Monday, October 01, 2007


BALLOON, n.  A contrivance for larding the earth with the fat of fools.

2007 Update: A decoy daddy.

Rabbit rabbit


Minka said...

Hase, Hase and a wonderful October to everyone!

balloon, a plaything for the four winds

Miz BoheMia said...

Conejo, conejo hermanito de mi alma!

Balloon... always a must-have-gotta-have-MAMI-I-want-one-P-LEASE distraction at Trader Joe's.

Hobbes said...

The proper receptacle for hot air.

Anonymous said...

Balloon: Someplace to keep a wasted breath.

Great October, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!

all good thoughts for a "definition" fairly floated outta my head when i saw that bunderful picture up there. too fun and/or funny! : )

at the moment, i can only think of ballooning waistlines and/or payments, neither of which is especially "heart warming" and/or clever. (let alone fun and/or funny. oy.)

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Balloon: The hoop worn under a ball gown.

Mutha said...

Balloon, Balloon.

I love them -- although not as much as my son who treats them as if they are incredibly cute pets.

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit

Balloons: The smile makers I used to place in my childrens' rooms (during the middle of the night after they were asleep) the night before their birthday so when they woke up in the morning they started the day with a smile.

The Red Balloon was my favorite movie to see in school on a rainy day.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

(Bunniculas friends look frightened, don't they?)

Jim said...

Balloon: A trial balloon is information sent out in order to observe the reaction of an audience. This audience could be a sampling of prospective customers, etc.

Balloon: Something the Daddy always has to blow up for the little kids. Not his temper.

BTW, two weeks ago we visited a Beatrix Potter museum (there are many, go here)
and surrounding area in Dunkeld, Scotland. I will post pictures before December, as I am posting pictorial travel blogs about once a week of our Scotland and Isle of Man visit.

There were a lot of Peter Rabbit memorabilia there.
.. and

Anonymous said...

Balloon: kid magnet

There were balloons marking out the floor space for a dance show my mom was in. Every little kid (nephew included) would grab the balloons. The end of the night it was a free for all.

Your definition is perfect.

tsduff said...

Balloon: How Snoopy and Woodstock talk.

Doug The Una said...

Hase Hase, Minka. I bet you have more than four winds in Iceland.

You know, Hermanita, I didn't even know they had balloons at Trader Joe's, They must only offer them to kids under 200 lbs. or something.

Hobbes, whatever contains the hissing.

Al, so a hybrid motormouth?

Ah, Neva, you're kinda funny actually. Besides, you coined "bunderful" which I appreciate from a distance.

The brass ring, huh, TLP?

Mutha, they are a lot like cats, actually.

Terry, I remember that movie very fondly. I bet I haven't seen it since it was age appropriate. Deflation was brutal then, too.

Ariel, well sure. A vampire bunny is extremely frightening. Wererabbits are just funny, though.

Jim, I'd like to see the Beatrix Potter musea. Say hi to the fur folk for me.

Thanks, Jenn. Nice story.

Terry, "" " """"" "" "" " "

javajazz said...

Bunnicula, Bunnicula.
(we always loved that story!)
sometimes we would even refer
to some pale vegetables such as
the parsnip, as having been
happy October , Mr. Clarita

tsduff said...

HA HA HA HA - it doesn't pack the same punch without the balloon now does it?

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, rabb ... What am I saying!?!

BALLOON, n. Research, as conducted by entrepreneurs and corporations. Frequently leaden. Or mistaken as an income opportunity by lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Balloon n. The receptacle one uses when following the suggestion, save your breath?

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, rabbit! I'm boarding mine now to go look for a small violinist standing on a street corner.

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Oh, great... now I've got that stupid "99 Red Balloons" as an earworm!

Doug The Una said...

Wow, JJ. People know about that? I just googled "vampire bunny." So it's good, huh?

Absolutely not, Terry.

Amoeba, my experience is that there are no mistaken income opportunities for lawyers.

Quilly, only school teachers.

g, toss her a quarter for me.

Actonbell, eat garlic before you inflate it.

Tell the truth, now Aral. The earworm may be good or badstupid but the image of Nena singing it is salutary.

Jamie Dawn said...

alloons-Bay ake-may e-may appy-hay.


I love sucking up helium!!

mireille said...

What a great drawing of a rabbit with teeth ... also love the idea of JD squeaking with her helium voice. RABBIT,RABBIT, ♥ ! xoxo

Cooper said...

Rabbit rabbit white rabbit”

balloon: that thing attached to your loan which causes your metaphorical balloon to pop in five to seven years.

Doug The Una said...

Amiejay Awnday, ailyday?

Rabbit rabbit, Mireille.

Doen the hatch, Cooper!