Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

My special guest this week is the beautiful and well-preserved Jamie Dawn.

She was asked to define the word Wholesome and graciously responded with the following:
"A few weeks ago, Doug was bemoaning the fact that his well of Wednesday Special Guests had run dry, thus prompting his bogus threat to delete his blog. The thought of himself having to come up with a definition on a Wednesday was more than he could bear. I succumbed to his groveling and offered to participate BEFORE reading the rules.

Doug does not allow profanity. WTF is THAT about?

When I inquired if my graphic could include full, frontal nudity, I was told THAT was not acceptable either.

After I shot off a fierce email telling Doug what he could do with his blog, his mother, and a horse, he sent me the word "wholesome" to define.

Wholesome, adj. All things Jamie Dawn."

About Jamie Dawn: Jamie Dawn is a clever, sassy and sarcastic Christian wife and mother. Like apple pie with a pinch of sugar left out. Her website is always fun and funny and a three-alarm riot with tales of her upbringing, tales of her family and commentary on the issues of the day like how much celebrities weigh or should weigh. Jamie Dawn also likes to write about her blogging friends so hang out there and she just might compare you to Mozart.

Jamie Dawn suffers from two rare disabilities that she's shared with us. She has an unidentified disease of the vocal chords for which she's endured a staggering number of throat surgeries. I've virtually known Jamie Dawn for less than a year and I've already prayed for the success of several. My hopes were very high for the birthday repiping done by a doctor who had undergone something similar. The second disability is a heretofore unknown genetic disorder which arrests the natural aging process.

Right, three generations of Jamie Dawn's family. J.D.'s the blond girl.

Most or all of the people who read this site read Jamie Dawn's so I won't blather on in the introduction except to tell this story: The first time my mother came down to visit after she started reading this site, she was very excited to discuss my new friends. She kept chattering on about one blogger but I couldn't figure out who it was until Mom said, "You know, the pineapple lady!" I asked "Jamie Dawn?" and Mom said "Yes! I love Jamie Dawn!"

Like TLP, Jamie Dawn is a blogmatriarch and I enjoy reading her son, guitar prodigy Taylor and Coolchick daughter Courtney (who oughta update,) and Jamie's wise husband, who changed his name from Hubby to Keith.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.


Fred said...

Me? I'm first?

Well, let me also be the first to say that Jamie is one of my favorite reads in cyberspace. I'm sure wer'e all thinking the same thing, JD. Get well soon.

Sar said...

Yay for Jamie Dawn! She's incredibly funny, clever, and very inspirational blogger buddy.

Outstanding write up Doug.

Sar said...

Hey Fred, how ironic, you were first and I was second on JD's post too!
*cue Twilight Zone theme*

Miz BoheMia said...

I have never read Jamie Dawn but am fascinated by her... loved the little she wrote here and loved your description of her querido amigo Doug.

Jamie Dawn, bohemians everywhere are intrigued! I will be comin' over! Be warned!

pia said...

I go where Miz B goes: wasn't there a word to define?

Right: wholesome--not found in a Woody Allen movie, or in his personal life, yet Matchpoint raises interesting morality questions

Tom & Icy said...

We love Jamie Dawn's blog and have been reading it a long time. She is amusing and clever in her writing.

The word wholesome seems strange to me as if an oxymoron within itself -- whole and some.

Indeterminacy said...

I think Jamie should market t-shirts, bumper stickers and coffee mugs saying:

"I love Jamie Dawn" (with a heart in the place of love). Because that just about describes what we all feel for her.

Doug said...

Fred, absolutely. Thanks.

Sar, J.D.'s a good nut, isn't she?

Well, Miz B, you're in for a treat.

Great point, Pia.

That's really funny, Icy. I never thought of that.

Indie, and how about other one saying "I fear Jamie Dawn" with a black heart?

weirsdo said...

Good definition and a great build-up, J. D.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, how fun! It's Jamie Dawn day at Doug's place!!
Yippeeee! I feel like Queen for a Day.
I will stop by a few times today to read what people say, and I hope it is all warm, fuzzy, and wholesome.

Batten down the hatches!! Miz B's a comin' with Pia on her heels! I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Indie: T-shirts avaliable on a pre-order basis.

