Monday, October 22, 2007


FICKLENESS, n. The iterated satiety of an enterprising affection.

2007 Update: The collusion between an otter's spirit, a cat's heart and the imagination of man.


Anonymous said...

Fickleness: Playing Random House.

Anonymous said...

fickleness - A psychological condition that drives the consumer culture.

Lila said...

fickleness... I don't like your blog anymore. Are you dissing cats?

The Old Mule said...

nice update - where did the otter come from? I like it.

fickleness: studied piracy.

Kyahgirl said...

as any dog knows, Fickle=Cat. No need to smear the reputation of those cute little otters!

G said...

I'm still making up my mind over those shoes I got in second grade - with the daisy? Without?

I've got to go think about this.

Anonymous said...

Fickleness - a writer and her harem of characters.

I'm not fickle when it comes to men. I'm merely picky.

Mother Theresa said...

Fickle: A pickle with an identity crisis.

Fickleness: The pleasure of driving salespeople crazy by changing one's mind.

Anonymous said...

FICKLENESS n. an abrupt loss of interest in the activity in which one is enga-

tsduff said...

Fickleness: The flighty unpredictability of a wildfire as driven by the Santa Annas (devil winds).

Nessa said...

Fickless: Me, when I'm in a mood.

Nessa said...

Well, I messed that up.

I Dive At Night said...

Fickleness: Of a variable nature, like Nessa's typing.

Mutha said...

Fickleness: like pickleness only naughtier.

Anonymous said...

FICKLENESS, n. The human condition, as measured by blog stats.

Speaking of blogs, I saw a reference the other day to "Internet grammar and spelling". And then, today, I saw this. Present company not included, of course, but still I couldn't help passing it on.

I know, I know, I otter not.

Doug The Una said...

Al, you are Baron Pun. As long as it's consensual.

Do you still feel that way, Poobah?

Come on, Sis. Like a cat would care if I liked it.

Mule, I started with "A collusion among whimsy, indifference and creativity" then changed my mind, figured animal metaphors are as good as anything else and picked the otter.

Kyah, otters smear themselves, bless their furry little hearts.

G, just so you don't polish them.

Jenn, a new standard every week?

Theresa, that was one of the best pickle jokes ever.

Back to teaching, Quillie?

Terry, you when the prize for figuring whence today's word. One of the fires split in two and was North and South of me this morning. My disappointed dogs thought they were gonna get barbecued rabbit.

How often is that, Nessa?

10 merit points, Morgan. That was funny.

Mutha, nothing is naughtier than pickleness.

Amoeba, there is no "internet grammar and spelling." There's right and wrong dagnabit! (I get a little crotchety on this subject- y-o-u does not need an abbreviation!) Nice catch, buddy.

Sure, Actonbell. You say that now.

Nessa said...

How often is it that I'm in a mood or that I mess up? Be careful how you answer, 'cause you could put me in a mood; D

I Dive At Night said...

I think Blogger did it. It lost a letter.

It could happen! U never no!

Jamie Dawn said...

Fickleness: allowing a pimple on one's fiance's forehead to cause one to call off their engagement.

Anonymous said...

fickleness: constant commenters who have lost their way

mireille said...

Geminis are fickle ... and schizophrenics ... oh, maybe they're not. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Its okay if other girl's are you're favrite troll-ops now but standing me up for are Heavanly date woud NOT be humerous!!!! Or even posthumerous!!!!

Cooper said...


The F word, again only different this time.

Jim said...

Fickleless: When the party runs out of fickles it's time to go home.

Minka said...

fickleness: frightful fowl! Sorry, I meant flightful fowl.

my computer has a Chinese personality!

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, only your hairdresser knows for sure.

Morgan, you're testing me. Where's the snorkel?

Jamie Dawn, that's consistency in transit.

Ah, Pia, isn't it better, though, when faith replaces reassurance?

Mireille, was that French?

Good one, Pansi. I wouldn't miss our heavenly date for the world.

Cooper, it's surprising how little difference so many letters make, isn't it?

Jim, you mean to your wife?

Minka, I have no idea what you mean by Chinese personality but I'm pre-amused.