Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Special Guest Senior

This week I'm proud to have Steve Pascover, my very own father, as a guest.

The old feller defined Natural Selection this way:
I was given "natural selection" to define The theory of evolution arose from observation, and is best defined by example. Observe the development:

My daddy used to say, on the subject of cussing: "Stevie, just remember that profanity is the last refuge of the inarticulate - whatever the F*** that means" [I grew up in Missouri, where even fully grown men refer to their fathers as "daddy" and pay attention to what their father said. - Doug didn't grow up in Missouri]

My working definition is "use the words that make you understood."

My son Doug defined cussing as "to express with irrelevancies the most urgent compulsions of the heart"

So, the official definition is that an inheritable characteristic which produces differential survival is required, and the result, "Natural Selection" is the differential reproduction of genotypes [whatever the F*** that means]

More straightforwardly - "the good stuff that matters just keeps getting better" see, for example, the dynasty of PEZ.
About my old man: Dad was born in Missouri and reared there until my grandparents moved to Akron, Ohio where he became by all accounts unrearable. At least that's what Uncle Jimmy says. All I can say is I learned to growl at his paw and higher language from my mom.

Dad didn't talk much until he entered his fifties and hasn't kept quiet much since then. Like his father did, my dad has a deep rough voice he loves to tell stories in. I'm pretty sure this trait ends with him although I'm a little worried about my brother. Dad contributed a lot to my upbringing and what discipline there was by a lot of methods, but it was the lectures that had the most impact. These were usually long enough to break a rebellious spirit in a way that spankings never quite could.

Dad's knowledge inspired his children's curiousity and I certainly thank him, alongside Mama, for the fact that I have something to blog about. The main thing to know about my old man is that every Saturday and Sunday, he drives 60 miles to go hiking with me and the dogs and on Sunday makes an additional trip of greater length in a different direction to play with his grandchildren who dote on him back. Oh, and in the 70s he wore a huge Afro, pick and all.

At right, the old timer at Christmas, Elf portrayed by my step-sister, Laura (Enrique's daughter)

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.


Minka said...

Actonbell, we met him already, with the same picture if I remember correctly! Doug, one would assume you have more than one oicture of your father! The afro one might be interesting! This might be the laziness your mom has been talking about :)

Unknown said...

such an honour to have you here, dad!

after getting to know Doug, i can tell due to Natural Selection the strain gets better and better in your family. the exact same way as in Japanese sea crabs :))

Sar said...

Monika, I believe you're right, I remember that picture too. His birthday, maybe? I second the vote for the fro picture!

Featuring Papa Pascover as your special guest seems a natural selection, Doug. It was nice to learn a little more about your Dad and your history.

Thanks for the fun guest spot, Papa, I got a kick out of it!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Actonbell. You noticed I'm sure that he singled out your family as the paragon of evolution. I wonder if he knew you're 3/4 atheists.

Very good, Minka! You are right. It turns out I had two. Let's face it, the camera doesn't chase him on its own.

Funny you mention Japanese Sea Crabs, Karma, that's exactly how we see ourselves.

And well done to you too, Sar. Yes, his birthday. The word was Brute and the Wednesday Guest feature began the next day.

Minka said...

Well done with the second picture, so you can take a hint ;)
What mostly impressed me about this post is the story about you and your dad going for a hike every weekend. I never had that and if I wouldn´t love you this much I´d be very envious. Green, I would be :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, Curmudgeon Sr. and just as squooshy on the inside, very sweet.

Happy Wednesday to you both.
Hugs all around!

Miz BoheMia said...

What a handsome Papa Pascover! Such kindness and compassion in his face I see!

Can Monika and I be adopted into your fam? You are all sooo delightful! Bohemians loooooveee delightful!

Natural selection renders it impossible for a certain bohemian to not be eternally shocked... SHOCKED...

Natural selection... makes more sense than the lack of free will and the myth that is G-O-D... *GASP* Blasphemy!!!! Sorry, I am a bohemian after all!

dddragon said...

Naturally, we are all F****** selective about what blogs we visit.

Anonymous said...

"the differential reproduction of genotypes" notwithstanding, Pascover the Elder exhibits the curmudgeonly virtues of gruffly concealed good cheer and wit. Thank you sir, for the adroit handling of a rebellious spirit. A brilliantly executed tactical manuever, having him convinced it was broken, instead of obviously redirected. Would you consider, on a contract basis of course, repeating such miracles with other recalcitrant youth?

Doug The Una said...

Monika, thanks, and yes I take a hint. The weekend hiking has been a real gift to an adult son and his father.

Thanks, Logo. We're mainly squishy around the middle.

Ah, Miz B, natural selection and God are only incompatible in elections but I thank you for complimenting my father's looks. Gives me hope for the future.

Haha, Dddragon. I didn't see that coming. Maybe if TLP were in town.

Duxfine, I'll let Dad answer but my youngest brother was raised on just such a contract and he turned out the best of us all.

mireille said...