Doug: Black hearts???? You FEAR me? And if I had a voice, I suppose you think I'd rule the world.

mireille said...

Checking in with my warm, fuzzy and wholesome Jamie Dawn accolade! She's a cutie. And that graphic doesn't do her justice. *share your mascara tricks with us, JD!* xoxo

Anonymous said...

I chuckled my way through this while thinking. Wholesome? I sooooo do not write wholesome although my mom wishes I did. Oh well.

I'm going to follow Miz B. She finds me cool blogs to read that prevent me from writing unwholesome stuff.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

nice graphic ,

nice to meet JD I've never read her I'll check her out.

wholesome, it makes me think of bread

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE! You give JD a word like "Wholesome" and ME a word like "Harpy?" WTF?

*In a snit*

Oh, yeah. Jamie's nice and all that rot.

Ariella said...

I will admit to being an unfaithful Jamie Dawn lurker.
Always good fun!
and JD, WTF IS with that??
Some people!
*snicker snicker*
Jamie cussed at Doug, tee hee

Rio said...

milk and the people that drink it with everything...including macaroni and cheese. i am not one of these people however i am facsinated by them.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! Pia and Jenna are coming with! Bohemians loooooveeee Pia and Jenna!

*bohemian is so excited she jigs away and it is quite a wholesome jig at that*

Boom, chika boom BOOM!

Umm.... wrong music... sorry, forgot we are working on wholesome...

SquareGirl said...

Doug, you have the most amusing, hysterical, neat guests at your place, I’m assuming you had the courtesy to turn off your television and cell phone for Jamie Dawn.

Jamie Dawn nice to meet you but I don’t think it is very “wholesome” to lie about having grown children…siblings I might believe, but children? Unless you had them when you were like four, which isn’t very wholesome either…was going to see if I could round up a gun for you, but I see that it is too late as you risked your life dodging four lanes of traffic to avoid the obnoxious roommate, who by the way, if she happened to be a relative of mine, I sincerely apologize.

Take good care of your guest Doug…she deserves the royal treatment, whatever that is.

mireille said...

Are we not allowed to cuss at Doug? Are there bylaws? Did I miss something? I've been sick. xoxo As I keep reminding you. xoxo

Minka said...

Always nice to meet interesting guests and I have been reading many of JD´s comments, but it never occured to me to hit her profile picture. Strange, now that I went over there...I liked what I read!

Jamie Dawn said...

I am loving all this attention! I didn't know I was so starved for it. I may need to see a shrink.

Mireille: The secret to the mascara is that you never take it off. You just keep on adding it day, after day...

Jenna: Your little icon pic is against Doug's rules.

Hi Alice!

TLP is in a snit! We did goooood, Doug!

Ariella: I'm glad you admitted to being unfaithful, now we can seek counseling.

Rio: I'm one of those milk people. Gotta have it!

Miz: You have not yet graced my blog with your presence.

Squaregirl: I like your style! You are funny! Yes, giving birth at age six was quite traumatic for me. I really am OLD. Doug just searched for a flattering pic on my Flickr account. My face actually looks like a prune.

Monika: Glad you dropped by!!

Doug said...

Thank you, Weirsdo. You know I don't allow the talentless in here. How's Pansi by the way?

Jamie Dawn, I'm certain of it.

Mireille, I tried it. I look like a dimestore floozy.

Jenna, wholesomeness wouldn't suit you, I don't think. Please continue.

Alice, it makes me think of nachos. That might be my problem right there.

Hahaha, TLP. What's a little irony between friends. C'mon back.

Ariella, it's not fair. I'm a faithful lurker. How come I get cussed at? *Jackie Coogan Pout*

Rio, once upon a time I used to pull it from the cow. Does that make me more or less wholesome?

Miz B, G-rated adult themes are a tradition here. Carry on.

Square Girl, ignore Jamie Dawn. She posts pictures of herself frequently and that one's only average. I'd post mine daily.

Mireille, no rules apply to you. Let me have it. You'll feel better.

Monika, you'll love it over there. I'm certain of it.

Soak it up, Jamie Dawn.

Anonymous said...

I know. But nothing's showing!! Nothing is showing!!! I'm a rebel!!

dddragon said...

