Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Miscreant, n. A person of the highest degree of unworth. Etymologically, the word means unbeliever, and its present signification may be regarded as theology's noblest contribution to the development of our language.

2006 Update: Someone who offers alcohol to children or love to the sound-minded.

(Above, Lucifer and Beelzebub in Gustave Doré's Brokeback Perdition)

Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it and to my fellows in the true faith, a blessed and noble Ogre Day Eve.


Indeterminacy said...

Miscreant: The smart alleck who posts the first comment to one of Doug's definitions.

mireille said...

awwwww, adult cherubs! In conference! Happy Valentine's Day, dear Doug! And a blessed Ogre's Eve! ♥ xoxo

dddragon said...

The person who gives a chubby girl a box of Semisweet's Chocolate covered marshmallows.

Please! Be my Miscreant!!

Sar said...


A. Doug for his word selection & definition today.

B. Me for blatantly ignoring it and wishing my favorite blog dog a Happy Valentine's Day with a *pat pat*.

C. 3D for taunting me with treats I wish I had.

D. Word Verification as I'm now on my 6th attempt to comment here! (I thought tomorrow was Ogre Day.)

Tom & Icy said...

It's not that I'm an unbeliever, it's just that I don't understand most of the time.

Unknown said...

one would have thought you would pick a word like 'heart' or 'cupid' or maybe even 'love' today. but no, you have to be undemonstrative

yujlv: you are the jent i loooooooove

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney with an arrow

Archer Enemy

I was not informed that today is Ogre Day Eve, so luckily I read it here so as not to miss out on this holiday. Happy Ogre Day Eve to all!

Cooper said...

miscreat: everyone I know.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has trouble with the word verifier. I thought maybe there was a sign saying " give alice the longest and hardest word and make sure the letters are packed together like sardines so she can't read them"

Jamie Dawn said...

You mean there are people who DON'T celebrate Valentine's Day? It's LOVE day.
Everybody loves somebody, right?
Don't be a miscreant, Doug; call your mother.

Oh, and don't think that pets don't know about holidays. They KNOW it's Valentine's Day, and they will be expecting treats.

Jay Noel said...

So a "creant" is a believer then?

I love your site...how cool! I used to be an English teacher, although I never considered myself a word-smith.

I'll be back for sure.

P.S. Your profile pic looks exactly like one my dogs. She's a beage/basset

Minka said...

Orge Day Eve? That was funny and a nice opposite to beautiful St. Valentine!

Miscreant? A myth about all orgres!

Doug said...

Indie, or who uses one of Alice's poor, broken-hearted suitors as fodder for fiction.

Thanks, Mireille. I was prepared to be grumpier but the same to you.

Dddragon, to you a miscreant is the person who gives you candy, to your lapcat someone who withholds them.

Sar, the verifier likes to get an early start.

Man, Icy. I wish I'd said that. Good dog!

Karma, it's in my choromosomes. The "Y" in particular.

Anonymous, ouch! But I think you might mean a quail off-course.

At least online, Alice, I'm sure you're right.

Jamie Dawn, Willie and Walela celebrate Valentine's Day all year long. Happy Ogre Day Eve.

Thanks, Phoenix, and welcome. Willie's a blue heagle (blue heeler/beagle) or, I've learned recently he might be a blue tick beagle which there is apparantly such a thing as.

Thank you, Monika. Ogres are as real as gentlemen, but far dearer.

Anonymous said...

I've just given alcohol laden cough syrup to my children and now I am blowing kisses to Doug,
I am a miscreant!

Happy Ogre's Day Eve, Doug, smooch

Rio said...

alcohol to children? love to the sound-minded? i have come to the descision there is no such thing as sound minded, to every person there is some craziness or loose screw, love usually being that which loosened the screw. and so miscreant's abound...

Omnipotent Poobah said...

excreant (derived from excrement) - Someone who poops.

miscreant - Some who poops, but has lousy aim.

My best to the ogres

dddragon said...

OH! My Miscreant came thru! I just received my box of Schwartz'!!

And Nod got to talk to Semisweet and his mom. Just LOVE it!

Kyahgirl said...

happy Ogre day's eve Doug.


Doug said...

You are indeed, Logo. Well done! Happy Ogre Day Eve!

Dddragon, that's fantastic! Tell your miscreant the blogiverse is shining upon him and your love.

Thank you, Laura. And to you. I hope your Ice-fishing valentine caught you something romantic.

Actonbell, it's a Snarl Across America. Happy Holidays.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so glad Phoenix commented here. He is smart and very funny. I hope he comes back regularly. Currently on his blog, he is telling about his interview with a alien abductee. Those aliens are miscreants for sure! They probe people that don't wish to be probed.

Happy Ogre Day to you. I can't bear to be an ogre today. I'm heading out for a high caloric dinner. I have nothing but LOVE in my heart!

Lila said...

Hi Doug- I'm just here to say... Valentine's Day is just plain stupid. I would've ranted, but my aunt's death left me not in the mood. So I'll just leave it at that.

Sponge Girl said...

So, today must be Ogre Day, then.

Well, the weather's miserable, and I'm a bit grumpy, so it all figgers, I guess.

miscreant, n. a person of the highest degree of unworth and a believer. See Cruise, Tom.

etymoloxy, n. abbreviation of etymological paradox. See miscreant.

Hobbes said...

I think Mrs. Weirsdo is one.

Do those guys wanna loose the loyn clothes and audition?

LeMas. said...

miscreant-anybody who gives wishes me a happy valetine's day. or anybody who doesn't.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh no Poobah! That would make Lil' M a miscreant but he is making his way to the potty, I swear!

Miscreant- I could make a list but suffice it to say Bush co... although "and a believer"... does narcissism, greed and a belief in all things yucky count?

Yes, "all things yucky"... this bohemian had no sleep and got up to 2 hyper kids and a sick hubby... yucky indeed!

gagqhh~ Word verif, my sentiments exactly!

Indeterminacy said...

Who says this blog isn't educational. This news story I read this morning used the word "miscreant" and I understood what it meant:


Indeterminacy said...

Alice: Once the word verifier gets you in front of it, it wants to savor a good long look at you. Which is why it gives you these words that no one can read. (i.e. My words are always a breeze to type in).

Em said...

Miscreant is such a sexy word... ;)

AsianSmiles said...

miscreant.. a sociopath's prized title.

HaPpY VaLenTine's Day Doug. Hope u had a nice one.


Yeah...I regret missing this one.

I just knew you were trying to draw me back...