandic sistah.)

Minka said...

*Queen graciously bows in direction of her royal sibling*

Doug said...

Thanks, Ariel. I agree, it's just a matter of making lemonade.

Hahaha, Monika. Walela teaches a baying class at the yoga studio if you're interested.

Zockso, Sar

mireille said...

I know it's not fashionable but I have a tear sliding down my face. Now I know why I had the sense/scents that Walela and I are connected in some way (My grandmother was formidable. You go, Walela. More power to you.) Family is what we create and there are all kinds ... I ♥ you, D. And all my sibs here who follow in the Way of the Wolf. "Is that Serengeti?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! xoxo

Doug said...

Zockso, Mireille! Glad you liked it.

Tom & Icy said...

a howl to Walela and wags for Zockso! Two paws up as kudos for Doug.

dddragon said...

Monika's definition is a winner!

And a wonderful story, too. I suppose that instead of a Woodsman coming to the rescue, it's you bringing chocolates?

logo said...

Mirielle, Walena, may I join you?
I'll bring some tea and chocolates...please?

Doug, you are just the best.
I've a soft spot for erudite dogs, you know.

mireille said...

And I do love Monika's definition, too. And logo and sar and ariel and tom and icy and d3dragon... you know how Doug hates sappiness. I'm just doing this to irritate him. xoxo

Karen said...


"How'd you do that, Karen??" you asked over at logo's site.

I copied it from one of my very bestest blogger buds a few years ago... we have a big birthday club & it's fun! I got them

Here's another one to wish you a GREAT DAY!

---------------♥---- ♥
-----------------♥- ♥

feel free to use them!

Minka said...

Wow...thank you guys!
If only this would be a caption contest, I might be able to win once;)

pia said...

Great story Doug, you get better each week

Also loved Monika's definition

Miz BoheMia said...

AAAAHHHHHH! I am officially a blogosphere addict! I cannot hear it! I cannot read it! Our DSL is gone, GONE! We have the ancient modem until we are back up and running, that goes through my hubby's quirky laptop and the stupid thing won't let me get my story dose! What's a bohemian to do? Oh well! Thought I might give a little injection of drama and let you know I WAS HERE! I AM READING YOU! I am just lost, LOST, in cyberspace! *sigh* Bohemians neeeeed their dose of Doug! Ambrose needs to be woken!

Doug said...

Thanks, Tom & Icy. And Walela says "WAoooooooOOOO!!!"

Dddragon, we need a marshmallow story on these pages, don't we? Some day, although I can't think of anything sadder than a fictional marshmallow.

Thanks, Logo. EVERYBODY, IT"S LOGO'S BIRTHDAY We have cake, Logo, sneak on by.

Mireille, you have the priviledge. Irritate away.

Thanks, Karen, you're a gem. Those links seem to go to political sites. Is that where all the flowers went?

Monika, I'll announce that I voted for you on the caption contest this week. I may switch to another computer and do it again. Don't tell Sar.

Thanks, Pia. I think Monika is the favorite in the definition contest which I just realized I'm having.

Miz B, we'll find a way. Thanks for saying howdy. Id' never have slept.

Karen said...

Yep! It all started at the old Howard Dean site in 2003 & blossomed into great friendships..."friends are flowers that never fade away".

Sar said...

*ears covered* lalalalala...I can't hear you, Doug! ;)

Anonymous said...

Too cute and highly entertaining!

Gee...dial up is almost as bad as having no internet, MizB. Maybe it's worse. (wanders into the second bedroom to give her DSL modem a kiss and "good modem" pat.)

Doug said...

Karen, I'm glad to hear they aren't vines. For balance now I have to find one of those "The ACLU is the antichrist" people to read this site. Do you know how to use crayon on blogger?

You know, Sar, your clever little poll actually stopped me from voting again. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I never thought I'd be outsmarted by a pollster.

Thanks, Jenna. A collective "Awwwww" for Pia.

Karen said...

"Do you know how to use crayon on blogger?"

Nope, that's a new one on me, enlighten please!

Miz BoheMia said...

Bohemians are unabashedly and sincerely sappy and mushy... the works, the WORKS I SAY! And here, well, it comes out full force because bohemians looooveeee Doug!

Scent~ the unmistakable fragrance left behind by the hero (first initial D, last G), marking his presence, staking his claim as to the noble deed of saving the bohemian and delivering to her the beautiful story of little Mireille in pink, and Walela the fashion conscious wolf...

You made this bohemian's day! Have I mentioned that bohemians loooooveee Doug?

Well, WE DO!

actonbell said...

Bravo for Mireille and for another great story!! Applause also for Monika's definition:)

Pink is such a gentle color, and adds so much to a story.

karma said...

your cottage is inhospitable. doesn't load.

yes, yes, we rule IT. it's your link that doesn't work

Jamie Dawn said...

Love that surprise ending! She didn't seem at all upset about poor, sickly grandmother. Maybe she figured Walela put her out of her misery.

scent: What the candles in my family room & kitchen are emitting right now. It is called Oatmeal Cookie, and it's a way to smell them rather than eat them.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Doug said...

Karen, I just meant for people who have trouble with roman letters.

Mush away, Miz B.

What a funny observation, Actonbell. I hadn't pictured you in the Pinkie Tuscadero role, but now I want to redo last week's story.

Karma, I checked it. It's working fine.

JD, Mireille's a survivor. I hope you're enjoying yours, thanks, and don't eat the candle.

mireille said...

Yeah, survivor. And JD, if you'd known my grandmother, you'd see how very brave -- and skilled -- Walela is. xoxo *Grammy would love the story. she always liked seeing the underdog win ... Under Dog, get it?* heh. xoxo

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Your updating of a classic is bound to become a classic itself.


AP3 said...

Great story, Doug! And that really is a wonderful definition. And EVERYbody loves Mireille.

Doug said...

Heh, Mireille. xoxo.

Thanks, Alice. Tell my version to your grandchildren, please. Well, maybe just grandsons.

Thanks, Aral. Welcome back.