LOL - mom's in a snit!!

And Pineapple Lady - we all must be careful about our templates lest we be labeled by them.

Yes, JD's is always a great read.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Welcome JD.

I find myself, for the second time today, resorting to the Urban Dictionary when my well of pithy pronouncements came up dry. After reading about JD, this definition seems to fit nicely (BTW: Could it be sheer coincidence that the name "Jenny" in their definition is awfully close to "Jamie"? We report, you decide.)

wholesome - Often brings to mind the blonde, corn-fed farm girl from middle America, but describes a whole slew of different types of women/girls.

Being "wholesome" does not make a girl average, ugly, or boring: In fact "wholesome" pretty much just means a hot girl that isn't jarringly gaudy, obnoxious or slutty.

My best friend Jenny (Jamie) is gorgeous, but she doesn't let that get to her head. She's so modest and wholesome.

actonbell said...

Oh, I love reading Jamie Dawn! She certainly is wholesome, and the pineapples are there to say Welcome:)
Jamie's always cheerful, too. I suspect that's her secret youth recipe--yay for Jamie!

weirsdo said...

Like you CARE Mr. PimpyDog!!!!!
Anyhoo, Mrs. Dawn on YOu looks very whole some!!!!!! Love the makeup in her portret!!!!!

a4g said...

Jamie Dawn, you're too nice for me to post my first definition for wholesome, which I just couldn't press "publish" on and have sit under your name.

Hmmmm... so I guess:

Wholesome, n. A nasty contagion which can pierce even the hardened defenses of a cynic.

still life said...

I do not visit nearly enough but I will be changing that in the near future!

Fun Fun post and fantastic image.

Doug said...

Jenna, live fast, live long.

Thanks, Dddragon. Try to explain to blogmama that I called her a Harpy out of love.

Poobah, I remember Jenny differently.

That's nice, Actonbell. Only a great spirit is cheerful when it's hard to hum.

Pansi, you don't think it's too natural looking?

a4g, a true cynic would have gone ahead.

Nice, Still Life. I'm sure J.D. will be glad for your good company.

Jamie Dawn said...

Now, Jenna's in a bit of a snit. (That rhymes!)

3D: Dragon lady is powerful. You're safe with that one.

Omni: Not that there's anything wrong with being jarringly gaudy, obnoxious or slutty. That's another word for another day...

Acton: Being cheerful beats being crabby.

Pansi: That compliment means the world to me!

a4g: I MUST know your original definition.

Still Life: Your comments here are always great. Visit my place any time!

Doug: I plan to soak up all this blog goodness until the very stroke of midnight. Then, I shall release my status of Queen for a Day.

To Doug's Mother: That bit in my definition about you was just in jest, of course. I greatly admire you for having the fortitude to raise Doug. I'm sure he was verbally jousting with you from the womb.

weirsdo said...

Ya, but we can WORK with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yah! I like that. live fast live long. I'd get that tattooed somewhere but, um, yeah - needles are a no.

I knew my couple were unwholesome - why do you think I picked them? lol.

SquareGirl said...

Doug, don't worry, Jamie Dawn did NOT have me fooled (unless of course when you said she was the blonde you were referring to the one in the middle, not the one in the skirt). There is absolutely NO WAY Jamie Dawn could be old or look like a prune, but to be honest, I am beginning to question her integrity for saying such things...

Doug said...

Pansi, I'm sending you a platinum spatula. You girls have fun.

Jenna, understood.

Squaregirl, surely you've noticed that wholesomeness and honesty rarely occupy the same host.

AP3 said...

Jamie Dawn is great. One of the truly grand bloggers.

Jamie Dawn said...

Doug: This has been such fun!
Thanks for such a grand day on your blog. This old prune is plum tuckered. I won't be able to bask in all this glory until midnight after all. I'm such a wimp.

Good night to all. Dream wholesome dreams.

Doug said...

It's true, AP3, she's a good and grand one.

Thanks, Jamie Dawn and thanks for doing this.

Kyahgirl said...

I'm late as usual but I always enjoy your Wednesday guest. This week in particular because I've been a fan of JD for ages.

Get well soon Jamie Dawn.