Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Persian Chat

Episode 24 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. New York area friends see below for an announcement.

To hear the story, listen to two old babylonians.

This week in The Prattler, "A Defense of Bad Legislation."

You can read the story along the wall.

OK, so the announcement: On Saturday, June 23, a week from today at 1PM, God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be sitting down to lunch at Centrico restaurant at 211 W. Broadway in Tribeca. You're invited to join me. Feel free to show up at the last minute but if you think you'll come and can email me by Wednesday it will help with making a reservation. After lunch, Al will be leading a walking tour and giving "horsey rides" to your children, pets and spouses. See you there.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A week from today at 1 p.m. I will be pulling out what is left of my hair and wondering why I agreed to divest myself of all my worldly possessions and move across an ocean -- and thought I could get it all done in just two weeks!

I'll be back and listen to the story again (love that rumbly voiced reader) after the yard sale in 100 degree heat -- if I'm still alive.

Anonymous said...

Horsey rides?!

Okay, but no kids over 80 pounds.

(Unless they're female and over 18.)

Anonymous said...

a "general" announcement to everyone and/or anyone in the New York area? way to make your friends feel "special".

that restaurant better have some damn good Mexican food -- i mean, i already know how good Al's tours are, but spending a whole afternoon with YOU? i'm guessing it'll be worth the trip in, but a tasty bean burrito would definitely seal the deal.

LOVED the story today, mighty nice to hear your own fine voice in such grand-yet-rugged form!

oh, and speaking of Mexican food and/or designs, ya better not have any with regards to my aforementioned bean burrito. just sayin'... ; )

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I hate recommending restaurants, Puppybrose. Too much pressure.

I like the place, and have eaten there a few times. But, don't take my word for it. Here's a review:

Here's the restaurant's web site:

Sar said...

I'll be there in stiletto spirit! (I'll be away with hubby seeing my beloved RUSH for the first of my birtheday concert weekends). And, Al, I'm first in line for a horsey make-up ride!

Speaking of Rush, I thought this set of lyrics would compliment the theme of this week's story (nice to hear your grrrrumble again) and tie in to your definition.

Like a rare and precious metal beneath a ton of rock
It takes some time and trouble to separate from the stock
You sometimes have to listen to a lot of useless talk

- Grand Designs, RUSH

Anonymous said...

FYI, Sar, the record is eight seconds.

Have a great time at the concert. Best to Geddy and the crew.

TLP said...

Sar seems to have designs on Al's back.

Really good reading Doug. You're beginning to show promise.

tsduff said...

Man alive, I just got back from JFK - took a train to Manhattan and walked around in the sweltering heat all day...ate at a fabulous bbq place. Why couldn't you have been there 3 weeks ago? Hmmmph... beagles and their unpredictability.... sheesh.

Doug The Una said...

You did it for love, Quilly. That's how you know it's foolish.

Al, are you sure our wife will be ok with you toting around a 79-pound 18 year-old?

Sar, dude!

Freckles Brown, Al?

Thanks, TLP. I wonder if I'm too old for mommy to take me to the recital.

Terry, you'd think being 5 hours apart would take less planning, wouldn't you?

Unknown said...

I agree, it is nice to hear your voice again and I just loved:"No enemy strained the walls, but the need to keep so many guilty men and women slaving in the sun had overpowered rational design."

That is just brilliant!

design, n...recreational exercise for all those whose unlimited imagination might cause havoc if not controlled

Unknown said...

bugger, I logged in wrong, I miss my Penguin avatar.

I wish you guys great fun on the East coast, Al´s a great treat nobody within the vicinity should pass on.... *considers present company and hastes to add: “Um, no greater company than your colorful sarcasm, bitter wit and sour expression and stuff, of course!” ;)

*tiptoes out*

Anonymous said...

I came expecting to hear how Diogenes fared with the lion. Now I am thinking, however he fares, he will do better with the lion than the Shah.

Ariel the Thief said...

wow, noticing a red face under all that fur is quite somehting!

Anonymous said...

*pats self on legs, arms, sides of face*

yep, i'm here all right. don't tell me i'm typing in invisible ink again. man, i hate it when i do that.

*pouts, stumbles out, trips over penguin avatar*

Minka said...

neva, I see you! *hands her a handkerchief*, let´s pick up my avatar and see if we can puzzle it back together and I think beans just scare Doug, he´s always been more of a green pea kinda guy :)

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Minka. And great definition. The plots of the byzantine all end up as make-work, don't they?

Quilly, we'll return to Diogenes and the Lion in July. He seems to be heading West for now so he might escape the Shah.

Red eyes can be seen through a wall, Ariel.

Neva, can I get away with "I wanted you to feel special?"

Haha, Minka. Neva's vegetarian fare is safe from me.

Lila said...

Another great story! I was hopin' to hear your Darth Vader, though.

Anonymous said...

Actonbell, Tribeca stands for "triangle below - or beneath Canal" as in Canal Street in lower Manhattan.

Long Live Diogenes! I don't think these installments can end.

Neva - true, way to make your friends feel special indeed. I'd better have a guilded invitation in my inbox. Okay, twist my arm I'll show. I'll shoot you an email to make it official.

Anonymous said...

You waited until I moved and got a job which often requires me to work on Saturday. I think that is mean.

As always I am here on the days of the Diogenes, if late all others.

Can't get enough.

Jamie Dawn said...

Dusty's voice sent fear over my entire being. He sounds quite tough and testy and mean.

Have fun on the 23rd!!!! Horsey rides and all.

Design: FABULOUS to some and HIDEOUS to others.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know, I can't make it next Saturday!! ;-)

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, AP3! You'll have to talk to Goa'uld about my Darth Vader although my Polyphemus is pretty close.

That's a great question, Actonbell. Actually two great questions. It doesn't mean a break in the story but it probably means posting at some non-traditional time either late Friday or late Saturday. And I'm kinda assuming I can find Tribeca.

G, is there a school where people learn to combine a compliment with a complaint? Do you prefer roses or lilies?

Alice, I have a cousin in Gaithersberg and a pair of them in DC. Bad timing on this trip but we're bound to meet sometime.

Jamie Dawn, Dusty is known to crush truffles with sandals and just leave them there. 5 points for letting go an opportunity to use HITONIOUS. You're so cool.

Lisa, I understand you have priorities. If it isn't too much to ask, do you mind opening your window and telling the guy standing outside with the canoe on his back he won't be needed?

Ariel the Thief said...

Lisa, if his name is Winnetou, send him over to me, I want to tell him I was in love with him at the age of 12!