Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fire and Ice, Part I

Story #33, in which we return to find Doug on his way up.

To hear the story, listen from the belfry.

To read the story, click the map.

This story is cross-posted on Doug Drones On and should be continued next week. There are also two new stories from the Weirsdo Family. Happy weekend, everyone.


Ariel the Thief said...

I bet a fairy lived in that cabin. or an old woman. or a small dragon.

Anonymous said...

Location, location, location.
I look forward to the continuation.

Sar said...

Weirsdo you're a poet
and you didn't even know it.

Doug, Doug, Doug. *sigh* You sure Heart Danger. But obviously not as much as the cabin dweller.

I look forward to the continuation as well.

actonbell said...

Yikes, Doug. I'd like to keep my extremities, too.
Do you yearn for extreme vacations?

Unknown said...

Ariel, that's cute. Who else would carry wood up a mountain I could barely climb?

Weirsdo, so stories in parts aren't too much frustration?

Sar, I don't even "heart" skipping meals anymore.

Actonbell, at 38 I just yearn for vacations. TV and no phone would do.

Lila said...

That's a great story, Doug. That same summer, I actually climbed up Mt. Vesuvius with Namron Wolverine Pez... we sprinkled some of Nivek Army Ranger Pez's ashes once we got to the top.

I felt slightly stupid climbing up a not-quite-inactive volcano, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone built a cabin there?!
That is wild.
So, when I finally get to Peru will you come along as a trail guide?
You seem to know all the places one should avoid.

Fred said...

Great story, as usual. The only thing I've ever climbed was a six-foot ladder to change a light bulb. I almost fell off.

Unknown said...

Aral, are you sure we aren't twins? Mostly inactive doesn't sound very comforting.

Love to, Logo. When I zig, you zag and everything should turn out grand for you.

Fred, Volcanoes are easier to stay on. Try one next time you have to change a light bulb.

Minka said...

How I know these stories. Iceland is perfect for these kinda stories.
Once I wanted to see the highest waterfall here (Glymur)from above and took a Swedish, a Spanish and a Finnish friend and of we went. We walked up the wrong side of the mountain, with no rounte pointers and snow and ice all over. I literally said goodbye to the world up there, because I continiously fell and slipped 100 of meters down. Had to pull myself up and continue anew. It took us all day, but somehow we made it. When we finally reached the top: I had forgotten my camera! On the other side of the mountain we saw tourists walking easily a paved hiking route in the best of moods.
One of my friend took an amazing picture and we sold it to teh newspaper here, because it was a special view. Ah, to be 20 again :)

Anonymous said...

That was funny.

I am beginning to think you are crazier than I at first suspected.

I think you had a very nice , if extreme, life.

mireille said...

You are the master of the surprise ending. Can't wait to see how your life totals out. In my blurry peripheral vision as I read, I thought the word you defined was eternity and I was prepared to read a conclusion written by those who found your body. Great story. How many times in life do we wonder if we should just turn back? xoxo

Unknown said...

Or 25, Monika. That's a great story. When you said "a Swedish, a Finnish and a Spanish friend" my first thought was "Oh, Miz Bohemia."

I'm a little odd, Alice, yeah. Good of you to notice.

Mireille, my life hasn't totalled out yet but I love the phrase and it could happen any idea now.

TLP said...

I think you and Aral are twins! At least she had the SIL with her.

You have lead some exciting life kiddo! *hats off to you*

Great story.

Tom & Icy said...

Wow. The reason of youth sounds like folly. Exciting story.

Miz BoheMia said...

Monika... my first thought was that it sounded like one of those jokes were you start out "There was a Spanish guy and a Swedish guy and..." you get the picture...



Man are we siblings now or what?

Extremity... throw that word out at a bohemian and that is what you get... forget limblike definitions and dish out the drama baby!


Seriously... *blush* You thought of me! Bohemians sure like being thought of!

Unknown said...

Thanks, TLP. Fishing cap?

It does sound that way, doesn't it Icy? Good girl!

Miz B, you are no joke. Rephrase Monika's sentence this way and see if you see what I was thinking: "I took a Persian, a Danish and a Spanish friend with me."

dddragon said...

I also love these stories. I think that perhaps you should start a list of what you HAVEN'T done - the list of what you have done is too impressive!

Extremity: the anti-couch~potato

Miz BoheMia said...

I know dear Doug! I just had to squeeze some drama into the day! I am afraid it is the way of the bohemian! *sigh* A heavy burden to carry but someone's gotta do it!

Minka said...

I think if Miz B. would have been with me on that would have been so much more fun! :)she would have been sliding on that snow with yogic grace!

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! Then you could say you were with a Swedish, a Spanish, a Finnish and an Iranian/Danish/Icelandic chick raised in Spain and the US.... how's that for a mouthful? Gotta fit in your German self in there too! Euro-fruity!

Unknown said...

that's a hot location for a home

emnyyphd: the enemy is a doctor

Jamie Dawn said...

I thoroughly enjoy your adventures. I look forward to Part Two. I'm glad you lived to tell the tale. I bet whoever owns that little cabin has a hard time keeping it ash free. Dusting, always dusting!

Extremity: My piggy toes.

Unknown said...

Dddragon, I've never shod an elephant.

Ah drama, Miz B! We could all use a little drama!

Haha, Monika. Tantric ice-climbing. We should patent that.

Miz B, Euro-fruity should be in the dictionary.

Sure, Karma, but the it's hard to argue with the rent.

Yeah, Jamie Dawn and washing lava off of the good china too. Oink oink!

dddragon said...

Doug, neither have I. I have, however, picked the hooves of horses. Have gotten stepped on in return.

dddragon said...

oh, silly me. I'm sure that you've been there.

Unknown said...

Well, yeah, Dddragon, but since you probably made fudge, grilled an egg, took your daughters to four classes, drew a photorealistic baboon and vacuumed a couch on that day, and sold a stylish piece of furniture, I'll still defer to you.