Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Bridge

Story #31, in which a woman learns that Angels aren't just a literary device.

To hear tell, come to Bedford Falls

To read the story, cross the bridge.


dddragon said...

**clapping** BRAVO!

And my sis IS a cherub of a less lardy sort.

btw, the link isn't quite right for the sound version of this story, try this. (There's a space and it shouldn't have one in the address.)

TLP said...

Wonderful! I love it. Perfection. You are a master!
The pictures are so refined also.

Acton Bell and Ekim are coming over tonight to beat the snot out of us in Scrabble again. It's so sad. Or, it would be sad, if your story came true.

Now that I've been a Wednesday guest, I could be a harpy and nag her to be one. If you treat me right. Which isn't likely.

mireille said...

*snif* the part I liked best was your pristinel portrayal of the power of her silent disapproval. *snif* chime Oh, actonbell. We're glad you were born. ♥ xoxo

Anonymous said...

How ghostly! Willie made it to Beford Falls, too! He barked on your oral rendition and Alfredo answered, the latter being half blind but evidently not deaf. I'm so glad Actonbell decided not to go with Clarence but to stay home and beat her Mommy and Daddy in Scrabble!

Jamie Dawn said...

Terrific writing! I consumed that story with vigor.
Acton brings such class to the blogosphere.
I thought all four Pezes had been guests before. Acton better get to it!

Acton: My daughter is currently reading "Persuasion." Yesterday, she jabbered on & on about how funny the chacters are (especially the father) and how much she loves Jane Austen's writing. I think the two of you could sit & have a delightful conversation.

Cherubs: Cute, really fat babies with lots of rolls and a couple of wings.

Tom & Icy said...

Well told story about a really nice person we all like.

Sar said...

Jeesh, Doug, that was a pretty elaborate scheme to guilt Actonbell into a Wednesday guest spot. ;)

Stealing a line from AP3, Actonbell's pretty groovy. I love the way she balances her super smarts and worldly experience with her down to earth penchant for pizza & beer. And let's not forget most importantly, her fine appreciation of ladies heels and purses!

Lila said...

Great job, Doug! Very well done! Love it.

Mikki Marshall said...

Wonderful manipulation of an *angel* to help in achieving your goals! Sly.

Yea for Actonbell being here.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Ddd. Hopefully it's fixed. I meant Clarence but, if the shoe fits...

TLP, I'll always treat you nice. Harpies scare me.

Actonbell, I'm glad (and relieved) you liked. I see Ekim as the male Will Shortz.

Aw, Mireille, you still not feeling well?

Mama, try to get a board before my next visit. I was hoping Walela would howl when I got to the part about the "scream" but they waited too long.

Jamie Dawn, I'm glad you like it. You almost make me feel like a Cherub.

Thanks, Icy. Everyone likes Actonbell, don't they (we.) Good girl!

Yes, of course, Sar. I bond over shoes too. Well, technically I tie them.

Thanks, AP3. And four Pezes yet to write about. I appreciate the cyberfecundity of the family.

Yea indeed, Still Life. You too. Glad you joined us.

Logophile said...

and can't wait to see what Actonbell defines, as I am sure her guest spot can't be far away now.

Minka said...

Ahh...truly well done. I think actonbell should get a refined word like "Prejudice" to define :)
Little late for a chirstmas carol though;)

Fred said...

That Actonbell. (Apologies to TLP.) She's so refined. Nice job, Doug.

P.S. Would love to hear who beat who in Scrabble.

Cooper said...

I'll be back tomorrow when I am lucid.

Minka said...

Maybe she should get two words to define :) Pride goes so well with Prejudice. At least it worked for Colin Firth and Emma Thomson!

Doug, do you think if we just go on pretending that she is gonna be a wednesday guest, she might just do it?! :)

Doug The Una said...

Logo, I see the conspiracy gains conspirators. *Montgomery Burns voice* Excellllllent!

Monika, I listen to Messiah all year long and will watch "It's a wonderful life" any old time. I live in a land without seasons.

That's right, Fred. Someone should tell us the final score.

I'll watch for you, Alice.

I don't know, Monika, but I hope she doesn't relent too easily. I'll be overjoyed to have Actonbell be a guest, but I get a little pleasure now and then teasing her about it and the former will be the death of the latter. I just hope Actonbell doesn't find out I said that. Shhhh.

TLP said...

That Fred. Whazhetalkin'bout? He makin' fun of somethin'? I don't recognize nothin'.

Dougie dog, four Pez' to go? Remember you're being nice to me? Huh?

Doug The Una said...

Did I say four? I meant two. I've already been blessed with four of the beautiful and clever Pez women. When Actonbell and Haras PP serve their country as guests here I can, at last, bid farewell to ambition forever.

Cooper said...

That was quite wonderful. Obviously no one would be able to refuse a wednesday guest spot after that.

Anonymous said...

Really really wanted to say that you'll do anything to make people Wednesday guests

Think I once heard the word bondage mentioned; oh that was too stop a guest!

But the story was so beautiful, I can only tell you how talented you are

Anonymous said...

I echo pia's comment "the story was so beautiful, I can only tell you how talented you are" :) Again, I have to wipe the brown off my nose... Damn you just do that to me! I'm not a brown noser in real life... Promise! LOL!

mireille said...

NON sequitur: Non, non, non. Under the stairs is where trolls live. NOT VALENTINES, DOUG. ♥ xoxo

Chatham said...

Which would you rather have on your lap, a chubby nekkid child or a warm, purring feline?

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Alice. Of course, I wouldn't want to pressure anyone. I'm more of a misdirection guy.

Pia, I don't think I mentioned bondage, did I? Thank you. You're too kind to this plagiarist.

Shayna, what can I possibly have to offer you? No more brown-nosing, just send me the invoice.

Mireille. I meant under the front steps.

Chatcat, I'm allergic to both.

Doug The Una said...

OH, TLP, I should have reread myself. Yes I have four Pezes to make up stories on. I promise to be sweet in at least 75% of them.

Miz BoheMia said...

Echo Pia and Shayna... sorry I am late but I figure late than miss the party altogether!

Beautiful story Doug! I just love your work!

Cherub~ The lady of honor, Actonbell, and Doug, our gracious host, through and through!

Not a brown nose either but just lovin' you does that to us! Man!

Anonymous said...

Applause to both Doug and Actonbell.
Dr. Weirsdo and I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every year. Just so Dr. Minnie Strator doesn't get the better of us.