I like your father. For some reason, I see him as a spiritual hermit electing to come down off the mountain on the weekends. You know, semi-ascetic. *Whatever the F*** that means* "Like his father did, my dad has a deep rough voice he loves to tell stories in. I'm pretty sure this trait ends with him although I'm a little worried about my brother." Oh, your brother is not all you need to be worried about. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome.

Doug has spoken for me in responding to comments. For the record - I miss the "fro" particularly since what I retain of it is a big bald spot making a large letter "O"

Miz Bohemia, you and Monika are welcome to the family. No specific genotype, faith or degree of observance required. It does help to come with sufficient self esteem to survive the occasional tendency to sarcasm.

Contract kid raising! well worth considering for a next career. I will consider any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Like Father like Son. Love you dad!

Lil' Fresh

Minka said...

Yipeee...That would make me Doug´s little sister and boy, will I be a pain in the a**!

Tom & Icy said...

I sure miss the walks and talks with my dad, though his words still echo through my head since he's been gone fifteen years now. Sometimes it feels like he is right here next to me.

Jamie Dawn said...

My dad was born in the tiny town of Bakersfield, MO, and my Hubby was born near St. Louis, MO.
Missouri produces good guys.
Your dad is clever and smart... traits that he passed on to you. I'm thinking he has a devious side that he also passed on to you.
He was really on the edge as far as your cursing rules go. He got around them in a VERY humorous fashion.
He sounds like a great dad & grandfather!!

Natural Selection: The opposite of Unnatural Fluke

Ariel the Thief said...

I have a dad, too, he used to sing me Soviet marching songs after my evening bath when I was 4.

hello, Mr. Pascover, I wish you happy children, grandchildren and good luck with the new, lively family members. :-D

Miz BoheMia said...

Monika, our family is growing! The blogosphere has been good to us! Yes it has!

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, what else could I have to worry about?

Pop, you're doing nicely, stop in again.

Hey, 'Na nice of you to pop in. Please disregard my next next comment.

Monika, I have some preparation for pain in the @$$ kid sisters.

Thanks, Tom. That's a nice thought. I bet it'll be the same for me in fifteen years and a few weeks.

Thanks, Jamie Dawn. You may have inspired him with your post. He's alright.

Ariel, see my father never sang me a single Soviet era marching song. You're lucky. If your father sang well, you're really lucky.

Welcome, Miz B and Monika. The inauguration ceremony is you have to make fun of me or dad.

Miz BoheMia said...


But, but....

I just love you... I... cannot... do.... that!


LeMas. said...

Your dad sounds awesome!

Cooper said...

He seems like a dear you are very lucky to have someone that will actually hike with you. He gets an extra fifty points for that.

I assume when looking for fake boobs you go for the most natural selection.

Please don't weed me out yet.

Doug The Una said...

Miz B, you're a Pascover now. Sarcasm is love.

He's pretty cool, Masil. Thanks.

Hahaha, Alice. We'll take the 50 points and leave you in the game.

Minka said...

Ok...I so can do it!
I am not gonna make fun of Daddy Pascover, you are my future target!

You are a nerd!!!
You turn dictionary pages almost every day for fun and you know texts to German Classical music. If You play chess as well...

How do you like them apples?!

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, it was probably Lucinda Sans who met my dad back then. This may have been your first time. I recognize him by the demon on his shoulder, too.

Monika, it was a very nice try but I think you can do better. A few family Sunday dinners and you'll have it. And I don't play chess so :P

Doug The Una said...

Now, if I could play German classical music, that would make me a huge nerd. Right, Weirsdo?

Jay Noel said...

I'm in Missouri right now, and yes - we still call our fathers "Daddy."

mireille said...

Wonder "How do you like them apples?" sounds in an Icelandic/Germanic accent. *ponders* xoxo

Minka said...

Doug, it was teh bets I oculd come up with, for now!
Mirelle, I have been playing with the idea of posting an audio blog soon, so all of you could quench your thirst about my accent. I do have a German accent, but not a strong vun :)

Doug The Una said...

Phoenix, in this world everything changes except the capacity of the middle states to remain the same.

Mireille, Monika has been assuring us for months that her accent is that of the Queen of England.

Until now, I see, Fräulein. Ve're ferry interested to hear dat. Deine stimme auch.

Minka said...

Dougie, I said that I have been studying the RP accent and a, trying my very best to perfect it. However, German blood is hard to erase!
I think when I have moved-this weekend-I will sit down and talk to all of you!

~Daydreamer~ said...

Hey there Mr Pascover, how is it goin'?

Your dad looks really nice Doug :)

Kyahgirl said...

Hi there Mr. Pascover! Nice to meet you. You are handsome and articulate-how is it that our Doug looks like such a dog?
I guess I'm a bit of a dog myself so I should pass that question up my own family tree!
Ha, ha, ha, I'm so funny-I kill me.

um....Hi Doug :-)

Alana said...

dear doug's daddy,
Sorry for being so rude and arriving so late (I know like over a day) to your special guest day. It is completely unnaceptable, as anyone who drives 60 miles to hike and visit with his sons is truly worthy of respect and timely manners. I humbly and sincerely apologize.

Natural Selection, Choosing the individuals who have had the least amount of "work" done...that can be especially challenging in Los Angeles.