Thursday, March 11, 2010


GRAPESHOT, n. An argument which the future is preparing in answer to the demands of American Socialism.

2010 Update: The pre-industrial medium of exchange for international commerce and since supplanted by suspicion.

Happy birthday to the Old Mule (now 35.)


C.J.Duffy said...

Theold mule should stand aside as this old mule, another Arian, is about to leap another year on the age ladder so I may need some grapeshot to fire at those who scorn my increasing years!

Mo'a said...

Happy Birthday to the Old Mule........35 *sight* Sometimes I feel like I could be everybody's Mommy.
Grapeshot: Yesterday's comment section???

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday, Old Mule. Although i would love to see 35 again.

Sorry, Doug. My very specific apology to you and not grapeshot.

T13 - Kindle Krazy

quilly said...

GRAPESHOT, n. isn't that the really hard, tooth-breaking cereal my grandma ate?

Nessa said...

That's hysterical, Quilly. I forgot all about that cereal.

jenn said...

Happy birthday young Old Mule!

I got nothing for grapeshot. Nothing.

TLP said...

Grapeshot: bottle of cheap wine.

Happy birthday to the Young Mule. The word "old" simply does not apply to people under 65.

Doug said...

Happy birthday, old timer.

Haha, Mo'a, it kind of felt that way.

Thanks, Nessa. Apology accepted and not necessary. Maybe some scattered venting did some good.

Quilly, I think that was nutshot.

Nessa, I tried to like grapenuts. I sure did.

It's alright, Jenn. Happy birthday to Mule was good enough.

I'd have said under 40, TLP, but I'm not seeing so good through my grapeshot eyes.

TLP said...

People under 65 don't remember things like grape seed spitting contests, which is what grapeshot actually is.

Jim said...

Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!
Happy Birthday # 35 to Mule!

Happy Birthday # 35 to You!
This is all the better I sing anymore since I have been told by a choir director I can't sng good and would I please leave his choir.
I peeked in on your blog but couldn't figure any way to leave a comment and I don't paste addresses to e-mail.

Thank you Doug, for allowing me to use this space for my 'singing.' Do you remember Harpo Marx?

I am glad to see you back into the "Gr" words again. It was ahead of the "Grave" word where I started my list for you. Do you want the earlier part so you can work upwards?

Jim said...

TLP, I remember watermelon spittng contests out back of the coal shed.
We didn't spit the grape seeds, Mom made us chew them up for eating. We were very poor and that little bit from a bunch of grapes saved a penny for chewing gum.
In case you haven't guessed, I could be over 65. :)

quilly said...

Oh! Happy Birthday Old Mule! I hope this is a day you will long remember as full of fun and happy braying.

Logophile said...

Happy birthday, old Mule!

Grapeshot? None for me, thanks. I prefer to wage war by means of slow, psychological torture.

Thom said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to the Old Mule. Hope you have a great day.

Quilly wasn't it Grapenuts? LOL

GRAPESHOT, n. - Health Care

About yesterday's comments I like my hill of beans!! Karen have a nice day!

Doug said...

TLP, I wonder if you can get that for Playstation?

Jim, that sounded just fine. I bet if your choir director read your blog, he'd reconsider. To your question: Hawee hawee!

Logo, I'm not surprised. Nor impatient.

Thom, that's about how I expected you to take things which is why I wasn't too worried or offended. Mahalo, amigo.

Lila said...

Grapes have seeds?

Hobbes said...

Something that, oddly, one can be peppered with.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to the Old Mule ... Where there is sea there [was] pirates.

quilly said...

Thom -- grapes don't have ... I'm sorry. I can't finish that thought or Doug will come after me with grapeshot!

actonbell said...

Happy Birthday Old Mule! 35 is a great age:)

grapeshot sounds better than bloodshot. I have no idea what I'm saying.

Cooper said...

grapes really don't hurt when slung..

damn TLP is good.

happy birthday old mule

Doug said...

Lila, they must or wine wouldn't cause pregnancy.

Hobbes, it sometimes occurs to me that we weave a far less tangled web deceiving than we do metaphorizing.

Thanks, Karen. Yeah, I did a mid-day edit and the pirates were cast overboard.

I would not have, Quilly.

Actonbell, I remember 35 well, also. Actually, not well but fondly.

Cooper, you can justify your behavior all day long, if you want to, but you'll feel differently when your brother loses an eye.